How Narcissistic Parents Impact Their Children

Researchers estimate that 1 % of the general population are narcissists. The number of narcissists who become parents is also extremely high. Narcissistic parents look at their children as objects to control. They have little interest in nurturing them or tending to their needs. Instead, they look to children to validate their distorted sense of […] Read more »

5 Ways to Handle Narcissistic Relationships

Dealing with a narcissistic relationship is never easy. It gets worse if you genuinely love and care about the person and can’t understand why they’re acting the way they are. To be honest, there are several factors which can influence the way a narcissist behaves and acts. Upbringing and trauma in the past can be […] Read more »

The Narcissism and Addiction

narcisissm and addiction

The news and the internet are full of the sad tales of those who’s addiction has caused irreparable damage to their lives, bodies and even the people who love them. The David “The Hoff “Hasselhoff’s You Tube medley are infamous. The most moving and painful to watch is the 28 second video of his teenage […] Read more »

What Exactly Is Vulnerable Narcissism?

What Exactly Is Vulnerable Narcissism?

Narcissism goes far deeper than just loving your own reflection in the mirror a little too much. Scientists have recently discovered differences in the brain structure of those suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Magnetic imaging resonance reveals that NPD sufferers have abnormalities in an area region of the brain that has been linked to […] Read more »

Is My Narcissistic Partner a Psychopath?

The answer is he could be and a simple answer is that whilst not all psychopaths are narcissists, most narcissists have psychopathic tendencies. From an analytical point of view there are overlapping characteristics. In many cases, we describe conditions which exist together as “co-morbid” that is to say they are distinct conditions which often exist […] Read more »

Transactional Analysis – a Useful Tool For Narcissistic Change and Those They Hurt

Transactional analysis was developed by Erik Berne in the 1950’s. Whilst its origins lie within the psychoanalytic tradition, rather than exploring the sub-conscious, TA looks at the interactions between people and what the style and flow of the interaction reveals about their mental state. It is also significant to for those who are otherwise mentally […] Read more »

Interview with a Narcissist

interview with a narcissist

The term “recovering alcoholic” is commonly bandied around to describe a person who has lived part of their lives dependent physically or psychologically on alcohol. These people have usually suffered harm as a result of their relationship with drink. They have lost families, friends, health and sometimes jobs and homes too. At the time of […] Read more »