About Me

Hi, I’m Alexander Burgemeester, the founder and creator of The Narcissistic Life. I hold a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and have spent the past decade working as a psychologist in the Netherlands. I currently live with my wife (another psychologist!) and our two cats in Amsterdam. 

With an emphasis on neuropsychology, I have extensive clinical experience treating patients recovering from strokes, traumatic medical injuries, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Korsakoff Syndrome.

Why Did I start this website?

My love for technology began at a young age. I made my first website when the Internet was only a few years old- at the time, Google didn’t even exist. But I enjoyed tinkering around with websites and educating visitors who found my content.

Similarly, I’ve always loved psychology. The human mind fascinates me- I wanted to understand how it works and why humans do what we do. So blending my interests in technology and psychology felt entirely natural, and it’s why I began this website in 2013. 

My passion for understanding narcissism emerged from my personal encounters with narcissists. A combination of time, experience, and my professional background taught me the best ways to manage those toxic relationships. I eventually learned that limiting contact with those people significantly boosted my happiness. 

I hope this website can empower readers to understand narcissism and set necessary boundaries. But despite the website name, narcissism isn’t the only topic we address. We explore the complexities of all relationships and how these dynamics affect self-esteem, personality, and development. 

Who should read this website?

The content on this website is intended to be thought-provoking and educational. You can expect to find information about:

  • The latest research and findings on narcissism.
  • Proven science about love and healthy relationships.
  • Clinical perspectives on family dynamics.
  • Existential explorations about life, meaning, and purpose. 

All of our articles are written by psychologists and medically reviewed for accuracy. We source our information from modern scientific research and our own professional clinical experiences.

That said, if you have concerns or questions about something written on our site, please contact me. I’m happy to review any issues promptly.

Additional Professional Support 

Please note that the content on this website is never intended to replace working with a qualified therapist. If you are struggling, please reach out for appropriate guidance. 

I am available for private email consultations. If you want specific guidance on a particular relationship topic, my wife and I will both review your question and provide you with our insight and recommendations. While this is not a substitute for therapy, you will have access to two psychologists for a one-time cost.

Click here for more information on how the process works. 

If you have particular questions or reflections about an article, feel free to leave a comment. I like to keep this website interactive, and I will do my very best to respond.