Let’s Get Social: How the Internet Is Linked to Vulnerable Narcissism

Social Media is an integral part of our daily lives with 2.789 active billion users in the world. Even your grandma might have an account on one of many social media platforms. More and more youngsters use different platforms to share their everyday lives. Selfies are the most popular type of content on social media. There are more … Read more

Is My Narcissistic Partner a Psychopath?

The answer is he could be and a simple answer is that whilst not all psychopaths are narcissists, most narcissists have psychopathic tendencies. From an analytical point of view there are overlapping characteristics. In many cases, we describe conditions which exist together as “co-morbid” that is to say they are distinct conditions which often exist … Read more

Transactional Analysis – a Useful Tool For Narcissistic Change and Those They Hurt

Transactional analysis was developed by Erik Berne in the 1950’s. Whilst its origins lie within the psychoanalytic tradition, rather than exploring the sub-conscious, TA looks at the interactions between people and what the style and flow of the interaction reveals about their mental state. It is also significant to for those who are otherwise mentally … Read more

Interview with a Narcissist

The term “recovering alcoholic” is commonly bandied around to describe a person who has lived part of their lives dependent physically or psychologically on alcohol. These people have usually suffered harm as a result of their relationship with drink. They have lost families, friends, health and sometimes jobs and homes too. At the time of … Read more

Why are There so Many Narcissistic Celebrities?

“Narcissism is part of my personality.” -Ben Affleck Awareness among narcissistic celebrities is at an all time high. The proof is in moments like the one above, when an A-lister like Affleck can openly talk about his own narcissistic behavior. But, in Hollywood, could it possibly make more sense that narcissism runs rampant? How are narcissistic celebrities … Read more

Karma Chameleon, The Quirky Dress Sense of Narcissists

Whilst I don’t want to diminish the damaging qualities of narcissists or the impact that they have on those around them but sometimes narcissists have little quirks which can be both interesting and perhaps appealing. One such quirk is an obsession with personal appearance, clothes, and style. When I think of a narcissist obsessed by … Read more

How Did We End up With this Millennial Narcissism?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? The millennial standing in front of it, apparently. Millennials – that 80 million strong group of citizens between the ages of 18 and 34 in America – have long since been described as the most self-involved generation of all time. And, recent research … Read more