How To Sponsor The TNL Newsletter?

The TNL newsletter is a fast-growing newsletter focused on Narcissism and healing from Narcissists.

The details below are last updated on 26 July 2023.

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The Numbers

  • Subscribers: 1312
  • Average Open Rate: 38%
  • Location: USA 525, UK 85, EU 42, Australia 42, Canada 29, Others: 589

Sponsorship Details

The TNL newsletter goes out every Wednesday at 13:00 pm USA time.

I only accept one sponsor per newsletter. I may include other links besides your ad, but these will always be non-competing.

Ad placements allowed: Anything related to Narcissism, spiritual healing, Health

Your ad may include:

  • One image/graphic
  • 150 words of text
  • Two links

The cost per placement is $50 USD.