Why do Narcissists believe they are always right?

I’m right, you’re wrong!

You can’t honestly think you’ve got this? I know it!

You can’t possibly have any idea of what this is. 

Narcissists love not only to believe they are always right, they love to add that you’re always wrong.

No matter what it is, where they are, or who is around – the narcissist loves to put themselves in the ‘perfect ‘ category. That includes the “I’m always right” category. There’s no convincing them otherwise. In fact, if you try to, you’ll know about it!

Are they really the smartest person in every room, or is this yet another attempt at giving rise to their unbreakable image?

Hmmm… I think I know what you’re thinking.

Let’s see if you’re right!

Narcissists and Their Perfect Image

Narcissists act like social media influencers . They want to make sure every moment is perfect, and that everybody is watching. They curate a persona that leads people to believe they’re just the best and that nobody else comes close (they wouldn’t dare!)

Everything screams, “Look at me!” – the narcissist’s energy is produced using up the supply of people they steal it from. 

They want everybody to believe they’re perfect because underneath it all – they absolutely are not

They aren’t even close.

They’re just great pretenders

As well as they love to self-promote, the narcissist deep down is riddled with insecurity and hatred for themselves.

All the more reason to pretend they are perfect to everybody they meet!

A League Above Everybody Else in the Room

Okay, so you’re in a room, and a narcissist walks in.

No, it’s not the start of a really bad joke (although I wish it were!)

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Do you ever notice the complete shift in atmosphere? Do you ever see the tension increase within seconds? It amazes me that it can happen quite so efficiently, but narcissists are the cause. 

They enter your presence, and begin shifting the dynamics of the entire room before your very eyes. They will gather a group of people to listen to their stories. Don’t expect anybody to take their eyes off them all the while they talk.

They’re that encapsulating. 

It’s what they do. Narcissists truly think they are a league above everybody else.

So now – consider for just one moment a narcissist being wrong.

It’s not possible, is it? 

Narcissists build themselves up to a point where they become indestructible to all outer elements. 







They are above them all. And if any of those things belong to you, it won’t matter to the narcissist. 

Eyes Can Roll…

Everynow and then, a person can know a narcissist is a narcissist. It’s pretty fun to watch, because you can just see their eyes roll to the back of their head. They’ve seen it or/and heard it all before. The idea that this person is right is almost like watching a comedy act. 

These are the kind of people you’ll be someday. As you put your knowledge and wisdom of narcissism to the test, you’ll see through every single one. 

“Don’t Question Me!”

How many of you have come to blows with a narcissist who insists they’re right, even when they’re not? What kinds of things do you hear them say (probably in disgust)?

I’ll give you some examples.

“How Dare You”

This one is brilliant. It really shows their true colors. To watch the shock unfold from their face in real time as they observe your sheer audacity to assume they aren’t right.

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You question a narcissist, and they look at you as if they are already plotting and planning their revenge. 

Undermining them will have consequences.

“You Think You know More Than Me?!”

Uh oh. Incoming narcissistic storm.

Run for cover!

If you try to correct a narcissist, you run the strong risk of being put firmly in your place with a crass insult such as this. Not only does the narcissist want you to respect them (pot, kettle, black…), they also want to remind you that you couldn’t possibly know more or better than them.

It’s a really cutting way to make you feel small and stupid, but it’s a common phrase for a narcissist to throw at anybody who dares tell them they’re not right. 

As a side note – this will never be used to people they’re keen to impress – it’s not in their interests at all to look bad or egotistically bruised. 

“This is So You, Always Thinking You’re Right!”

Okay… let me just take a moment to think about that one…

Ah yes!

This is the one where the narcissist projects. They don’t just throw you under a bus, they are also the ones driving it!

You are right. They just want you to think you’re wrong. 

Narcissists Are Always Right

They’re never, ever, ever, ever wrong.


#1 Their Reality is Warped

They know what they know to be true, even if it is so far removed from actual reality. You’ll never be able to change their mind. 

#2 Being Wrong Means Not Being Perfect

It must be terrible to think you aren’t right if you’re a narcissist. I mean – just think what that can do to a person’s self-esteem.

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Narcissists have to be perfect. Being anything else is a sign that they are weak.

This is the one emotion they cannot reveal to anybody

After all, if they can lie about being perfect, what else are they going to lie about?

It’d bel ike opening a can of worms – and nobody wants that. 

Least of all the very person who is always right. 

#3 They Can’t Ruin Their Image

All that time spent perfecting all aspects of their character, only for it all to come crashing down by being wrong.


That’s gotta hurt.

The narcissist’s image is like a house of cards – one flutter and they all come crashing down. 

It’s Okay to Laugh…

I often tell people that it’s okay to laugh when you see a narcissist completely throw themselves out there demanding that they should be believed to be right. 

It’s okay to laugh because it’s so obvious that they are so caught up in what they think, rather than actual facts. They absolutely cannot escape that ideal – and to find it amusing is how you can find your way out of that trap of annoyance. 

If you don’t, you’ll probably feel even more mad.

I know which one is better.

If the narcissist wants to always be right, let them live in their own dream world. It doesn’t mean they are right. 

It just means they want to look good.

Quite embarrassing, huh?

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