About Me

Hi, my name is Alexander and I am the founder and creator of TheNarcissisticLife. I have a Master in Neuropsychology and I am a Psychologist since 2011, living in the Netherlands.

The main topic I write about is Narcissism. I try to write articles that give insights into what Narcissism is and try to educate and empower people who are reading them.

But this blog is bigger then Narcissism, it is also focused in Dating and Marriage problems and how to deal with toxic relationships in life.

Why Did I start this website?

I can remember making my first website when I was 17. The Internet was only  a few years old and Google did not even exist in that time. I loved making the websites and entertain the people that were visiting it. Somehow I always had a feeling with computers and websites.

A few years earlier I already knew I wanted to become a Psychologist. I was so fascinated by the humand mind, how it works and how it didn’t work. The world of Psychology is very fascinating in every aspect in how humans interact and function.

It took some more years to actually become a Psychologist. I never lost the love for the Internet either and I started to make some websites about Psychology topics that I loved. 

I soon experienced that there are many people looking for information about Narcissism and Relationships and that is when I brought TNL into life. I started this website in 2013, so as of today it is already 8 years old.

The main thing I love is educating people and try to create the best information and articles available on the internet. Some articles are written by myself and some are written by expert Psychologists who are simply said, way better writers then I am. ALL articles on this website are medically reviewed by me and sometimes my Spouse.

Becauses yes, this Psychologist also married a Psychologist and maybe some day we will make tiny Psychologists.

Who should read this website?

Well you of course, as you did not came here without reason. This website is for people who have questions:

  • Questions about Love
  • Questions about Narcissism
  • Questions about Relationships
  • Questions about their family
  • And Questions about life, the struggle and how to continue.

I will use all my professional experience to give you the best answers on every single question I write about. Andf I will try to guide you to the right direction where you can find help to fight these struggles in life.

Can you trust what is written on this website?

Yes, like I said just a few sentences ago, all articles are written by me or expert psychologists who have many years of experience in the topics on this website. 

All articles are medically reviewed and all sources are double checked. We use both sources from our work in daily life, but also from scientific research.

That being said, if you believe something written on this website is not correct, please let me know and I will take a clear look at it.

What should you do with the content on this website?

All information written here is solely for educative purposes. The advice given is never intended to replace Therapy. I am a strong believer in face to face therapy with a licensed professional perferably in your country and language.

What if I want to contact you?

If you want to ask me questions about your private situation you can contact me by mail. I will be do my best answer your questions. I will do this with my lovely wife who is a very experienced Clinical psychologist.

If you have tiny questions, you can also write them in the comments and I will try to answer them to your likings.

A Little bit more About Me

This is me enjoying a Holiday

Hi, I am Alexander Burgemeester and I live with my wife and 2 cats in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am not going to tell you my life story because that is pretty irrelevant to this website, but I do wanted to share some things about my Qualifications about the topics I write about.

Study & Work

I studied Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Originally I wanted to become a clinical therapist, treating people by giving the right therapy. But very soon I noticed I am more the science type of guy and that is why I switched to Neuropsychology.

Neuropsycholgy is where we test the cognitive abilities of the brain to see if if it is functioning as it should be.

I have worked with people recovering from a stroke or accidents, I worked with people who have (severe) Dementia/Alzheimer and I have worked with people who were diagnosed with Korsakow/Alcohol abuse.


Writing about Narcissism is a “hobby” of mine. Just like many others I was drawn to the topic after coming across my own Narcissists. I had a good share of Narcissists in my life and I managed to get rid of them out of my life. And trust me, life is much better without toxic people in your life. 

That is why I started my research and that is why I started this website.

Love and Relationships

I am not a dating guru telling you how to be successful in dating. But I believe I do know how love works, or kinda how it works ;). There is a thin line in dating with toxic people and dating with the right people. Once you know what you don’t want, it will be easier to recognize what you do want in a relationship

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