4 Big Red Flags Your Partner Is Cheating On You According to Private Investigator

Being cheated on really hurts in a relationship. A private investigator, Aaron Bond shares four key signs to look out for.

Cheating, whether with feelings or actions, is always bad. Knowing what to look for can be hard before you know for sure your partner is cheating on you

You may think you’ll never face this, but sadly, it happens more often than you’d think. A 2022 study showed that 54% of Americans in a one-partner relationship have been cheated on, emotionally, physically, or both.

According to investigator Aaron Bond, knowing these 4 signs can help prevent more pain and put you at ease.

Talking to The Sun, he shared the most important signs that your partner may not be acting right.

#1 Change in Phone Behavior

If your partner suddenly starts guarding their phone like a hawk, that might be a red flag signaling unfaithfulness.

You’ll notice a shift in their phone habits. They’re changing their passcode more often, carrying the phone even to the bathroom, and they’re constantly on edge, especially when you’re around their device.

They flip their phone face down when it’s not in use and get defensive if you ask them to use it.

It’s not just about privacy but an over-the-top secrecy that wasn’t there before. As private investigator Aaron Bond highlights, such changes in phone behavior could indicate infidelity.

While it’s not a surefire sign, it’s certainly something you shouldn’t overlook. Remember, the drastic, sudden changes often suggest something’s amiss.

#2 They Spend Less Time With You

When your partner’s eagerness to spend quality time with you dwindles, it’s a potential sign of infidelity. Previously, they might’ve looked forward to your shared activities, but now, they’re constantly unavailable or prefer to spend time elsewhere.

They might even devise convenient excuses for their absence or show reduced interest in the plans you make together.

They’re less enthusiastic about your shared hobbies or passions. Their attention seems distracted, even when you’re together. It feels like they’re physically present but emotionally distant.

#3 Change in Bedroom Behavior

While you’re noticing a shift in their time spent with you, you might also spot significant changes in your partner’s behavior in the bedroom.

This could be a big red flag. Perhaps they’re no longer interested in intimacy, or maybe they’ve suddenly developed an unusually high libido. It could go either way.

If they’re cheating, they might be getting their sexual satisfaction elsewhere, hence the lowered interest at home.

On the flip side, they might use sex as a tool to alleviate their guilt, leading to an unexpected surge in their sexual appetite. Even more telling, they might introduce new elements in your sexual activities.

If these changes seem out of character, it’s time to take note.

#4 They Become More Negative To You

You might notice your partner’s attitude towards you becoming increasingly negative, another potential red flag in a cheating partner.

They start to blame you for small issues or problems that don’t exist. This negativity may manifest in criticism over trifles, pointing out your flaws more often, or less patience in general.

They’re trying to justify their actions by finding your faults. They may also become defensive and argumentative, blowing up minor disagreements into full-blown conflicts.

Remember, it’s not about you; it reflects their inner turmoil. These changes could be due to the guilt and tension they’re carrying from their infidelity.

Final Words

It’s tough suspecting your partner might be cheating. But remember, these signs are just potential indicators. They’re not foolproof.

Your best course of action? Open, honest dialogue. Address your concerns directly with your partner. Understanding what’s truly going on can only come through communication.

Don’t let suspicion fester; tackle it head-on. You deserve to know the truth.

Source: The Sun

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