How to Choose the Perfect Gifts for Narcissists?

Narcissists aren’t the most accessible people to buy gifts for.

They have an odd approach to giving and receiving gifts, making it challenging for those that love them to express themselves through presents. 

Not only that, but shopping for someone who thinks only of themselves presents a unique challenge. Will anything ever be good enough?

How to Choose the Perfect Gifts for Narcissists

What to Buy a Narcissist for their Birthday?

What to Buy a Narcissist for their Birthday

When looking for gifts for narcissists, focus on items that reflect their sense of self-importance and grandiose personalities. Avoid anything sentimental or nostalgic, like photographs, for example. 

Narcissists generally lack feelings of nostalgia because they don’t experience the warm, fuzzy feelings most of us do. Sometimes the past is too painful for them and forces self-reflection, which they hate. 

It’s best to keep your presents simple and light-hearted and focused on a positive future rather than a memorable past.

Gifts for Your Narcissistic Mother

Gifts for Your Narcissistic Mother

Some suitable birthday gifts for a narcissistic mother include:

Monogrammed Bathrobe 

a fuzzy fleece bathrobe is a great way to let your narcissistic mother know you love her and want her to always look her best. A high-quality monogrammed bathrobe will keep her warm and cozy after an indulgent bath without detracting from her sense of style. 

The quality is critical, however, as narcissists are often highly materialistic, seeking to achieve and display status through their clothes and belongings. By personalizing the bathrobe, you’ll also appeal to your mother’s grandiose self-image.

Self-Care Spa Set

Create a personalized spa set by selecting a combination of high-quality skincare products, scented candles, and bath oils. This type of gift encourages the narcissist in your life to set aside time for self-care and relaxation, which they rarely do. 

Narcissists rely on others to make them feel good, so they rarely think about indulging themselves. If you can get your mom to feel good about herself without you having to validate or adore her, this could be as much of a gift for you as it is for her.

Professional Photoshoot

Arrange a professional photoshoot for your narcissistic mother, choosing a photographer who can capture her charisma and confidence without insulting her fragile ego. 

Be careful with this one, however. Although narcissists take and post more selfies than most other people, they don’t particularly enjoy looking at pictures of themselves. 

Research shows that narcissists “feel emotional distress rather than delight when viewing pictures of themselves,” possibly because they have negative opinions about themselves or their appearance.

Gifts for Your Narcissistic Father

Gifts for Your Narcissistic Father

The problem of what to get a narcissist for their birthday is even more challenging if you’re shopping for a narcissistic father.

Why? Simply because we find shopping for our dads more difficult, and when you add to that the narcissist’s strange reaction to gifts, it makes the whole scenario rather daunting.

While it’s unlikely your narcissistic father will show any gratitude for the following gifts, they shouldn’t provoke nasty reactions or retaliation from him, which is pretty much all you can ask for from a narcissist.

Personalized Leather Portfolio

A high-quality leather portfolio with their name or initials monogrammed on it is perfect for showcasing their achievements or organizing their documents so they feel even more self-important.

Premium Edibles

Narcissists are pleasure-seekers that enjoy something out of the ordinary, so why not gift your narcissistic father a truffle lovers’ gift box complete with several varieties of truffle oil, truffle pasta, and truffle spreads? 

If he’s got more of a sweet tooth, premium chocolates or top-quality Turkish delight might do the trick, while a caviar gift box might be just the thing for a narcissistic father with sophisticated tastes.

Better still, you can admire him for his excellent taste, which he’ll enjoy even more than the gift itself. 

Executive Desk Organizer

A stylish desk organizer will help your narcissistic father keep their workspace tidy, making him look more professional and successful.

As image is everything to a narcissist, having an office that’s immaculate as he is will make him look good and therefore feel good.

What to Buy a Narcissist for Christmas?

What to Buy a Narcissist for Christmas

The best Christmas gifts for narcissists are luxurious ones that reflect their self-perceived superiority and show they deserve only the best.

If those types of gifts are beyond your budget, stick with something playful or amusing, and hope against all hope that your narcissistic friend or relative sees the humor in it. Otherwise, Christmas could be ruined by narcissistic rage.

What To Give Your Narcissist Mother for Christmas?

What To Give Your Narcissist Mother for Christmas

The following ideas will hopefully help you figure out what to get a narcissist for Christmas, with our first set of suggestions being ideal for the narcissistic mother:

Engraved Pen Set

Offer them a sophisticated pen set with their name or a motivational quote engraved on it reflecting their importance and success.

World’s Best Mug

get your mom a mug personalized with the words: “The World’s Best at Everything.” It may not cost very much, but it will give your narcissistic mother an ego boost, which is worth an awful lot more. 

Personalized Journal

Provide your narcissistic mom with a beautifully bound journal engraved with her name or a motivational quote by her favorite author. She may never use it, as narcissists are reluctant to self-reflect to any degree, but it might encourage her to start exploring her thoughts and emotions. Failing that, it’s somewhere to list all her achievements and talents!

Plan a weekend getaway

Arrange a vacation to a destination she loves, ensuring she knows the entire weekend is all about her.

Buying this type of gift for a narcissist can backfire, as the narcissist may see it as coming with strings attached.

Suppose you’re planning and paying for the trip. In that case, you probably expect to be invited, so she may not take the gift as intended – instead, she might view it as a way to control or manipulate her into giving you more attention and admiration. 

What To Give Your Narcissist Father for Christmas?

What To Give Your Narcissist Father for Christmas

Don’t give your narcissistic father anything that suggests self-improvement.

Books and masterclasses imply that your father still has something to learn – a sentiment he won’t appreciate, as he already thinks he’s the best at everything! Instead, massage his ego with one of the following gifts for narcissists:

Artistic Wall Mirror

Choose an artistic and ornate wall mirror that will not only enhance their living space but also gives the ideal opportunity to check on their appearances daily (or even hourly!). 

Smart Mug

A smart mug will keep your narcissistic father’s coffee at the ideal temperature until the final sip, making sure it suits his needs perfectly and puts him in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Remember, many narcissists are “high in perfectionism,” so will appreciate a gift that guarantees another piece of perfection in their lives.

Name a Star

Naming a star after your narcissistic father is a thoughtful and unique gift. He will hopefully see it as a gesture of admiration while playing into his need for constant validation and attention.

In most instances, the narcissist will interpret such a gift as confirmation of their self-perceived importance and grandiosity, reinforcing their belief that they are truly exceptional and deserving of recognition.

7 Funny Gifts for Narcissists

While gifting a narcissist a humorous present might make you laugh, it’s important to remember that narcissists don’t do self-deprecating humor and may not find your gift quite as funny as you intended. 

#1 Personalized Selfie Puzzle

Turn one of their best selfies into a jigsaw puzzle, so they can piece together their own face as a fun pastime.

#2 Self-Portrait Painting Kit

Provide them with an art kit with a canvas, paints, and brushes, encouraging them to create their self-portrait masterpiece.

#3 Customized Doll

Get a doll made in their likeness, exaggerating their most narcissistic features, like their hairstyle or a confident pose.

#4″ I’m Always Right” T-Shirt

Find a T-shirt with a typically narcissistic statement like: “I’m Always Right” to cater to their belief in their infallibility playfully.

#5 Customized License Plate

Have a vanity license plate made with their initials or name, so they can bask in the attention while driving around.

#6 Infinite Reflection Picture Frame

Give them a picture frame that displays an infinite loop of their own face, highlighting their self-obsession.

#7 The Disney Princess Magic Talking Mirror Set

This talking mirror set will give the narcissist all the validation and admiration they need. Every time they look in the mirror, it will tell them how beautiful they look, giving them an almost endless narcissistic supply.

Will a Narcissist Accept Gifts?

In most instances, nothing you give a narcissist will ever be good enough. Their high level of grandiosity means they’ll see any gift as substandard or flawed in some way.

They may also resent you for drawing attention to yourself as the gift giver or see the offering as a way for you to get the upper hand in the relationship.

Many narcissists resent receiving gifts because they see them as a type of leverage.

When a narcissist gives a gift it comes with a network of strings attached. To the narcissist, a present is something you give to gain control over someone and ensure they’re indebted to you. 

Narcissists don’t understand the concept of giving something out of love and admiration and therefore struggle to accept gifts or receive them graciously.

How do Narcissists React to Gifts?

Buying a narcissist a gift they’ll like and appreciate is virtually impossible. Whatever you get them, they’ll find fault with it even if you purchase the most expensive item you can find. 

If you spend a lot of money on an item, it will either be the wrong size, type, or color. If it’s something they actually told you they wanted, they’ll deny it and gaslight you into believing they never said that. 

When you give a narcissist a gift, they may use it against you, telling you you’re too stupid or selfish even to get a simple present right, even though they didn’t get you anything. 

Some narcissists will get angry that you spent so much money on the wrong thing, while others will make passive-aggressive comments about how they’ll have to return the item because you got it wrong again

Even offering to take a narcissist out to select their own gift won’t work – they’ll accuse you of being too lazy or thoughtless to have done it yourself. 

Sadly, giving the narcissist no gift at all isn’t a good idea either. They’re susceptible to criticism and rejection and will almost certainly be insulted if you provide them with nothing at all. 

What do Narcissists Love the Most?

Above all else, narcissists love being the center of attention. The more you worship them and boost their egos with your love and admiration, the happier they’ll be.

Don’t worry too much about gifts – you’ll never get them right – but a narcissist will overlook those shortcomings if you keep feeding their narcissistic supply. 

The only question you need to ask yourself is, is that enough for you, or would you prefer a relationship where gifts are received gratefully and love and compassion are openly given? 

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