Does The Narcissist Ever Experience Pain?


Q: Does the narcissist ever experience pain? They hurt so many of us…is there ever a time when they feel extreme pain? Or do they go through their lives basically happy and at peace? A: Narcissists do feel pain, but it is only to negative emotions like anger, resentment, jealousy, and feelings of abandonment. Generally, […] Read more »

My Partners Friend is A Narcissist

Q: My partner has a friend that is a total,narcissistic-know it all-control freak. Its like discovering this is something, I cannot &”Unlearn”. We socialize with this person, I told my partner that I do not wish to be around this abusive person anymore. My partner thinks I am being ridiculous, says everyone has this in […] Read more »

How to Avoid the Aggressive Narc?


Q: Hi, your website is excellent. I recently have got rid of my Dad and uncle who are narcissists, they use mild humiliation to constantly belittle those around them. I told my uncle to fuck off in the street when when I was with my friends and his friends were with him as well. He wouldn’t leave me […] Read more »

4 Important Questions About Narcissism


Q: Thanks so much for this website. My ex husband was diagnosed with NPD, and having this resource has made a huge difference to me. It takes away some of the enormous pain of wondering how can he do such terrible, selfish things to people who loved him, because now I know it’s not personal. […] Read more »