7 Ways to Identify a Female Narcissist in Your Life

When talking about narcissism, our minds tend to connect it with males. In reality, there are just as many women narcissists out there. Narcissism in women is becoming increasingly common. It is important to increase awareness of female narcissism and also to the fact that it is not gender-specific. Female narcissists are usually more subtle … Read more

Are You a Narcissist? How Your Social Media Activity Can Help Answer This Question

Narcissists – they make the world go round. Or at least, that’s what they believe. Narcissism is very real and it’s even more prevalent now that social media is front and center in many of our lives. If you look at your social media wall, you’ll find many signs of narcissism stemming from males and … Read more

Why “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” Might Turn You Into a Narcissist

OK, reality TV rules the ratings for the last few years and it is hard to avoid but for some, addictively enthralling. There are the more obvious variants which include shows which “follow” celebrities in their natural environment such as the likes of “The Osbourne’s” – an everyday story of heavy metal folk – and … Read more

How to Deal with a Narcissist the Right Way

Narcissistic people are difficult to put up with but they’re also misunderstood. It’s not a mental illness but a severe personality disorder. Today, 1% of the population lives with narcissistic personality disorder or NPD. Many go undiagnosed or are diagnosed incorrectly. Whether you know one now or will meet one eventually, telling them they’re being … Read more

The 5 Signs of the Growing Narcissism Epidemic

According to clinicians around only one percent of the population at large have narcissistic personality disorder. In a clinical setting (i.e. those in treatment) the percentage is much higher (around 12-16%). I would argue however, that the broader signs of narcissism are reaching epidemic proportions in our post-industrial / postmodern society. Signs of narcissisms appear … Read more