Why Are Narcissistic Husbands Such a Bully? Why Do They Treat You Like a Child?

Marriage should be a partnership, a union of mutual respect, love, and support.

However, when you’re married to a narcissistic husband, it can feel more like a daily battle.

The constant bullying, demeaning comments, and unsettling power dynamics can make you feel less like a spouse and more like a defenseless child.

So why do narcissistic husbands behave this way? The answer lies deep within a complex matrix of control, superiority complex, and manipulation, creating an emotional battlefield ripe for their bullying tactics.

Why Does a Narcissist Treat You Like a Child?

Do you ever feel like your narcissistic spouse treats you like a little kid? Wonder why?

Let’s explore the reasons behind this twisted game of ‘parent and child’ narcissists love to play.

1. The Puppet Masters

Narcissists are like puppet masters. They love being in control. Treating you like a child is their way of pulling the strings – turning you into a puppet that dances to their every whim.

2. Mr. Know-it-all

Narcissists have a giant “I’m better than you” sticker stuck on their foreheads. They want you to see just how smart and important they are, towering over your choices, making theirs seem like the only right decisions.

3. Miniature World of Belittlement

Ever feel like you’re Alice in the narcissist’s Wonderland, struggling to be heard? That’s them playing their belittlement game. They love to pretend your feelings are trivial, all to make you depend on them more.

4. Empathy? What’s That?

Narcissists often miss basic empathy lessons – they’re not great at getting what others feel. The result? They end up treating everyone else, you included, like kids who don’t know better.

5. Scaredy Cats in Disguise

Behind all that confident facade, narcissists are often pretty insecure. They’re afraid of being overshadowed or abandoned. So, they keep you as close as a kid clinging to their parent, ensuring they’re never left alone.

Remember, recognizing these behaviors is the first step to breaking free from the chains of a narcissistic relationship.

If you’re feeling like the ‘child’ in an imposed ‘parent-child’ relationship with your husband, stay tuned for tips on coping below this article.

Why are Narcissistic Husbands such a bully?

Ever feel like you’re pulling the short straw in your marriage, always at the receiving end of relentless bullying from your narcissistic husband?

Let’s unravel why narcissistic husbands turn into the playground bullies we all dread:

1. The Control Freaks

Just as bullies on the school playground rule the roost, narcissists, too, want to dominate their surroundings. And the sad truth? Bullying is their go-to strategy to keep their power games strong.

2. Can’t Feel Your Pain

It’s hard to fathom, but narcissists miss the empathy train. Not grasping how their hurtful actions affect you, they continue on their bullying spree, oblivious to the emotional wounds they’re inflicting.

3. King of the Hill

Being the ‘best’ is a narcissist’s magic potion. Their sense of entitlement wave is sky-high, and bullying becomes their ladder to appear taller than the rest of the world.

4. The Fearful Lions

Inside, every narcissist is a little cub, scared and unsure. Fearing criticism or rejection, they wear the mask of a scary, bullying lion to keep their fears hidden and maintain their ‘tough’ image.

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5. Master of Puppets

Sadly, narcissists are quite the puppeteers. They pull the bullying strings, manipulating those around them into submission or to fulfill their demands.

Living with a bully isn’t only tough – it’s exhausting. But remember, you’re not alone.

Setting boundaries, seeking help, and considering therapy can be your power tools to navigate this daunting journey. And right here, we’ll walk with you every step of the way.

Why Does a Narcissist Husband Always Threaten With Divorce?

Feel like you’re walking on eggshells, dreading the ‘D’ word that your narcissistic husband keeps dishing out? Let’s dissect why these husbands love waving the divorce card in your face:

1. The Power Card

Bringing up divorce isn’t always about ending the marriage; sometimes, it’s a sneaky power play. Narcissists love this card – it’s their trump to keep you off-balance and insecure, keeping their control intact.

2. Fishing For Feelings

Narcissistic husbands are brilliant anglers – casting out a divorce threat to catch a flood of emotions. They reel in your feelings of fear and desperation, again basking in the spotlight.

3. ‘My Way or Highway’

Disagree with a narcissist? You might hear the dreaded ‘D’ word. These husbands use the threat of divorce like a steaming cup of punishment when you dare to defy their rules.

4. Dodge the Bond

Narcissists aren’t champions at fostering deep emotional connections. So, they wave the divorce flag, creating a smokescreen to cover up their emotional shortcomings and avoid intimacy.

5. Shield Up!

Narcissists are like knights in fragile armor — extremely sensitive to criticism. And what’s their version of a spiky shield? You guessed it – threatening divorce to fend off threats to their ego.

Living with these threats can be an emotional rollercoaster. Remember, you’re not alone – seek supportive friends, establish boundaries, and consider professional help can be your lifeboat in this stormy sea. We’re right here, ready to toss you a lifeline whenever needed.

Why Does my Narcissist husband call ME a Narcissist?

Your narcissistic husband called you a narcissist, and you’re left wondering why?

It’s a classic game narcissists play. Here’s why they might be pointing the narcissism finger at you:

1. The Projection Game

Imagine your husband as a movie projector and his narcissism as the film. Instead of playing the film on his own screen, he directs it onto yours.

This clever trick helps him avoid confronting his own failings while making you the ‘star’ of his narcissistic show.

2. Mastering Manipulation

Your narcissistic husband might be playing a round of ‘blame-the-other’. Tagging you as a narcissist can be a twisty tactic to make you second guess yourself or justify his own selfish actions.

3. Smoke and Mirrors

A narcissist is an expert magician, making their problems disappear with a wave of the ‘you’re-the-narcissist’ wand.

It’s a clever way to steer attention away from their behaviors while confusing you.

4. The Victim Card

Ever notice how often your husband loves to play the victim?

By painting you as the narcissist, he gets to don the victim cape, letting him reign over the relationship while portraying you as the ‘bad guy’.

Don’t let these tactics pull you down. When dealing with a narcissist, remember, their words often speak volumes about their issues rather than yours.

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Seek support and hold onto your truth because this ride can get bumpy, but trust me, you’ve got this!

When Your Narcissistic Husband Tries to Turn Your Family Against You

Does it feel like your narcissistic husband is playing a twisted game of ‘divide and conquer’ with your family?

Let’s shine a torch on the shadows and explore why they do this:

1. The Puppeteers of Control

Alienating you from your family is a sly way for narcissists to control you. With your cheering squad out of sight, you’re more likely to dance to their strings – exactly what they want!

2. Smearing the Canvas

Ever felt like the Narcissist is painting the wrong picture of you?

Often, they run smear campaigns, babbling negative or twisted tales about you to the family.

Their goal? Undermine your credibility and make their bad behavior seem invisible.

3. Playing the Hurt Puppy

Narcissists love the sympathy card. They’ll convince your family they’re the wronged, hurting puppy, pushing you further into isolation while they soak in all the undeserved sympathy.

4. Tug of Power

The more alone you feel, the greater the narcissist’s power over you. Their divide-and-conquer tactic with your family tilts the seesaw of power solely in their favor.

5. Master of Diversion

Turning your family against you is like a magician’s trick that keeps everyone looking in the wrong direction.

Instead of focusing on the narcissist’s behavior, your family scrutinizes yours!

So, what’s next? How do you handle this tricky situation?

1. Keep Calm and Talk

Try having an individual heart-to-heart with your family members – tell your side of the story without flaring up.

They might not jump to your side immediately, but it’s a step toward planting a seed of truth.

2. Don’t Show Your Cards

When talking to your family (or your husband), keep your emotions in check. The less you react visibly, the fewer sparks there are for a flame war.

3. Call in the Professionals

Therapists can play a huge role here. They’re the neutral space you need to vent your frustrations, and they can equip you with techniques to tackle this manipulation head-on.

4. Gather Your Army

Surround yourself with supportive friends, join a group with similar experiences, or find solace in online communities. This alternate support system can help cushion your emotional struggles.

5. Draw the Line

Don’t let yourself be a doormat. Make it clear to your husband that certain behaviors won’t be tolerated, including manipulative games with your family.

6. Look, Learn, Listen

Encourage your family to learn more about narcissistic behaviors. A little knowledge could potentially help them spot manipulative tactics sooner.

7. Group Therapy, Maybe?

If your family is open-minded, consider group therapy sessions. A professional mediator can ensure everyone is heard, promoting understanding and resolution.

Remember, confronting emotional manipulation can be a rocky road, but there’s always professional help and community support.

You’re not alone in this, and it’s okay to ask for help!

When Your Narcissistic Husband Ruins Special Occasions

Does it feel like your narcissistic husband morphs into the ultimate party pooper every time a special day rolls around? So why do they seem hell-bent on raining on your parade?

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1. The Spotlight Olympics

Narcissists and the spotlight? They’re inseparable. Stealing the limelight from anyone, even on their special day, is their game plan, with chaos and drama as their favorite tools.

2. The Control Freaks at Play

Imagine a puppeteer pulling the strings during your celebration, twisting the day’s joy around him.

That’s a narcissist wielding the control baton, turning your special occasion into ‘The Narcissist Show’.

3. Green-eyed Monsters

Envy and jealousy can be a narcissist’s constant companions. If your special moments invite praise or attention, these green-eyed monsters prompt them to destroy what they can’t tolerate – someone else being the center of attraction.

4. Empathy Drought

Connecting with another’s happiness isn’t a narcissist’s strong suit. They bulldoze over your celebratory emotions simply because the joy buzzing in the air doesn’t resonate with them.

5. Emotional Whirlpool

Creating a whirlpool of drama during your special moments allows their emotions to suck you in – reinforcing their role as the ‘main event’.

But remember, if your husband displays such behaviors regularly, it might be emotional abuse. Look around and lean onto your support network, and don’t shy away from seeking professional help. Together, we can get you through these party-poop storms, promise!

How To Deal With a Narcissistic Husband?

Taking on the challenges of living with a narcissistic husband is undoubtedly tricky.

This has been my area of focus for many years now, and I believe that every person has the strength to face this task. Here’s the advice I would offer based on years of experience:

Take Care of Yourself

Firstly, take care of yourself. A fundamental step in navigating any problematic relationship, particularly with a narcissist, is self-care.

It’s crucial to look after both your mental and physical health. This might involve taking time each day to do something that you enjoy, or that helps you unwind.

It could be reading a book, walking, meditating, painting – anything that replenishes your spirit.

Educate Yourself

Secondly, I suggest you educate yourself about narcissism. Understanding this personality disorder can help you deal with the challenging behaviors of a narcissistic husband more effectively.

Read reputable sources ( like this website), join support groups, or talk to mental health professionals.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are also crucial. From my experience, setting and maintaining boundaries is vital for managing life with a narcissist. Boundaries protect you and your emotional health.

They clearly define what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t and help stop perpetuating damaging patterns.

Professional Help

Then, consider seeking professional help. Therapists who are knowledgeable about narcissistic behavior can provide valuable insights and coping strategies.

They can also provide a safe space to express your feelings and concerns.

Believe in Yourself

I would also advise you to be patient with yourself. It’s important to remember that you do not need all the answers and that feeling confused, frustrated, or hurt is okay.

Be gentle with yourself, respect your feelings, and give yourself time.


Lastly, and most importantly, believe in your resilience. Walking through this challenging journey can make you feel vulnerable, but remember you’re stronger than you think.

You can rebuild your resilience and rediscover your joy one day at a time. You are not alone in this. Never forget that.

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