Why do Narcissists Feel Entitled?

Narcissists don’t agree that they should work for what they want in life.

They feel they are already owed it.

Their entitlement stinks, and it’s hard to get your head around if you’re humble and kind by nature.

Narcissists want everything handed to them on a plate, and if you’re unwilling to provide it, then more fool you!

The entitlement sits just above a huge secret they’re harboring though, and it’s pretty much the reason for its existence.

Let’s dig deeper and find out exactly what that is.

What Do Narcissists Feel Entitled To?

Okay. It’s questions like this that get me shouting:

“Where do I staaaart?”

Narcissists feel as though they’re entitled to EVERYTHING.

When they see a car they like, you’d bet your bottom dollar they will head into that garage and ask for the best price with all the perks plus some freebies.

A job is posted that they want? They will call up the company and introduce themselves personally before any kind of application form is filled in. Treating strangers like old friends is the link they use from where they are to what they want.

“Oh, they owe me a favor. There’s no way they will say no after all I’ve done for them.”

It’s such a familiar story, and if I’m being honest, it’s so nauseating to watch. 

Why Are They Like This?

Because they’re such nice people!…

Okay. Pretty poor joke.


The narcissist is nice to a lot of people. You could turn blue in the face trying to convince others the truth. All they see is someone trying their best to get great things. 

For every three of those kidneys of people, one person sees through it, and knows they act through entitlement. 

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The narcissist is automatically entitled because it’s a part of the narcissistic personality trait. This crazy idea that ‘I am so important that I will get it – no questions asked’ is a huge red flag.

Anybody whose sole intention every day is to get as much attention as possible is going to find evidence in that attention that they must be important!

Entitlement feeds ego, and ego feeds entitlement. 

The Air of Arrogance

Narcissists become very arrogant in their own space. There’s a phrase, “Always judge a person based on how they treat the server at a restaurant,” and it is so true. I’ve seen it for myself.

The clicking fingers.

The put downs.

The sarcasm.

The overly flirtatious comments at times.

The flashing of the money followed by, “I bet you’ve never seen this amount of money before.”

It’s disgusting, but again, it’s how narcissists operate. They don’t care who they offend, as long as they come out whistling at the end of it. 

If only they knew how unattractive they were on the inside, right?

4 Signs the Narcissist is Overly Entitled

Narcissists’ entitlement can seep out in quite a few surprising ways. I know that you’ll relate to a few of these. 

“I’m Better Than Them”

Yep. That’s where it starts and ends.

I am better than you. My life is better, my bank balance is better, my job is better, my house is better, my car is better, my knowledge is better, and my vacation this summer was better. 

Yadda, yadda, yadda. 

You’re yawning, too??

Narcissists live in a complete and utter dream world, where even the most noble job title will not come anywhere close to what they do for a living. 

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We all know it’s not true though. Nobody this toxic can possibly be better than nice people.

They’re Used to Having Everything Their Own Way

This is the cycle part of narcissistic entitlement. If you’re constantly used to getting everything your own way, then you’re always going to automatically feel entitled to it all.

If there are times a narcissist were to give up without a fight on some things, they would be like the rest of us, right?

Sometimes, you get what you want, sometimes you don’t. 


They don’t operate like that. That would go against their overly inflated ego.

They Don’t Have That Part of Their Mind Developed

It sounds really cruel, but think about it. When you’re a three-year-old and you’re grabbing a toy off another child and saying, “No! Mine!”, you’re not in an emotionally developed place. You’re learning and growing. You’re exploring boundaries, and eventually, you learn to share or that something simply isn’t yours. 

Narcissists just can’t grow out of that phase. Only the older they get, the less cute it is. Imagine a fully grown man sticking out his bottom lip because he can’t get what he wants. 

I think you’ll all agree…


Yet guess what? They live among us! Men and women. And I’m pretty sure you know somebody just like that.

They Lack Sympathy

What the narcissist is going to get is going to be taken away from somebody else.

They want to come first in the race. They want to get the job because they want it, not because they’re the strongest applicant. 

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Whatever they grab comes straight out of the hands of those perhaps more deserving. Well, sad for them because the narcissist doesn’t care.

Don’t think this will ever change either. Narcissists will say, “Sorry to hear that,” but they might as well be saying, “I fancy pizza for dinner tonight.!

They’re just words. They mean nothing.

What Are They Hiding Underneath it All?

I promised you that huge secret, and here it is:

The narcissist is hiding all the ways they hate themselves underneath their entitlement. 

It’s their own secret, and they keep it to themselves so nobody will dare find out.

All that which the narcissist gains makes up for the painful, gaping inner loss they feel inside. That dreadful feeling of insecurity and self-loathing is alive and well at all times in the mind of the narcissist. 

That’s why they overcompensate by deserving the best of everything and feeling entitled to having exactly what they want. 

Do you know a narcissist who gets whatever they want, whenever they want it?

Those more covert will act in the most humble of ways:

You know, I’ve been working so hard I’m going to book that special holiday. I’ve been so stressed, I really need a break.

Yes, there will be the sign that they work so hard (harder than us all!), and they need it.

Underneath it all, they just want to do things that make people go, “Wow! You’re so lucky!”

Narcissists aren’t lucky. Neither are any of the people who remotely cross their path. 

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