Do Narcissists Sleep Around a Lot?

Nothing turns a narcissist on more than themselves. Their reflection in the mirror gives them more sexual gratification than anyone else ever could, which means they’re willing to have sex with lots of different people.

Why? Because in any sexual encounter, they’re only seeing themselves.

Narcissists are so self-obsessed that most of their sexual activities revolve entirely around their own satisfaction.

Furthermore, their insatiable need for admiration means they’ll sleep with almost anyone, providing it gives them the thrill, ego boost, and attention they depend upon.

Several studies have linked narcissism with greater promiscuity, possibly because their insatiable need for validation dominates all their encounters – romantic or otherwise.

Do narcissists sleep around a lot?

I will explore the interplay between narcissism and sexual behavior and the role validation and control play in the narcissist’s pursuit of sexual conquests.

I will also uncover how narcissistic traits intertwine with sexual behaviors to shape their relationship approach.

Do Narcissists have One-Night Stands?

Will a Narcissist Sleep with Everyone

One-night stands are pretty popular, with research suggesting that around 66% of Americans have had at least one one-night stand in their lives. So how much do narcissists contribute to that statistic?

Narcissists aren’t particularly into intimacy or making long-term emotional investments, so short-term relationships are generally more appealing.

A one-night stand is a great way to fulfill your sexual needs while getting a quick ego boost at the same time.

Indeed, studies show that narcissists “are oriented to short-term mating, have a higher number of sexual partners, and seek short-term mates,” which places one-night stands high on their list of favorable sexual interactions.

This is hardly surprising, given how narcissists struggle in long-term relationships.

Their inability to empathize with others and their fundamental self-obsession make having loving, committed relationships with narcissists extremely challenging. However, a narcissist is the perfect partner if you’re after a quick fling.

Despite caring only about themselves, narcissists tend to be attentive lovers who’ll use all their sexual skills to impress you and outdo everyone else you’ve ever slept with.

As in every part of their lives, narcissists have to be the best, so will do whatever they can to fulfill your sexual needs.

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Why Do Narcissists Sleep Around a Lot?

Why Do Narcissists Sleep Around a Lot

Not all narcissists sleep around, but certain narcissistic traits may motivate them to engage with lots of different sexual partners, including:

Seeking Validation and Admiration

Engaging in multiple sexual encounters fulfills the narcissist’s need for admiration and validation.

A romantic fling or one-night stand temporarily boosts their ego and self-esteem, with each new conquest reinforcing their self-perceived attractiveness and superiority.

Power and Control

Narcissists use relationships to gain power and control over others. By engaging in promiscuous behavior, they can assert dominance over their partners, using their sexual allure to manipulate and exploit them emotionally.

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Grandiosity and Self-Importance

Narcissists believe they are exceptional, superior to others, and deserving of special treatment.

The rules of engagement don’t apply to them, so they have no qualms about engaging in multiple sexual encounters, even if that means using others to satisfy their own goals.

Promiscuity may also be a way for the narcissist to reinforce their grandiose self-image, with each sexual conquest supporting their belief that they are highly desired and irresistible.

Impulsivity and Thrill-Seeking

Narcissists often demonstrate thrill-seeking behavior and search desperately for new adventures to fuel their adrenaline addiction.

Each new sexual encounter gives them another thrill, helping them to stave off the boredom that could force them to confront their hidden feelings of helplessness and inadequacy.

Avoidance of Intimacy

Many narcissists may fear genuine emotional intimacy and the vulnerability that goes with it.

By sleeping with multiple partners, they can get a sense of intimacy without engaging on a deeper emotional level.

Lack of Empathy

Because they lack empathy, narcissists don’t care about their partner’s feelings or sexual satisfaction, so they happily use others for their own gratification without considering the emotional consequences for their partners.

Narcissistic Supply

Narcissists constantly need attention and adoration and will often use their promiscuity to secure the narcissistic supply that can fulfill this need.

Every new conquest is another narcissistic supply, with each sexual encounter reaffirming their desirability and attractiveness to others.

Insecurity and Validation Seeking

Underneath their facade of grandiosity and superiority, many narcissists struggle with deep-seated feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.

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Having lots of sexual partners and encounters helps to alleviate these feelings, giving the narcissist a temporary ego boost that helps to conceal their vulnerabilities.

Will a Narcissist Sleep with Everyone?

Will Narcissists Sleep with Other Narcissists

Narcissists don’t care who they sleep with as long as it makes them feel good.

The narcissist is in love with themselves and only needs a partner to maximize their sexual satisfaction.

As a result, narcissists tend to be less picky about who they sleep with and tolerate sexual behaviors and attitudes that others may find off-putting.

Narcissists also put a lot of effort into their appearances and sexual appeal. They dress carefully, spend a lot of time grooming, and experience high appearance-related self-esteem.

They tend to see themselves as physically and sexually attractive, which gives them confidence when attracting and seducing potential partners.

Narcissists rarely recognize social factors that would prevent others from engaging in a sexual relationship with someone.

Studies show that they’ll pursue anyone, regardless of whether they’re in a relationship or not, and are more likely to poach other people’s mates simply because it gives them a low-cost sexual encounter with no emotional fallout.

If a narcissist sees your sister, best friend, or even your mother as a potential sexual partner or narcissistic supply, they won’t worry about how it might make you feel or how their target might react to being seduced.

A narcissist doesn’t differentiate between a sex toy and a partner – both are there purely to fulfill the narcissist’s sexual needs.

This sense of sexual entitlement means they believe they can sleep with anyone they want, whenever they feel like it.

Will a Narcissist Sleep with a Family Member?

To most of us, the mere thought of having sexual relations with a family member is not just off-putting – it’s downright disturbing, but we don’t exhibit narcissistic traits.

For a narcissist, the family is only a collection of subordinates that provide an audience for the narcissist’s brilliance.

Siblings, sons, daughters, nephews, and nieces are all seen as potential narcissistic supplies who can idolize, adore, admire, and obey.

Unfortunately, and somewhat disturbingly, to the narcissist, having sex with a family member is the closest they can get to having sex with themselves, which is their ultimate desire.

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The more a family member looks or behaves like the narcissist, the more attractive they will find that person, and the more passionately they’ll pursue them.

As I mentioned, narcissists are far more accepting of weird sexual behaviors than most other people and display little sexual disgust at anything – even sleeping with someone they’re related to.

Will Narcissists Sleep with Other Narcissists?

Narcissists are often attracted to one another, possibly because they see their qualities reflected in them, and there’s nothing a narcissist loves more than their reflection.

As many narcissists seek short-term sexual encounters, there’s a good chance two narcissists will end up in bed together at some stage – a scenario that neither will object to.

Narcissists understand each other, at least on a superficial level, and appear to enjoy one another’s company, being more accepting of narcissistic traits like arrogance, selfishness, and vanity than others might be.

Their shared understanding of narcissistic traits can create a sense of comfort and familiarity that makes them feel more understood and validated in their behavior and attitudes.

Relationships between two narcissists tend to focus more on ego gratification and maintaining appearances, so lack the emotional depth and genuine intimacy needed to develop a long-term connection.


Do Narcissists have an Increased Risk of STDs?

It’s almost inevitable that the more sexual partners you have, the more likely you are to contract a sexually transmitted disease. Still, other factors seem to increase the narcissist’s risk in this area. 

Although no studies have focused on the relationship between narcissism and STDs, one drew parallels between several psychiatric disorders and STDs. 

The researchers who conducted the study found that “a propensity towards impulsivity may lead to specific difficulties inhibiting desires to engage in sexually risky behaviors,” which almost certainly applies to the narcissist. 

Their thrill-seeking behavior means they’ll often throw caution to the wind if it will spice up their lives. 

Narcissists are also reluctant to take responsibility for their actions, so they won’t acknowledge that their promiscuity might be to blame if they do contract an STD, making them more likely to repeat the same mistake over again.

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