Why do Narcissists Feel Superior to Others?

 To the narcissist, there are only two leagues in existence:

Theirs and yours. 

They’re in theirs alone, of course. Nobody else belongs in it.


Well, that’s where literally everybody else is.

The superiority of narcissists fans their flames of inner insecurity. They truly do believe they’re better in all ways, and if you question that, you’re asking for trouble.

If you look a little deeper into why narcissists feel so superior, it’s evident they’re hiding a lot.

Time for me to expose it all!

Narcissists: They’re Everywhere

It’s true – narcissists appear wherever you go.

They show up in your friendship circles, in your family, at your workplace and sometimes even as partners. 

Of course, you didn’t know that at first. 

Their superiority is astounding, and they want you to see them for the perfect, superior person they portray themselves as.

The Need For Superiority

Narcissists were born to always want to be better than you or me. Even those with average jobs, wages and homes will find a variety of ways to push their superiority in different ways onto others. 

It’s tiring to see, but it’s all too common with any narcissist. It’s how they assert themselves in a busy, competitive world. They have a complete need to control their own image, and will do it however they can.

They can’t stand the idea of being invisible. It’s how they secretly feel about themselves, so heaven forbid others treat them that way too.

Why Do Narcissists Feel Superior to Others? 8 Reasons!

And you know what, I bet there are a hundred more if we put our minds together!

#1 Growing Up: You’re The Best!

Little children who are always taught they do nothing wrong, and are perfect in every way, will have a hard time believing otherwise as an adult. 

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When you put a child on a pedestal, they will sit there and think nobody and nothing can knock them off. Nobody would even dare try

Being told they’re “better than everyone” is going to make them constantly think they are even as adults. 

This is how to birth a narcissist.

Over-praise is toxic, people!

#2 Their Magic Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall – of course the narcissist is the fairest of them all. They will look at themselves as perfect, because that’s what they’ll convince themselves they see staring back at them. 

It’s a distorted view – you and I both know it. But there’s no convincing a narcissist of that. 

They’re superior, remember?

#3 Denial!

Narcissists don’t see failure. If you were to hand them an apple, they would look at it and proclaim that it’s a melon. 

They know best, and they do so because they have the ability to literally deny reality. It doesn’t matter how obvious that reality may be. 

If a narcissist doesn’t like what’s really going on, they will go out of their way to create something they do like 

They will then come out of it feeling as though they won something. 

Superior, yet again.

#4 They Love a Stage

Because of the narcissist’s pure and honest love of being center stage, they will happily feel their most superior when they are up there in full view of an audience. 

Narcissists believe the world revolves around them, and they want everybody to know that they are the sun

Stages can look like:

  • Being the center of attention at work
  • Coming to family with ‘the best news ever’
  • Stealing your thunder at your birthday party, or another important event
  • Announcing something huge on social media, so everybody on their follow list can comment and tell them how amazing and wonderful they are
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If any of these feel familiar to you, it’s because they are tried and tested ways for all narcissists to feel superior. They don’t care who they squash in the process. 

#5 “Validate Me” (Sad Face…)

Validation acts as a kind of lifeblood for narcissists. They thrive on knowing people are telling them how fantastic they are. They love to be needed, wanted and valued even if they give none of those things in return. 

They treat compliments as if they were currency, and that’s why they feel so rich all the time. Validation is sniffed out, and it fills a void that actually looks like the opposite of superiority. 

They don’t feel smart, and they don’t feel better or more attractive. However, they do like to make people believe they are the most of all those things, and so much more. 

This can look like image makeovers, crash diets, new clothes, a new car, a grand , vacation booked – anything that screams, “I am great, and I need you to tell me!”

#6 They Pick Their Audience

Have you ever noticed a narcissist loving hanging out with people who may not ever have the things they have? It can even come down to those who are so shy and introverted that they feel almost obliged to stand in awe, smile and nod.

These people are great at saying the right things, just to be polite. In turn, all that does is continue to feed the narcissist even more.

These people are purposely picked, so the narcissist can do everything from dominating the conversation to controlling the topics talked about. 

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#7 Because Social Media Allows For Them to Be

Social media is an absolutely fantastic invention. Sadly, it is falling more and more into the wrong kinds of hands. 

Narcissists love it (surprise, surprise). It gives them a platform to show off and tell the world how amazing they are.

How everything they have fades all your achievements into oblivion.

Look at me with my new, fancy shoes.

Look at me posing on these Greek beach rocks.

Look at me and my perfect family. What an image you can’t uphold yourself. 

Narcissists will use social media to remind you that your life is nowhere near as good as theirs. They will feel zero pity for you as you like and walk away from their adventures dejected. 

After all, they’re superior, right?

Pass us that sick bucket…

#8 They’re So Competitive

Everything is a game, and everything is a competition to the narcissist. 

They have to win. 

Promotions at work. Who can run the marathon the quickest? How many vacations do they go on? Best dressed at the party – it all adds up, and it all matters. 

They deserve everything and, more worryingly, feel automatically entitled to it all, too. 

This constant one-up makes them feel they sit in a league of their own – and nobody else will ever come close.

By constantly winning or being the best at what they do, these crazy assumptions seem almost confirmed to them. 

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