Who Is The Narcissists Best Friend?

Q: Who is his best friend? My Narcissistic ex has a friend that I talk with occasionally because his wife abandoned him and they went through a tough time and ugly divorce. She left him with financial problems and had multiple affairs and they got in a verbal argument that ended up getting him thrown into jail for domestic violence. My husband “rescued”a stripper from her pimp and housed her for 5 months and got us into a financial mess to say the least.

He lived a double life and slept with both of us. His best friend recommends that we get divorced. That I am looking for someone in my husband that is not there. He spent 2+ years of his life trying to understand why his ex wife left the way she did and she kept contacting him till she had a baby and got remarried. I just don’t understand why he still hangs out with my husband and is friends with him.

Wouldn’t someone who went through the same pain understand he is a pathological liar and take a stand? He just takes my husband out on weekends and helps him find new hook-ups instead! Yuck! I hate myself for compromising who I am and was before to love and be in a relationship with my crazy making narcissistic husband! Ugh!!!

A: His best friend is getting Something out of the relationship. He could be living vicariously through your husband, he could be trying to win him over as he could not win over his ex-wife; he could be trying to work things out in his own mind by trying to understand narcissists; he could be one of the dependent type personalities that are drawn to narcissists as is evidenced by whom he chose as a friend and mate. He could be an “inverted narcissist”. I question why you continue to be preoccupied with his best friend’s actions instead of focusing on your own relationship with a narcissist. I hope you are able to get back in touch with the self you left behind and stop compromising yourself; you deserve better. I hope you can find the strength to leave your toxic marital relationship or get help learning to cope with narcissism if you choose to stay.

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  1. I’m married to a Narcissist man out of new York and I’m from new Mexico we live in Hobbs and don’t agree with that women that’s with Narcissist should just now down then we would be like him fake like I told my husband I have been through a lot as a child also but I let go and let God and that I refuse to carry his weight and he was going to have to be a better person because he was Narcissist I don’t bite my tongue with him i keep it real because your damned if you do and damned you don’t like the study shows yes I care about him and yes he does hurtful things I have a problem with some one trying to treat me wrong so I lash out at him visually when he betrays me and that’s most of the I haven’t seen in a month now he’s at his ex’s wives house cause as when you need them they leave I have gotten fed up with his crazy I don’t to him and like told I know him i know him he don’t know me I have been fair enough trying to understand why he’s like he is but he’s not trying to change I know i need for him to stay away because when some one treat s you like a Narcissist if very disturbing I don’t sugar nothing even though I miss but like told him when comes that he’s coming back to do something messed to me because he’s raw and uncut I have a good sense of humor but it is but it is mranimg the truth about him i don’t want him around because he makes me to angry and it’s not good to continue let him take there when I’m trying to keep the peace between hes trys to take advantage of it like tells him I’m not his ex wife .I’m going to defend my self . against the him he had the nerve to tell me I get to angry inwhich I do at times but I’m working I know one I would never be so black hearted a*s he is we have battle all the time and I’m tired of playing with him like tell him who do he think he is and why do he feel like someone got to have in they cause about but wrong and told I don’t know why I married him Cause he hadden never did any thing to show me he was wortyy off being any body’s husband but I know i don’t want him around I tell s God put me in life because he gonna to show his propose on God earth when your fifify seven and hasn’t given anything back I tells him I’m his blessings he’s not my and will have to take his karma for do wrong to one of ,Gods anointed people.im very voices to us and like I said I’m working on it but let meyall people a Narcissist people is one to reckon with their are very very disturbing human no mentality to grasp the real way of being sane I will not even consider trying any body that lives only to distoy and thinks it’s on okay is beyond any human studies .all I can do is pray for him and hope he can get it together before it time for judgement day if he can be found and hadden already met his face all lm gonna do sucked to king demon oh he Muslim and I’m of Jesus of God in Christ imagine that I could tell yall the way I tells about Allah s Islamic Muslims of satans Satan’s of Islam I told him that s that’s what that peace be onto you sounds like let me stop . well anyway shake them haters off may God bless ya I needed vent .I even use some oil to cast the spirit of him out maybe that’s why I haven’t heard from him in month and he hasn’t ever been gone this long unless he was in the big house .

  2. Himself. The image in the mirror is his best friend. Other people in his life are just there to be used and abused and funneled into his demented agenda.
    Once no longer useful, the stepping stone person will be cast away like a pebble skipping over a lake.

    • JPJ, thank you for your response here ~ what you write is absolutely true ~
      every person they have in their life has a use for them ~ it is devastating to discover the person you believed you loved could be so cold-hearted, manipulative and deceptive.
      The love – is only an illusion, they create to entrap you – so you can be used.
      ……”demented agenda” describes it perfectly.

      • cheryle, your input is greatly appreciated.
        With more conversation like this forum happening, the mask of the narcissit will be forever removed, exposed and eliminated.
        For now, those of us that are painfully aware of the complete devastation that these parasites perpetrate, we must continue to be the “grunts” in the front line.


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