Why Narcissists Can’t Stop Lying About Stupid Things

Narcissists are masters of lying. If you confront them about their lies, they lie to escape it. Why do narcissists lie about anything, including stupid things? The truth is that they feel a sense of entitlement when they lie. Their lies support their self-image, self-importance, and ego.

They do not bond and have no empathy. Lies help them form bonds. As a mature adult, chances are you find lying dishonourable, but to a narcissist, lying means that they are clever, they can deceive you, giving them the upper hand.

Sadly, narcissists feel that there is no problem with lying due to having no empathy or respect for anyone, including their partners.

Top Reasons Why Narcissists Can’t Stop Lying About Stupid Things

There are several reasons why a narcissist lies. They will lie about stupid and important things to get out of their first lie. After a while, they start believing their lies.

Here are the top reasons they cannot stop lying, even about stupid things.

They Are Superior

Narcissists believe they are more important than anyone else, including their own spouse or partner. In a way, they believe you are stupid and you will believe what they tell you. This gives them a chance to get away with their lies. Their lies help them remain superior in their eyes.

To a narcissist, they need to be the most important person in a room, at work, or in a relationship. Lying about anything, including stupid things, helps one believe they are superior.

Impress People

Narcissists believe in self-importance, so they lie to impress people. They want to look good to others, whether in their own relationships, in the workplace, or when meeting new people. To a narcissist, they must appear the most superior person in the room, helping to boost their ego.

It doesn’t matter how stupid the lie is, they will use that to impress those around them, giving them the sense of self-importance. No, they do not feel guilty about it. The narcissist believes that there is nothing wrong with lying to get what they want and need.

Avoid Embarrassment

The last thing a narcissist wants is to feel embarrassed in front of anyone. They will lie about the stupidest thing to promote themselves in a good light and avoid embarrassment at all cost. It doesn’t matter what it is.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist and they have found themselves in an embarrassing situation, how many times have you heard them lie about it?

Chances are it’s every time. A narcissist cannot be embarrassed, even if it is something small. They will lie and shift the blame, ensuring they look superior and perfect.

It’s a Self-Esteem Booster

A narcissist must have good self-esteem. Narcissists are exceptionally fragile, they cannot be made to feel inferior in any way. Lying is the easiest and most effective way to boost their self-esteem, no matter the situation.

They believe they are superior to everyone around them, including their own partners. As a result, they need high self-esteem, which makes them feel good about themselves and important. It’s not uncommon for them to lie about stupid things, giving their self-esteem the boost they desperately desire.

To Be Hurtful

With a lack of empathy, no care for anyone but themselves, and the desire to be important, a narcissist will lie to hurt those around them. This is part of their personality. Unfortunately, even if you have been in a relationship with your narcissist for many years, in their eyes, you will never be as good as them.

Emotional abuse is normal in these relationships, as they strive to be superior to you. They don’t believe you are as good as them. Sometimes, they may even believe you are stupid for falling for their lies. Lying is a way for them to maintain control in many situations, helping them be hurtful and to get control of you and your actions.

Unable to Accept the Truth

Narcissists live in a fantasy world, in a way. They live in a web of lies to remain important, boosting their ego and confidence. Even when they do something wrong, they will lie to avoid facing the truth.

Narcissists are often insecure and unsure individuals who crave attention and praise. If they were to accept the truth, no matter how stupid the situation is, they will feel emotions.

While their emotions are not what we feel, they cannot bear this. Lying is the best way to protect themselves against accepting the truth.

To Maintain Control

A person with NPD is dominant; they want to be in control of their life, their actions, and the situations that they are in. They will like about stupid things to maintain that control. They cannot afford to lose control of you or other people. Lying is the easiest way to keep those that they need close to them.

Having control over you or their family members reinforces their belief that they are superior to everyone else. If they don’t lie about stupid things, losing control of you forces them to face the fact that they are also imperfect. They will do whatever it takes to avoid this.

Can You Tell if a Narcissist is Lying to You?

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, then being able to identify when they are lying can be beneficial to you. The good news is that some tell-tale signs show they are not telling the truth.

You will often notice that when a narcissist lies about stupid things, their story is inconsistent. The problem is, the more they lie, the more they believe their own story, which over time becomes the same. Often, they use the truth, twisting it to serve their purpose.

If a narcissist lies, they will try very hard to convince you they are telling the truth. This is a definite sign that something isn’t right. If you tell someone about something and they don’t believe you, are you worried about it? To a narcissist, it’s imperative that you believe their lie so they can feel superior and in control of any situation.

Narcissists do not believe they are ever wrong, even while telling a lie. They will get defensive if you don’t believe them or call them out on their lie. This is when they deny, deflect or dismiss your comments completely. Chances are you will hear them shout at you “It wasn’t me,” “I didn’t say that,” or “It was you not me.”

They are excellent at playing the blame game and will quickly turn the tables and blame you if they are caught lying. When lying, they often try to appear the victim, exaggerating the situation to get their lie accepted by others.

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