Hi, my name is Alexander and I welcome you to my blog, The Narcissistic Life. The main topics of my TNL are Narcissism, Relationships and how to strive after Toxic relationships.

I use (a lot of) Science and Experience to write my articles. They are meant to help you navigate and find answers to sometimes difficult questions. I love to write about a variety of topics. If you want to read more about me, please read my personal profile.

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The articles on TNL are meant to educate you so you know what you are dealing with. They mostly give you hands on advice you can use in your life. You can find all articles on my Blog. And if you like them, please leave a coment.

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If you have questions that are not fully answered by the articles on this site, you can ask me for an email consultation. Me and my wife will gladly look at your situation and give you our solid advice based on our experience.

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it is always difficult to know where to start reading a blog. This blog contains over 200 articles with new ones every week, so where do you start and how do you find the topics you are looking for?


For many years I have been writing mostly about Narcissism and especially how to deal with the Narcissist in your daily life. The Narcissist in your life can be everyone. It can be family, your spouse a friend who is close to you or maybe someone at work. Dealing with your Narcissist will be different for each one, it is easier to ignore a friend or coworker than it is to ignore your spouse or family.

Popular Psychology

Psychology is everywhere in life and interactions between people. I have always been fascinated by how people interact with each-other and how people can be so different from each-other

Dating and Relationships

Communication is so easy, but communicating is so difficult. Although we think we make our thoughts very clear to a loving someone, often we misunderstand each-other big-time. So how do you improve communication in your relationship?

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