11 Crazy Narcissist Lies They use to Control You

Narcissist Lies

Why do narcissists lie? Because they suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder. That is the short answer. They operate from a fragmented sense of self, they don’t live by a set of personal values, instead, they see everything as an opportunity because they are playing the game of life, and their only goal is to … Read more

15 Deceptive Narcissist Hoovering Examples

narcissist hoovering

Every once in a while you’ll see a story on the news – a domestic abuse situation where the victim was assaulted but immediately returned to their abuser. When it happens, we ask why this person would ever go back to such a toxic situation. We judge them and wonder how they could have so … Read more

How To Respond To The Narcissist Fake Apology?

the narcissist fake apology how to respond to the narcissist apology

Would a narcissist ever apologize? Yes. Would they ever be truly sorry? No. People often assume that narcissists never apologize for their wrongdoings. However, this myth isn’t true. In fact, some narcissists are more than happy to tell you they’re sorry.   The difference, however, is that their apologies lack sincerity and merit. That’s because their … Read more