Why Do Narcissists Accuse You of What They Do?

Ever been baffled by a narcissist accusing you of the very misdeeds they commit? 

Prepare to have your mind blown! In this explosive exposé, we delve into the twisted psychology behind why narcissists project their own behaviors onto you. 

Discover the shocking truth about their blame-shifting tactics, designed to deflect guilt and maintain control. 

From cheating allegations to gaslighting, uncover how narcissists manipulate reality to make you the villain in their own twisted narrative. 

Unravel the sinister strategy behind their accusations and give yourself the knowledge to break free from their toxic cycle. 

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The Narcissist’s Projection Tactics

Let’s all gather at the first point of call!

Okay, now all huddle together as tightly as possible so none of you miss this message:

Narcissists will never accept any blame because they think they are perfect and can do no wrong.

Did anybody not catch that? 


This is the baseline for the rest of what I have to offer to you today, so stick with me so we can work through this together. 

All that glitters in their world is nothing but mere self-creations. Few of us can pick up on the fact that they throw glitter at themselves to hide their true, dull colors. The rest think they were born that way.

When the metaphoric rainstorm comes and the glitter washes of

Flipping the Script: When Narcissists Point Fingers

The narcissist doesn’t want you to look at them!

But also… Please stare at them and give them all the attention in the world.

Isn’t it crazy?

You’d think the narcissist would love being accused of something, because they’re getting a little attention but no…

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Narcissists only like positive attention. 

Even if they did something terrible, they don’t want the likes of you or anybody pointing the finger and telling them off.

They’re perfect, remember? You’re ruining the whole facade if you call them out and accuse them.

So guess what?

You guessed it….

Blame Game

The blame game comes to you! 

It’s you! They don’t even have to know what you’re accusing them of, it’s like a reflex:

It’s your fault. 

The blame game comes from their own egos. Nothing is real in their world. They live somewhere totally different to us, where they compare themselves to the sun.

We all have to revolve around them like the meek little planets we are. They exude light, power, and energy; we just have to stick to our positions, or the universe will self-combust.

Well, the narcissist acts in ways that totally rock the positions of those planets. They will then have the audacity to point at you and tell you that it was all you.

Narcissists don’t actually like life cruising along nicely. You can do everything they tell you to do, and they’ll still find moments where they can cause a little conflict.

Narcissists and Hypocrisy

Narcissists live in a world that you or I would call ‘Hypocrisy.’

They will accuse you for the following reasons:

They don’t want the blame, thank you very much.

Hell, no. They are innocent. Even when they aren’t innocent, they’ll use you to make them so. Don’t cross them or assume they’re to blame.

They’re good people!


They like to see you squirm.

Nothing pleases a narcissist more than watching you shift uncomfortably and protect your innocence. 

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It wasn’t me, I’d never do that!

Well guess what? The narcissist has told people that it is, and they’re more convincing than you. 

It is a way of manipulating and controlling you.

When you’re put into a specific corner, you’re expected to stay there. Narcissists love to do this, as we are all like little pieces on their board game.

“You go there, you go back three spaces, and you can go to jail until I feel like letting you out.”

It’s painful, isn’t it?

It’s what they love to do, and it’s where they’re at their most happy. 

Controlling you.

They want people to have a problem with you.

Oh yes, the narcissist’s happy place:

Watching others think certain things about you, while you stare all confused back at them.

As people slowly drop away from you, they leave you more isolated than ever. Suddenly, you have nobody to turn to, and the narcissist’s work is complete.

If people have a problem with you, it means they see in you all that you see in the narcissist. This is a powerful yet damaging way to deflect.

Sadly, it is a common practice of any narcissist. 

They want to complain about you to others. 

Accusing you of something you haven’t done is a way for the narcissist to gossip about you. They are so good at manipulating conversations they can take whatever they did wrong and make up various stories.

You did it. You said it. You acted this or that way. It’s like an opening for a moment. They can talk your entire persona and good character down to somebody else in the hope they react in the same way.

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Narcissists are always on the lookout for flying monkeys. If ever there needed to be a smear campaign set up in your name, these are the people they already have in their camp. 

Illusion of Innocence: The Narcissist’s Trick

All narcissists want a clean slate. They don’t want you coming along and marking it with your truth. 

The responsibility should be in the arms and minds of those who did what they did. As narcissists don’t operate that way, they will instead turn the mirror from themselves to you, and show the world what they pretend you’re capable of. 

This illusion of innocence is something only you see as fake. It’s a trick the narcissist enjoys doing, and it’s a way of getting people to believe them over you. 

They will do whatever it takes to make you appear crazy to everybody else. 

What You Can Do About It

With all due respect, narcissists aren’t interested in the truth. They’re only interested in their truth. The more you fight it, the crazier they will make you look. 

Some tips to help you through this projection are: 

  • Stay calm. The louder you shout, the more you won’t be believed.
  • That is your truth. Don’t change it for anybody. If you are being accused – know yourself well enough to know you are in the reality of it all.
  • Be confident. There are ways you can become smaller when you’re being accused. Doing this will make you appear weak and far from it. 

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