What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Sweet?

What does it mean when a guy calls you sweet? This is a question many women ask themselves when they are not sure of a man’s motives.

If you like him and you’re looking for clues that the feelings are mutual, you might assume he’s attracted to you too, if he calls you sweet.

But the problem with the word sweet is that it doesn’t give anything away. Little old ladies are sweet, children are sweet, cats are sweet, the list is endless.

So what does it mean when a guy calls you sweet? Keep reading to find out. 

Is Sweet A Compliment?

Yes, it’s a compliment for someone to call you sweet because it means you’re a nice person.

That you care about people, and you enjoy being good to others. So when someone calls you sweet, they’re referring to your character because they’ve seen how you interact with people.

Is Sweet A Compliment

When a guy lets you know you’re sweet, it’s because he appreciates your endearing nature.

If you’re attracted to him, and you’re not sure if he feels the same, you might not want it to be that kind of compliment as you’d rather him tell you you’re beautiful so you don’t need to read in between the lines.

Nevertheless, there are several meanings behind a guy calling you sweet, as you’ll soon read.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Sweet?

It can mean several things when a guy calls you sweet, including he thinks you’re a nice girl, he appreciates you, or he is not attracted to you.

Keep reading to find out what it means when a guy calls you sweet. 

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Sweet?

#1 He Thinks You’re A Nice Girl

Unfortunately, if this guy is only looking for sex and has determined you’re a nice girl who’s not going to sleep with him unless you’re in a relationship, he’ll put you in the nice girl category and leave it at that.

He’ll tell you how sweet you are, but he won’t give you any more compliments because he doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea. 

#2 He Appreciates You

Have you done something nice for him lately? Maybe you washed his clothes because his washing machine broke down.

He Appreciates You

Or you let him sleep on your couch because he missed the last bus home. Whatever you’ve done for him, he truly appreciates it, and that’s why he’s calling you sweet. 

#3 He Has Friend-Zoned You

If a guy has decided he’s not interested in you romantically, he’ll friend zone you by putting you in the ‘sweet’ category.

Although you’re really nice, you’re not someone he’d consider having a relationship with because he’s not physically attracted to you. 

#4 He Is Not Attracted To You

So, you’ve decided to tell your crush that you want to be more than friends. He goes bright red and tells you how sweet you are, but he can’t talk right now, and he’ll call you later.

He Is Not Attracted To You

Unfortunately, he went bright red and couldn’t talk because he doesn’t find you attractive and didn’t want to let you down to your face.

Instead, he gave you a neutral compliment and said he’d call you later because he wanted to save you the embarrassment.

If he didn’t call you, he’s probably ghosted you hoping you’ll get the message. 

#5 He’s Trying To Manipulate You

Some men will say anything to get what they want out of you. He may not be attracted to you, or he may not want to sleep with you, but he’s buttering you up because he’s planning on asking you for something.

He might be planning to ask you for a loan or to babysit his child. Whatever it is, he knows that calling you sweet will flatter you so much that you’ll say yes to his request. 

#6 He Is Attracted To You

When a guy thinks you’re beautiful because he not only finds you attractive but loves your personality, he’ll compliment you by telling you you’re sweet.

He Is Attracted To You

He’s so amazed by your character that you’ve completely captured his heart, and the only way he can express how he feels is by calling you sweet. 

When A Guy Calls You Sweet, Is It Flirting?

That depends on whether he’s attracted to you. When a man finds a woman physically attractive, he wants to be around her as much as possible.

When A Guy Calls You Sweet Is It Flirting

He may not tell you right away that he’s interested, but he will keep finding reasons to spend time with you.

He’ll also compliment you indirectly, including saying he likes your hair or you’ve got nice eyes.

So when he throws you’re sweet in the mix with other compliments, he’s definitely flirting with you

What To Say Back When A Guy Says You’re Sweet

It’s difficult to know what to say back to a guy when he says you’re sweet because you don’t know what his motives are.

What To Say Back When A Guy Says You’re Sweet

But you can say thank you, you’re not interested or return the compliment. Keep reading to find out what to say back when a guy says you’re sweet. 

#1 Say Thank You

If you like the guy and you’re not sure whether he likes you too, say thank you when he calls you sweet.

Say Thank You

Look him in the eyes and tell him that you’re flattered by his kind words. If he gets really happy about your response, there’s a high chance he likes you too.

But if he says, “You’re welcome,” and moves on from the conversation, he’s probably not interested. 

#2 Say You’re Not Interested

Unless you’re certain he’s attracted to you because you’ve heard it from his friends or he just makes it really obvious, don’t say you’re not interested.

Say You’re Not Interested

But sometimes, when a guy is testing the waters to see whether the feeling is mutual, he’ll discreetly compliment you by calling you sweet.

If you’re flattered by it, he’ll assume you like him. Nevertheless, you can stop him from pursuing you by saying you’re not interested. 

#3 Return The Compliment

If you think he’s sweet too, return the compliment. Things could be totally innocent between the two of you, but you appreciate each other’s personalities.

Return The Compliment

Returning the compliment lets him know that you feel the same and you’re happy for the friendship to continue. 

Final Thought

When a guy calls a girl sweet, it doesn’t always mean he’s attracted to her. So before you pour your heart out, or reject him, make sure you know the reason why he’s calling you sweet.

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