25 Things Narcissists Say When They Cheat on You

If you are dating a Narcissist, you are probably familiar that they are almost always cheaters. They cheat because they can and don’t understand the fact you should make a fuzz about it. It does not matter if you catch your Narcissist butt naked in bed with another woman; they will deny everything or, if … Read more

20 Things That Drive Narcissists Absolutely Nuts

We might all think Narcissists are the strong ones, the ones in control. But in reality, the Narcissist is busy maintaining his fake superior image. They are fragile creatures inside, and they are afraid everyone will start to notice that. The idea that they are exposed, being called out, or worse….being ignored drives them NUTS. … Read more

20 Things Narcissists Say to Get You Back

You believed you finally broke up with the Narcissist and that they would leave you alone. But Narcissists tend to Hoover you and suck you back into the toxic relationship you just left. Narcissists are experts in playing with your emotions. They will emotionally blackmail you by saying romantic things to give them another chance. … Read more

16 Things That Narcissists Hate the Most

Ever wondered what triggers Narcissists and makes them upset? We asked people from our Facebook group, “What do narcissists hate the most?” and these are the answers that followed. How many did you recognize? Or which ones are missing? Here are 16 Things that Narcissist absolutely hate when it happens to them. #1 Being Criticized:  … Read more

15 Reasons Why Narcissists Ruin Your Birthday

Birthdays should be happy days, devoted to each other. To spoil each other and show appreciation. Most people celebrate their birthdays with parties and surround themselves with happy people. But if you are with a Narcissist, birthdays are not happy days. It is not uncommon that Narcissists are the cause that you may start crying … Read more

9 Reasons Why You Keep Attracting Narcissists

Have you ever wondered why you keep ending up with Narcissists? One time can be bad luck, but the second or even the third time? If you happen to keep attracting Narcissists, it probably has nothing to do with bad luck. The short explanation is that Narcissists search for what they lack: empathy. That is … Read more