How do Narcissists Describe Their Ended Relationships?

Nothing is a faraway extension of the truth than a narcissist who is fresh out of a relationship.

People want to know how it ended, and the narcissist is only too keen to give them the fake version.

Lies, lies and more lies will spill out as the narcissist worms their way out of a tight spot.

After all – they can’t admit it ended badly on their part, right? Who will want them then?

So, how does a narcissist describe the end of their relationship?

It’s safe to say, in their very toxic way…

Why a Narcissist Hates a Relationship Ending in the First Place.

It’s a fact that narcissists don’t enjoy it when a relationship ends.

Number one – they lose you which means they lose the control they once had over you. That ability to pull the wool over your eyes, gaslight you, or have someone regular to criticize or ridicule. You’re gone – and they hate that.

Number two—they have some explaining to do. Whether that’s going to be how terrible you feel or creating and inventing some kind of smear campaign to destroy your reputation, they know they have work to do.

All the work is to make them look good, which leads to …

People Will Get the Revised Version

Of course they will! If you can name me one single narcissist who would openly say, “You know what, I don’t blame them for leaving. I treated them with nothing but disrespect and I couldn’t stand it when they started to think for themselves.”

Anyone? No?


The narcissist will blame you for everything. Other people will hear how you cheated, how you lied, how you hurt them. They won’t hesitate to throw you (metaphorically) under the bus, for one reason only…

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Narcissists are only at home when they are the victim.

The narcissist will rub their hands together knowing they’ve recruited flying monkeys. They want an army of people who will believe them and view you totally differently. 

It’s like a bolt of lightning to you, as you wonder why people are avoiding you, canceling plans they had with you, or treating you differently than before. It’s because they’ve heard things about you – and who benefits from it?

That’s right – the narcissist.

“It’s Me Who’s The Victim…”

You’re not going to believe what they did to me.

You won’t believe the way I was treated.

I didn’t think they could hurt me any more.

They were the love of my life.

Anything that makes them draw out sympathy from whoever is willing to listen – they will say it.

The narcissist loves a pity party. They want to take themselves out of the line of fire so nobody sniffs out the toxic truth. The narcissist is very capable of saying whatever it takes to have people ask after them or to spend time with them.

When you leave – the narcissist needs new supply. The desperate and essential need for this will drive them into the presence of anybody willing and ready to offer it. 

The only way to truly overcome this post-break-up hell is to rise above it all and concentrate on your own happiness. By now, this is well overdue and owed to yourself. 

The narcissist will walk into the next chapter of their lives with the same sob story and charm they sold to you. You However, get to grow from the whole experience

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What Does This Mean For You??

Unfortunately, there isn’t one single answer to this. 

As far as you’re concerned, you will have to just tolerate the change that comes from a break up with a narcissist. 

It’s almost foolish to believe there won’t be any consequences when you do part ways. You have to ask yourself, is it worth losing a few more people to have that inner peace of being free from the toxicity?

Most people would say yes.

Lies Will Follow

The lies stem from the narcissists need to protect their own ego. They don’t want to appear vulnerable or hurt – so they mask up.

The mask will hide all manner of insecurities that the narcissist would rather deny exist at all, than display. Lies help with this, because, let’s be straight here, you can tell anyone anything you want – as long as you make it believable. 

The Narcissist Post Break-up Swagger

Well, you know what? It wasn’t working anyway. They totally changed from the nice person I first met. 

They were gaining a lot of weight, I wasn’t attracted to them any more.

They didn’t want to settle and you know me, I’m looking for something more meaningful.

Anything a narcissist can say that you can visualize a little swagger attached to it will almost certainly fall from their lips. 

They are masking their anger by putting you (yet again) in a bad frame. They act like you don’t matter to them, as if you’re trash they just took out for collection. 

The Smear Campaign Creator 

Let’s be honest, the narcissist is never going to paint a nice picture of you. They will take your name to the streets and vilify you in public. 

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They will tell the world all your faults and personal things you’ve told them.

They will have you pegged as the narcissist.

They will tell people how much you destroyed their good nature and took advantage of their generosity. 

They may even tell people how you owe them money, or that you have shared assets you’re refusing to split. Things can get really messy, but that’s the description they will give to others.

No, none of it has to be true, but it does have to make them look innocent. 

Let Them – and Let People Go With Them

There comes a point post-break-up that you have to understand the narcissist will take people with them as you leave each other. They do it to protect their own reputation and ego, and don’t care how that looks, feels or sits with you. 

If you truly want to be without them, and close that chapter, you must let it go without too much of a fight. 

People will side with them, and you can either choose to accept they have made their minds up. It can hurt, but what hurts more is staying under the control of the narcissist, and allowing that toxicity to grow. 

The better person will win in the long run, if you are resilient and know your truth. 

It’s hard when the narcissist constantly plays the victim card, but very possible to just feel sorry for them and move on.

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