Blocking the Narc from Facebook: An act of Fear or Wise Thing to Do?

Q: If I block the narc from my FB page, for example, will he feel strong because it seems I fear him?

A: That is an interesting question as his reaction could go either way. Although he might feel stronger (in control) if he thinks you did it out of fear, most likely he will feel rebuffed and frustrated because you are “ignoring” him and/or taking away one of his ways at getting to you or back at you. Please read the article on this website titled “The Narcissist Hates to be Ignored”. The bottom line is that if you are trying to go No Contact….go NO CONTACT and don’t worry about what HE thinks. You are taking back YOUR life and YOUR feelings—it no longer matters what he thinks or feels.

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  • Here’s what I did with on FB with the narcissists in my life – I accept their friendship, but then put them on “restricted”. (Search FB Help if you don’t know how to do it). That way, they don’t feel dissed, but since I post only to “friends”, they have nothing to feed on.

    • TIP: Make sure you check your FB settings again, and in also the future. FB seems to be always changing the privacy rules..even if “restricted” they can see most things you put as “public”…you may also want to check your “about” settings…he may be able to see pics, friends, etc. Last thing, you cannot change settings on the “following”…anybody can follow you…and they see the same thing as “public” does. I have not blocked because I am going with the saying of “…keep your enemies closer”, Also, be careful b/c he might also post things that may effect your emotions, to get a reaction, and might get it if you are not careful or fully over…this was my help as a fellow victim/survivor… Good luck

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