Narcissists In The Family

Narcissistic Mothers

21 Parenting Signs of a Narcissistic Mother

How do you recognize if you might have a Narcissistic Mother?

7 Toxic Traits of a Narcissistic Mother In Law

You are madly in love, but your MIL seems a bit off. Is she showing Narcissism traits? Check this list to find out.

12 Toxic Signs of a Narcissistic Grandmother

When people get older they sometimes also get more difficult to deal with. But what if there are some hiding signs of Narcissism?

How To Deal With a Narcissistic Mother?

A Narcissistic mother can make your life very difficult. No contact is often the best remedy, but not always viable. How do you deal with this situation?

10 Things Narcissistic Mothers Say And What They Really Mean

There can be a lot of passive aggressiveness in what Narcissist mothers do and say. This article clearly shows what a Narcissistic mother says and what she actually means.

How To Go low Contact With Your Narcissistic Mother?

Breaking contact with your mother is often not viable or might seem like a bridge to far. This article explains how you can go low contact with your mother instead of no contact.

Narcissistic Fathers

How To Protect a Child From a Narcissistic Father?

Narcissistic fathers can show different signs compared to mothers. One of them is aggression and if it is, it is important to protect your child.

a Narcissistic Father is a Tyrant and a Bully

This article showcases how a Narcissistic father can be a real bully.


Help! My Sister is a Narcissist

So you suspect your sister is a Narcissist? How do you recognize the signs and how do you deal with this?

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How To Deal With a Narcissistic Brother?

What if you suspect your brother is a Narcissist? How do you deal with this behavior to keep the peace in the family?

In Laws

How To Deal With a Narcissistic Daughter in Law?

Having a Narcissistic DIL can be really troublesome. Your child is madly in love with her and might not be open to your warnings. So how do you deal with this situation?

How To Deal With a Narcissistic Son in law?

What if your son-in-law is a Narcissist? How does this influence the relationship you are having with your child? Should you warn them of the incoming doom?


12 Tips for Co-Parenting With a Narcissist

When you have a child with a Narcissist, it is very important to make clear rules. How do you set these rules?

How To Get Child Custody From a Narcissist?

If your ex is clearly incapable of raising a child you might decide to take custody away. How do you do this and what are some pitfalls to watch for?

How Are Sons of Narcissistic Mothers Affected Later in Life?

Parenting styles greatly affect a person’s personality and coping mechanisms. if you are raised by a Narcissist, how can this affect you?

How Do Children of Narcissists Develop Later in Life?

Parenting styles greatly affect a person’s personality and coping mechanisms. if you are raised by a Narcissist, how can this affect you?

The Effects of a Narcissistic Mother on Her Daughter

Although this is greatly the same for sons and daughters, there are still some differences on how this affect them later in life.

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Family Dynamics

The Toxic Narcissistic Family Dynamics Explained

Being raised in a Narcissistic family can be difficult and draining to the child’s coping mechanisms. In this article, I try to explain the family dynamics.

What is Golden Child Syndrome?

This concept is often mentioned on this website. But what exactly is a golden child? And what are the dynamics between the parents and scapegoat child?

The Family Scapegoat: When The Scapegoat Fights Back

The Scapegoat child is often the one blamed for everything. But what if the Scapegoat decides to leave the family? How does this change the family dynamics?

Why Do Narcissists Have a Golden Child and a Scapegoat Child?

Why do Narcissists split their children in the one adored and the one who brings shame? This article explains how the Narcissist’s own fears are reflected to their children.

Do Narcissists Love Their Children?

The gruesome things Narcissists do to their children would raise the question of whether they really love their children? Do they?

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