5 Reasons Why a Narcissist Wants You Back

“Whatever I said, whatever I did,I didn’t mean it I just want you back for good (Want you back, want you back, want you back for good). Whenever I’m wrong. Just tell me the song and I’ll sing it” When Gary Barlow penned these words for “Take That”, he wasn’t thinking about Narcissists but love … Read more

The No Contact Rule: The Narcissist and No Contact

The “No Contact” rule for leaving a narcissist means exactly what it states – No Contact, No emails, no texts, no late night dial and hang-ups, no drive-by’s, no contacting by proxy (via friends or family), no Facebook or Favorite Place stalking, no leaving notes on his/her car or apartment door, no sending letters……NO NOTHING. … Read more

The Narcissist in Court

One of the most toxic people you will meet in family court is the narcissist. When it comes to a divorce case, the narcissist will often be pitted against a person with very low self-esteem. Narcissists are usually the cause of that low self-esteem as they have eroded their partner’s self image through a variety … Read more

Three Misconceptions About Divorcing A Narcissist

Being married to a narcissist brings a host of challenges. Some marriages survive despite great difficulty. Others end in separation and ultimately divorce, especially those where one spouse’s narcissism is acute and makes life for the other too difficult to manage. In marriage, there is the hope for perseverance. For “better or worse” is the … Read more

The Narcissist and Divorce

Dealing with a narcissistic person is a never-ending battle whether you are in or out of the relationship. If you add in divorce and custody issues, each day begins to feel like an endless battle for survival. Anyone going through divorce has many issues to cope with: worries about money, custody, legal issues, betrayal, abandonment … Read more

What is Narcissistic Abuse?

Narcissistic abuse is a term that emerged in the late twentieth century and became more prominent in the early 21st century in large part due to the late Alice Miller, a Polish psychologist and world-renowned author. She used “narcissistic abuse” to refer to a specific form of emotional abuse of children by their narcissistic parent(s). … Read more