Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers: How Do Narcissist Mothers Affect Their Daughters?

How Do Narcissist Mothers Affect Their Daughters_

When you imagine a picturesque mother-daughter relationship, what do you see? The compassionate, warm mother who can make every problem seemingly disappear? The daughter who turns to her mother with every secret? The loving, respectful bond that morphs into a beautiful friendship?  For daughters of narcissistic mothers, the relationship doesn’t resemble anything like traditional love. … Read more

How To Stop Being a Narcissist?

how to stop being a narcissist

“It wasn’t until I went through the horrible ‘use-and-abuse’ cycles too many times that I lost everything, and it dawned on me, that it was me.” a recovering narcissist These are the words of an anonymous recovering narcissist, who posted an open letter to empaths over at Elephant Journal. They also confess… “I was the … Read more