Email Consultation

You can book a private email consultation where I will thoroughly answer your question(s). Me and my wife will both look into your question and respond with our insights and advice. You will get 2 Psychologists listening to you for the price of 1.

In order to give you a suitable answer, please try to give me a brief background of your situation so I will understand where you are coming from. You can accompany this with 1-3 questions that are closely related.

You can ask me all kinds of questions related to the narcissist and how he (or she) is complicating your life. Please note that this consultation is not intended to diagnose any third party as that would not be possible nor professional. I can’t say your mother, brother of partner has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. But if you are stuck in life or would like to have some clear answers about certain items I will give you my best answer. Remember that all purchases are protected through Paypal.

How Does it Work?

1) Use the Paypal button below to make your payment

2) When I receive your payment through PayPal I will see your email address and will send you an email so you can start sending me your background and questions.

3) When I have received your questions please give me 1-3 days for giving you a suitable answer. My response time will be dependent on my other work activities

4) All payment data and questions are treated with confidence

Email Consultation is $50 Follow the instructions through PayPal:

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