How to Make a Narcissist Miss You & Regret Losing You?

Anyone that’s ever been in a relationship with a narcissist knows that their love is cyclical. One day they’re fawning over you, buying extravagant gifts, and saying that they’ve never felt this way before.

Not long after they’re criticizing how you dress, how you talk, and making you question your sanity. Then they get bored, leave, and make you feel like you never mattered in the first place – that is until they need an ego boost and come running back.

But what if you could be the one in control? What if you could bring them back to the relationship on your terms?

So how to make a narcissist miss you? It isn’t all that difficult. Ignore them, and they’ll do everything in their power to get your attention; narcissists thrive on interest and admiration, so playing hard to get is one of the best strategies for winning them back.

Can a Narcissist Genuinely Miss You?

Can a Narcissist Genuinely Miss You?

Narcissists get pigeon-holed as these emotionless (albeit self-centered) robots, but in reality they’re incredibly sensitive.

They’re so sensitive and full of emotion that they don’t have much capacity for anyone else. It’s not that they’re incapable of empathy; they just don’t have room to feel anyone else’s emotions when they’re so focused on themselves.

So can someone who is focused on themselves genuinely miss you? The answer is an unsatisfying yes and no. Every relationship is about fulfilling an emotional need, and that’s true even in healthy relationships.

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So yes, narcissists can miss you in the sense that they feel bad when an emotional need isn’t being met when you’re not around and thus they want you back in their life. They need someone to boost their ego and make them feel good about themselves.

The answer can also be no in that a true narcissist doesn’t really miss you as a person; they miss how you made them feel. You were a source of narcissistic supply and provided them with positive feelings.

They miss having someone around that they can control and squeeze that supply from whenever they need it. However, you can always be replaced by someone else that makes them feel that same way.

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How to Make a Narcissist Miss You?

How to Make a Narcissist Miss You And Regret Losing You?

If you’ve never been in a relationship with a narcissist, it might be a little confusing as to why you’d want them back after a breakup. However, many survivors of these relationships are left feeling confused and powerless following a discard.

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Figuring out how to get a narcissist back after a discard can be a way to regain one’s confidence, even if the relationship is eventually doomed to fail. So how do you make a narcissist regret losing you?

Start By Thinking Like Them

The first step to getting a narcissist to miss you is to think like a narcissist. What is it about you that they liked most, what will they have trouble finding in a new romantic partner? If you’re wondering what a narcissist regrets most, it’s losing their source of supply. 

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More than likely, your partner never saw you as a person. But do narcissists miss old supply? Absolutely! Think about when they needed their supply the most – what kind of ego triggers did they have, things that made them feel very negative about themselves?

Think about when you were indispensable as an ego booster. Use that to your advantage and then dole out the supply in minute doses. 

Let Them End the Relationship

You might be thinking that the narcissist is already doing this when they criticize, gaslight, and generally make you miserable.

If you’re like most people, you call them out for their negative behaviors and let them know how much they’re hurting you. This is the wrong strategy against a narcissist though, they will always win this type of argument because they don’t care about your feelings. 

Instead, when the narcissist is telling you how worthless you are or is playing the victim by listing all the wrongs you’ve committed against them, just let them.

Agree with their criticism and say that you don’t deserve them. You end the argument by agreeing with them, and it gives you the opening to initiate the breakup. If they’re flabbergasted that you would do such a thing, remind them of how terrible they just said you are.

Get Them to Open Up

Remember narcissists are not emotionless robots, they simply don’t know how to express their feelings and worries in a healthy way. Surprisingly, narcissists have the same desire for emotional intimacy as everyone else, but they aren’t very good at attaining it.

The narcissist is so afraid of being outed as weak, scared, or anything less than perfect – you know, things every human is from time to time, that they wall themselves off to make sure no one gets too close.

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This is why narcissism results in such superficial relationships based on money, status, or sex. Anything more complicated feels like it could be their downfall.

However, you can get through to some narcissists, provided you have the time and willpower. Once you’ve broken through their defenses and allowed them to open up, they’ll be yours, at least for a while.

Remind Them of What Was Good About Your Relationship 

Narcissists are always looking for the better deal – more money, a more attractive partner, someone that can improve their social status.

They are quick to forget what made them happy in their previous relationships, instead of focusing on what was wrong with it and how there could be a more attractive option out there. 

To get a narcissist to come back to you, help them remember all the things you did for them. To save face and not look foolish for discarding you, they’ll likely point out your flaws and everything you did wrong in the relationship.

However, by planting the seeds of doubt about their decision to walk away, you’ll have gotten inside their head and soon they will be obsessed with you again. 

Go No Contact

If you’re wondering how to make a narcissist regret losing you, the simplest method is to stop communicating with them. Even when the narcissist discards you, they leave a line of communication open so they can access you whenever they need a dose of narcissistic supply.

Going zero contact lets the narcissist know that they’re not that important to you, your emotions aren’t tied to their whims, and you aren’t interested in continuing this relationship sometime in the future.

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Unfortunately, zero contact isn’t possible for some people. If you’re forced to co-parent with a narcissist, only communicate about what’s necessary for the health and well-being of your child. Then, when the narcissist inevitably steers the conversation towards themself and how they’re doing after the breakup, kindly redirect them to essential parenting topics.

Does a Narcissist Miss You After No Contact?

By necessity, this no contact will be temporary if you’re hoping to get back together with the narcissist. It’s a break that’ll give them time to clear their head and think about how much you meant to them.

Again, don’t take that as them seeing how valuable of a person you really are, but how valuable you are to them; the narcissist is always thinking about how they can use you.

How to Get a Narcissist to Chase You?

How to Get a Narcissist to Chase You?

Following a discard, many narcissists will leave you alone for a while. Not only do they want you to feel worthless and undeserving of your time, but they’re probably searching for better romantic prospects. The key to getting a narcissist to chase you is to show them what they’re missing out on.

You need to remind them of how valuable you were in their life. Narcissists will only treat you with kindness and respect when they believe they can lose something valuable to them. They need to know that your presence in their life is conditional on their behavior. 

Another option is to induce the excitement that was present in the early stages of the relationship. The narcissist was on top of the world because they finally had someone that filled all their psychological voids.

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You want them to feel the way again, when they were love bombing you and still enthralled with a new romance. Always keep in mind why the narcissist left though. Their love has a time limit, and they hit their limit whenever those feelings of excitement run out.

Treat Yourself to a Makeover

Nothing is more important to a narcissist than their personal appearance; this applies equally to male and female narcissists.

So if you’re wondering how to make a narcissist regret losing you, start putting more work into your appearance. Seeing you looking trim and fit or with a fresh makeover will signal that you’re feeling confident after the breakup. That fact alone will infuriate them, as they want to be in control of your confidence.

Additionally, narcissists want to be seen with attractive people because they think this makes them look attractive and high-status.

Be the Person You Want to Be

Physical appearance isn’t everything, though, even if it’s a big attractant for narcissists. Focusing on yourself is a great way to let loose the shackles of a narcissistic relationship and see who you can really be.

If you’ve ever had an interest in something but didn’t pursue it: a career change, world travel, or just some sort of hobby, this is a great time to make it happen. The narcissist will notice and be incredibly attracted to your newfound ambition.

Get Them to Talk About Themselves

Everyone likes to talk about themselves and it feels good when the person you’re interested in is hanging on you every word.

Narcissists take this to the extreme by dominating the conversation and redirecting it whenever it strays too far from praising them. Ask the narcissists questions about their successes or anything that will boost their ego and don’t call them on it if the answers sound exaggerated or outright false.

That can be challenging with a narcissist who’s discarded you, as you’re probably well aware of their flaws.

Don’t Act Too Impressed With Them

This sounds like the opposite of the last point, but when done correctly, it’s a foolproof way to get a narcissist to come running back to you. You want to keep them talking about themselves, but don’t interject or follow their statements with any kind of praise or signs that you’re impressed.

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They’ll keep trying so long as you’re willing to keep listening. The longer you keep this up, the more they’ll be interested. Make the narcissist beg for your approval.

Make Yourself Seem Unattainable

Nothing thrills a narcissist quite like a chase, with the pursuit usually being more exciting than an actual relationship. If you’re trying to understand how to get a narcissist to come crawling back to you, being unavailable is a sure-fire method.

If the narcissist tries to make plans to see you, say you’re busy and give a non-committal answer for when you might meet up.

How to Heal from a Narcissistic Relationship

Enduring months or even years of narcissistic abuse can exact a heavy toll on your psyche. It’s hard to remember what it’s like to have a relationship with someone that isn’t constantly playing mind games with you.

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After a discard, you might make rash decisions, hoping you can make them jealous and regret losing you. If they come chasing after you, you feel like you’ve beat them at their own game. Unfortunately, you’re playing right into their hands.

Being discarded by a narcissist is usually temporary; they often come back, which is not a positive thing even if you’re in control of the situation.

The relationship will always be a toxic one and a waste of your time and emotional resources when you could be with someone who’ll love you and treat you as more than a source of supply. 

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19 thoughts on “How to Make a Narcissist Miss You & Regret Losing You?”

  1. Many of the tips contradict no contact. I’m confused. My ex dumped me by text. We have not spoken in 3 weeks (longest for us), has blocked my phone but still has me as a friend on FB without messenger. No contact is a given with my phone blocked. How do I employ the other tips?

    • Hi Ruth 🙂 My advice as i have been around NARCS all my life.
      DO NOT waste your time with this person. They will NEVER EVER love you the way you feel about them 100%
      Do not employ any skills to win them back just let them go and find a real human being to spend your life with.
      It hurts like hell i know but be strong for yourself and move on as he has so easily done with you.
      RICH xx

      • Thankyou, you are so right, I became a nervous wreck and was continually in his control, if I challenged him he would go nuts, if I didn’t include him in my plans I would get verbal abuse, it was a cycle but I kept falling for the…. I love you, I’ve never felt like this before, I want to spend my life with you. I feel stupid and duped, but as he is not giving me a second thought then why am I wasting any time hurting…Guess it’s because I’m a normal caring human being

      • I totally agree!!💯
        I know it hurts like hell… 💔💔💔

        I am too going thru a break up with a cheating 50 yr old narcissist. And it’s even harder bc my mother just recently died and he treated me poorly when I needed comfort and support he was with another woman. And when he noticed how much attention I was getting from our community and friends all of a sudden he misses me and he wants to be there for me and of course I fell for it 🤦🏾‍♀️ and once everything was all over he went back to cold and distant.
        One thing my mom always told me you have to hurt before you can heal so when you heal HunnyBun are you gone look back and think to yourself I haven’t been through so much anything else to come my way it’s going to be a breeze.

        You are worthy
        you got this phenomenal woman

        HoneyRedd 🍯💋

        • One thing my mom always told me you have to hurt before you can heal so when you heal HunnyBun are you gone look back and think to yourself I HAVE been through so much anything else come my way it’s going to be a breeze.

          You are worthy
          you got this phenomenal woman

          HoneyRedd 🍯💋

      • 18 till 32 years old, I have lived with NARCS 12 years, I have 4 children with the narcissistic husband, I was accepting everything he was saying, knowing inside of me that what he says it’s not okay, insulting me, putting me down morally every time, because I was trying to fix our relationship to be a normal family to give our kids good values of what means to have a family, I was fighting alone and criticized for 12 years. until he depleted every hope inside my soul he made me think I’m worthless that there is no meaning in life, the only meaning I have is my children , I think I will never be able to love again, I have to hell my soul to believe again.

    • Lol Ruth I’m in the same boat
      So painful and frustrating I must say😆 3 full weeks no contact, I’m blocked on all platforms.

      • plz let me kno how long till he unblocks you . I thought this was just my husband being a child.. 3 weeks n going with me still. Still blocked. try email.

  2. Theyre such liars and manipulators you wonder why you give them the time of day. The absolute worst is how they never answer any questions. That being said I was told the reason we never get anything resolved is because I don’t answer to anybody. This in the fifth month of one of her disappearances she moved in with someone else she met on a dating sight while we were together. He’s 32 she’s 61 wtf is he thinking? It’s ripped me wide open. I still don’t know where they live in Las Vegas. Good I didn’t I actually thought about splattering my brains all over them both. Stupid I know.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. But believe it or not you’re why better than that. I been in the same mindset before. You’re probably a lover, provider and a backbone just like me. Erase that thought out of your head. & What ever you do don’t mention that around anyone. You are more loved than you know it. You can’t leave here over a bullshit person.
      It just hurts now. But it will get better. Don’t ever change. I’m in the DC area. Cash app
      Kelli Cruz . Send me ur info through there.

  3. yes i am going through this mine had begged me back from leaving and i went back and after few days he said he didnt want us anymore. after talking about moving in together and everything. then he tells me hes a womanizer. it hurts so bad im two weeks in and i think i might be pregnant.

  4. Denise I am praying for you , I can only imagine how heartbroken and scared you are. Smh up late on this thread. Just kno we are in this together

  5. I have been married to a narcissist for over 18 years now and I found courage to say I can’t do this anymore after being humiliated in public by him for about to thousand time. I didn’t speak to him For about a month after the episode occurred And he asked what’s going on, but I wasn’t ready to talk about it then he went from acting like he was concerned we weren’t talking to going out all the time. I feel like he was having a good time being out not at home and in good mood and I had finally figured out that he wasn’t sorry he doesn’t care so I told him I can’t do this anymore thinking that maybe that way he would wake up and think about it more. Oh no she’s serious this time and I need to make some changes but it didn’t happen. He acted like he didn’t even care no response after I told him so now I’m gonna be moving on. But it makes me sick he doesn’t even care.

  6. I feel now I have being married to a narcissist 10 years who I have small kids with. I have left over a month now after the last episode after I had water thrown at me before being intimidated in front of the kids my friend offered me a bed since I don’t feel like turning to my family again. I find myself in a very tough position and the weekend that’s in it Father’s Day I get a text from her saying my youngest is asking for me and wants to talk to me he is only 3, not sure if it’s bait on her side via the kids?

  7. Im in the same boat everyone . I love how supportive everyone on here is to one another. You’re ( we’re ) obviously not alone in this
    What also strikes me about this thread is how we all know/ knew that it was them, not us. That means that people are talking about this issue , sharing their stories calling it what it is. Abuse. Emotional abuse. My boyfriend just set up a situation as usual, where he can blame me, and threw a tantrum, because I wouldn’t let him move in with his cat !! There are no animals allowed in my apartment building , and he knows that . But his dad
    is moving out of their house after his wife died a couple years ago (boyfriends mom) and marry a woman who owns her own home. My boyfriend is 43!!! Never moved out apparently! So guess he thought he’d charm his way into my apartment ( with his cat ) even though ever since i met him, he’s criticized my apartment because he wants a house , it’s downtown, whatever just put it down , put me down. He called me saying he was in Walgreens parking lot with his car in carrier ???? !!! So, now he’s he’s homeless bc of me ?!!! ( apartments rule , not mine ) he’s known for 6 months or so his dad was moving out?!? this should have been figured out already?he also just bought a brand new Car! He traded in his what I considered a new car (2021) , for a new model 2023 ? Possibility 2024 ? Idk, didn’t run it by me or even tell me for couple weeks – later he said he had to order that one and wait for 2weeks .! So he matched this description soo much. So , basically it is my fault he doesn’t have a home !! Wow !! Poor cat . I think this may be it,but idk . Sure hurts but also will make it easier to break up with him. This just happened and I threw him his cat out Now I’m getting text messages calling me names. And projecting.. I’m not engaging. This is nuts , even for him!! Still sucks and hurts . Maybe he shouldn’t have just bought a new car !! Wow .

  8. Most of these comments are about husbands and wives. I have a NARC younger (5 yrs) sister. Any advice for me? I’ve been no contact for a few months but got a text last night that her husband was sick and she wants prayers for him. He’s a good guy but an enabler for her. Should I text him or stay “no contact” with them?

  9. Hello all,

    So glad I found this site !

    I been with narc husband (suspected narc) for 25 years but last 7 on and off because I kicked him out after having an affair. Got her pregnant (they terminated baby) He abused me financially over the years.

    I noticed there is gas lighting, lies, projection, tantrums, silent treatment, blame shifting & emotional abuse. Recant incident was he told me F off because I wouldn’t side with him in cutting a family member off. Then he sent me a horrible message during the night saying he don’t need a so called wife like!

    He’s has an unhealthy attachment to his mother who lives in home country. Everything is about her at any cost including whilst on Holliday. He’s building her house & he’s her favourite son because he provides for her & is so kind. I have a good relationship with her general. She’s not the issue he is. I realised why, cos she’s gives all the supply & it makes him feel superior! He has not treated me with the same kindness.

    He’s stole from me to feed a weed habit, he had gambling problems including often drinking a lot. I discovered whilst living apart a yr after affair he was text flirting with a work colleague abroad and arranging to meet her. He denied anything happened.

    He occasionally lashed out including towards our daughter. He has anger problems & can’t see his behaviour ruined the marriage even though I wanted to go marriage counselling.

    So now he told me to F off & said that he wanted to call time on relationship. I gave him just that and then he tried to hoover me back. I didn’t fall for it. I have gone no contact for 2 months. It’s tough but sometimes you have to see that if you don’t take the opportunity to end it or when they do. Your life is just full of drama and no love. It’s tough and I even miss him.


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