Was There Ever a Narcissistic Cave Man? – How Evolutionary Psychology May Shed Light On Narcissism

The Narcissistic Caveman

The Evolution Of Narcissism Almost everyone has a some grasp of how evolution of species has happened. Basically, in any natural environment there are pressures such as inclement climate, lack of food, water, predators etc. which threaten survival. Alongside this there are variations between individuals within a species. Some may have longer necks, be taller, […] Read more »

Do Narcissists Ever Cry?

Whilst narcissism is often characterised by bombast and a seemingly unwavering self-belief, there are times when even a narcissist may cry. Do Narcissists cry? It seems impossible but it is true. So how can someone who is so tied up with their own success, self-image and the presentation of themselves in their everyday lives suffer […] Read more »

The Dark Triad Rises

Today I want to examine the notion that Narcissim isn’t out on its own on the “everyday people it is not good to have a relationships with” stakes.  In fact Narcissism is one of the so called “Dark Triad” of personality types .  The Triad is so called because of similarities between three profoundly negative […] Read more »

Trump, Farage, Le Pen And The Wizard Of Oz

“I believe JR really loved Sue Ellen And that things sound better when you’re yellin’ I believe that the Devil is ready to repent But I can’t believe Donald Trump Is president” Not The Nine O’Clock News circa 1980, edited for 2016″ The song “I Believe” was a parody American folk song from British satirical […] Read more »