What do Narcissists do With Truth Tellers?

In every single family, there is always a child who gets it. The child who understands the narcissist for who they really are underneath the outer charm and pretense.

Believe me when I say that the truth-teller bathes in risky waters—but even as a child, they can be so innocent with their truth.

No, I think Daddy is mad for no reason at all.

Whenever Mummy has a bad day at work, she comes home and takes it all out on us.

Such purity, right?

Such truth!

And truth-tellers grow up.

What does a narcissist do, though, when truth-tellers begin to shake their egotistical foundations through nothing but speaking up and telling it how it is?

Let’s take a look and find out.

Narcissistic Hatred Seeps Out – No Matter the Age of the Truth Teller

Whether you are eight or eighty years old, a truth-teller is a truth-teller. From a young age, truth-tellers have learned to spot the patterns that narcissists like to follow to gain supply and position people correctly in their huge game of tug-of-war.

Truth tellers? Well, they come along and observe the rope and say, “Hey, this doesn’t look fair to me.”

The narcissist’s smile will drop, and they will feel as though the light of truth is being shone on them.

The Light of Truth is NOT The Kind of Light They Enjoy

Narcissists love the spotlight, but if you shine the light of truth on them, they will feel cornered, and as if you have them all figured out.

The younger the truth teller, the more embarrassed and angry they get because they know they can’t touch you with their manipulation from there on out. 

The hatred is real.  

Shame bubbles over the narcissist’s boiling point, and rage – accompanied by hatred – will soon follow.

Silenced to Avert Disaster

The truth teller usually grows up and becomes the family’s scapegoat, or what some people may refer to as the black sheep. 

Scapegoats see the dynamics of the family very quickly, and understand what goes wrong, who causes it, and why. Essentially what they see, even if they don’t yet know the meaning of the word, is the common denominator, so, who is the person most likely to be at the center of all the problems?

You got it – the narcissist!

The truth teller will see it all without knowing any of its meaning.

The lies.

The inconsistency.

The triangulation.

The moods.

The enabling.

The gaslighting.

The trauma bonding.

The truth teller doesn’t miss a beat! 

They wait and wait to get out because they can’t stand living within it without choice. 

Truth tellers are also known to want to escape. 

The narcissist will usually learn quickly to silence the truth teller, especially in earlier years. They don’t want a disaster on their hands – all they want is glory and positive attention. 

Now, don’t get me wrong here. Silence does NOT mean the truth teller suddenly says, “You know what? I’m sorry. You go ahead and carry on, and I will just start playing the game instead to appease you.”

Once a truth teller, always a truth teller!

Isolated by Force

The narcissist won’t have it, so they will find ways to isolate the truth teller. As they get older, they won’t be invited to 

Flying Monkeys Ahoy!

The narcissist will ‘hire’ flying monkeys to do their dirty work for them. With truth tellers, this can look like being told the following: 

You are disrespecting (the narcissist) by what you are saying!

You are biting the hand that feeds you.

You are not showing gratitude to the person who raised you or did all of this for you.

Why are you spreading so many lies about (the narcissist)?

The flying monkeys want the truth tellers to stop, but they lack the ability to see what’s really going on.

Narcissists Know Truth Tellers

Truth tellers are like magicians. They have this innate skill to lock into the core of the narcissist and see everything that’s going on. It’s a real gift to possess, but it doesn’t come without its own problems for the truth teller.

Narcissists become very gifted at sniffing out the truth teller, and from that, they know to discard you fairly early on because they know they can’t do anything with you. You’re like extra baggage they don’t need to deal with in their eyes, but that’s only because deep down, they’re scared of what you might say or do.

Anxiety That My Derive – is Purposely Heightened

Some truth tellers grow up to be very anxious individuals. This derives from having to witness so many inconsistent emotional and behavioral patterns from the narcissist. One minute everything is fine, the next it isn’t. 

The truth teller quickly becomes aware that they aren’t living in a safe and secure environment, and anxiety becomes the prevalent consequence of this, often worsening in adult life. 

The narcissist knows what they are doing. Can you imagine how terrible a person must be to zone in on their child’s vulnerabilities and play on them in order to make them more and more heightened?

Only a narcissist can do this conscience-free, but they do it all the same.

This can look like the narcissist pushing the boundaries of the truth teller, using forms of silent treatment and love bombing to activate the anxiety within them.

All or Nothing – Loss

In some aspects – one of two things can also happen.

Number one is that the narcissist will push the isolated truth teller far away enough that they simply want out of the family dynamics. This can look in adult life like moving to some place where nobody knows them and they can have a fresh start away from the narcissist.

Number two is that they pull the entire family away from the truth teller, really putting them in a place where nobody has much, or any at all, communication with them so that the isolation really raises the level of punishment for the truth teller – the one to say too much about the narcissist in the first place.

Contempt vs. Fear

The narcissist will treat truthtellers with a mixture of contempt and fear. The narcissist is only smart when it comes to manipulation and other narcissistic tendencies. Still, the truth teller’s intelligence and ability to see through everything is not okay with the narcissist.

This invokes fear. The feeling that the narcissist is always a step away from being found out by the masses. 

This is something they could do without, because it puts a dent in each day for the narcissist. 

Truth tellers are found in all people’s dynamics, but using family dynamics to describe them is the easiest way to see where they come from and how they move through life, spotting the narcissist in each and every chapter.

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