Q & A: My Narc Ex Stole My Work

stolen work

Q: This situation happened: http://midnight21.deviantart.com/art/Olivia-Umishima-original-version-327652740 roughly four years ago. How do I cope with the fact that my ex friend had stolen my offspring characters and kept them for herself? Stealing characters from me was her narcissistic supply and she won’t stop drawing them, exploiting them, or using them as emotional torture and blackmail against me. I […] Read more »

Healthy Narcissism: Aren’t We all Narcissists in a Way?


“Healthy narcissism” is self-love. People with strong self-love, or healthy narcissism, have good self-esteem; they are confident and generally feel good about themselves. They value other people as much as they value themselves. Healthy narcissism does not cross the line in confidence or self-esteem into the pathological area where one thinks so highly of their […] Read more »

Q & A: The Narcissist and Drug Abuse

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Q: Can you speak to…or direct me to information on…the narcissist plus drug (specifically cocaine) addiction? For example, is there data to support any level of drug use by narcissists? If so, is cocaine a drug of choice, and why? What are some of the signs, and are the signs of a narcissist on cocaine […] Read more »

6 Steps on How to Leave the Narcissist


Leaving a narcissistic relationship is one of the hardest, most devastating, break-ups you will ever endure. But survival is indeed a possibility. Narcissists are typically charming, captivating, intelligent and manipulative. They are difficult to let go of, plus it also means coming to terms with the fact that the person you loved was not the […] Read more »

Q & A: The Narcissist and Public Defamation


Q: Thank you for this fantastic resource! My ex-partner displays many characteristics associated with NPD. He seeks adulation and sympathy by shifting between having an inflated sense of self and playing the role of victim. We have been separated for two years now and for the first six months I found myself responding to his […] Read more »