Narcissism, Bipolar, Or Both?


Q: I have been divorced for some time now. I have set my boundaries and have gone no contact the best that I can. It is limited contact because I have joint custody. I have been looking for closure. To figure out what happened to me. Everything I read screams that I was married to […] Read more »

Who Is The Narcissists Best Friend?

best friends

Q: Who is his best friend? My Narcissistic ex has a friend that I talk with occasionally because his wife abandoned him and they went through a tough time and ugly divorce. She left him with financial problems and had multiple affairs and they got in a verbal argument that ended up getting him thrown […] Read more »

Why Won’t The Narc Leave Us Alone?


Q: I also was married to a classic N for 28 years. I always knew there was something wrong but it wasn’t until I found these sites that I knew what it was. It was like someone telling my life’s story. He left me. I had finally had enough and couldn’t put up with the […] Read more »