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Welcome at The Narcissistic Life and thank you for visiting and reading my website. My name is Alexander Burgemeester and I’m a Psychologist for more than 5 years now. I like my job, but what I like more is sharing and writing about Psychology. My first website about Psychology was WhatisPsychology.net and I noticed that many people like to read about Psychology.

I decided to make a new website about Narcissism because I got a lot of comments on the view articles about this topic on my other website. It also happens to be that my sister has some specific traits from this personality disorder. I do not claim to be an Expert about this topic, but I do like to write about it.

This website is aimed at people who are living with Narcissists or people who are in close contact with them. I hope this website will give help in how to live with a Narcissist and how to deal with one in personal and general life.

Although this website will show some interesting articles about this topic, the most interesting part will be the feedback and comments on the posts. I hope we can start many discussions and share personal experiences of people who are actually loving and caring for Narcissists.

Best Regards,

Drs. Alexander Burgemeester

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