Why Do Narcissists Seem to Move On So Quickly?

One minute you’re the love of their life, the next minute they’re rolling into forever with somebody new. 

You can’t make head nor tail of it – why did they make all those promises only to let you down?

Questions round your head like a mental washing machine – but ultimately – the narcissist has checked out and found another person to damage, destroy and lie to.

Normal folk like you or I are left flummoxed how a heart can adapt to a new partner so soon. To the narcissist though – they need to move on quickly.

Their life depends on it!

But … Why?

I’ve got you covered!

The Narcissist and Attachment

Narcissists aren’t known to be free people – and if they are – they’re pretending. Underneath their pseudo-freedom act, they need love and admiration, and are attached to that fundamental idea. 

When I say attached, I mean, attached. They cannot live without both of those concepts. 

They cannot feel love like you or me, but they expect to receive it. Loving a narcissist proves to them that they are worthy people, that they’re likable, and that somebody has chosen them above anybody else. 

Admiration is how a narcissist knows others validate them. 

You’re so good at this, you’re such a good that….

They internally ask that people see them and tell them how wonderful they are because, ultimately, that feeds them. The supply they grab is essential, and they cannot provide it themselves. 

Seeing Them For Who They Are

There is beauty in seeing a narcissist for who they are. I know it might not seem very beautiful when you see their childlike, stompy behavior, but for you, it’s a gift. 

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Moving on from you may hurt, but look at what you’re missing out on. Look at them for what they are, not for who you want them to be. 

Once you explore reality, you’ll come to understand that you’re better off with them having moved on. 

Knowing the real person behind the facade will help you realize their behavior was nothing more than convenient for them. As they pretend to love another, you know this is as untrue as it was for you. 

They Moved On So Quickly – “Did They Love Me?”

Narcissists love how best they can with what little they have. They will tell you they love you, but the way they love is totally different to how you or I would love. 

Love isn’t ridicule. It isn’t isolation or gaslighting. It certainly isn’t the silent treatment or convincing you to stop seeing your friends. These are all things narcissists are capable of doing – but no – that isn’t love. 

Love is honesty and loyalty. It is compromise and respect. So the next time you think of the narcissist loving you, try to think about how they showed their love for you. 

It likely didn’t happen in the ways that matter.

Why Narcissists Move On So Quickly: The Top 5 Reasons:

Narcissists will leave one partner and head right into another relationship before you have even had a chance to change the bedsheets. As far as you’re concerned, you can’t comprehend how they can jump straight into something else at lightning speed.

Trust me, these five reasons will help you see everything more clearly. 

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Lack of Love – Lack of Commitment 

If a narcissist cannot love, they don’t care who or where they go to, and for how long. Multiple partners are highlily likely because they crave the love others give them. It makes up for their inability to feel it in return. 

Narcissists aren’t usually committed, because every aspect of the relationship depends on how the other person acts. Narcissists won’t hang around strong characters for long because they’re too threatened by their big personalities and centered sense of self. 

They Hate Being Alone

Narcissists will never admit this – but they hate being alone. They despise sitting with their own thoughts because they hate themselves underneath it.

They will more than make up for this by being the grandiose, egotistical person in public just to get attention. Secretly, they need somebody to be with .They need somebody to control and who will do as they say and fall into their game-playing tactics. 

Chances Are – Somebody Else Was Already Lined Up

Before leaving you, they ensured somebody else was ready to take your place. The moment the relationship a narcissist is in starts to look bumpy, they will revert to replacement. 

This goes back to that fear of being alone. The narcissist doesn’t want any time to grow between you and the next, so they plan it to the minute, and ensure they can leave you one day, and be with them probably even the same day. 

It’s not a reflection on you – believe me!

You’ve Sussed Them Out

Nobody moves quicker than a narcissist who has been found out!

If you have started to piece together their toxicity and started to see and believe the damage they’ve caused – they won’t want you. 

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The narcissist is done with you the moment you stand up to all their incessant behavior, and no matter how much you may still tell them you love them despite their faults, they don’t see you as somebody who can supply them any longer. 

They Believe They Deserve Better

You can bet your bottom dollar that the narcissist who leaves you is leaving you because you’re not giving them what they need. 

Are you somebody who doesn’t like conflict, and so avoids it? 

Big no no!

Are you confident to the point where that trait is so deeply rooted, it can’t be manipulated?

Even bigger no no!

You’re no good to them, because they can’t control you as they had hoped. You weren’t the person they wanted (easy to mold and maneuver). 

Narcissists will try to weather you in all ways, but if you don’t bite their bait, they will leave quickly and find someone else who will bite. 

They will never stay there wherever they go, which is how you know you were just another stop gap in their wrapped journey of life. 

Your Future! 

You have full control of where you want your life to go. Narcissists are very good at making you think there are limitations around you, and will tell you so until you believe them.

Now you get to decide: “What do I want my future to look like?” 

Let them move on – because guess what?

You can move on too!

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