What To Say When a Girl Calls You Cute?

Has the girl you’ve been crushing on called you cute? How about a girl you’re not interested in calling you cute? Has she left you wondering what to say when a girl calls you cute?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, not to worry, here are some of the things you could say back to the girl who calls you cute, “well, it looks like you’re rubbing off on me,” “thank you for the compliment,” or, “I doubt my day can get any better now.”

Of course, how you respond will depend on whether you like her too or if she even likes you at all. I know it’s getting complicated, but it will all make sense by the time you get to the end of this article.

Here are 15 ways to respond when a girl calls you cute. 

What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Cute?

Women are interesting, and you can’t always work them out right away.

When she calls you cute, it can mean a lot of things, such as she’s friend-zoned you, she’s attracted to you, or she thinks you’ve got child-like qualities.

Keep reading to find out what it means when a girl calls you cute. 

What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Cute

#1 She Has Friend Zoned You

To start, it doesn’t necessarily mean she likes you.

Most girls are good at detecting when a guy likes them, but since he hasn’t stated it explicitly, and she doesn’t want to jump ahead of herself, she’ll call him cute in an attempt to friend-zone him.

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Is “cute” an expression girls use when they like someone? Yes, but they also use it as a term of endearment.

The good news is that you’ll know if she’s attracted to you because her body language will give the game away. 

#2 She’s Attracted To You

When a girl likes a guy, she usually lets him know without even saying it, and if you can read body language, you’ll be able to tell.

A few things she might do include making repeated eye contact with you. She’ll look at you and then look away as if she feels a bit embarrassed; she might blush slightly at this point.

If she moves closer to you when you’re talking to her, she’s most definitely attracted to you because women won’t intentionally move closer to a man they don’t like.

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They’ll move away from them. You’ll notice her smiling a lot when she’s around you; this means she likes having you around and enjoys your company.

Also, during a conversation, if she flips her hair to the side and exposes her neck, she’s definitely into you. The neck is a vulnerable area, which is a sign she feels comfortable around you. 

#3 She Thinks You’ve Got Child-Like Qualities

Having childlike qualities is a good thing. It means you know how to have fun, and you don’t take life or yourself too seriously.

She Thinks You've Got Child-Like Qualities

Some women are very attracted to this because it brings out the same in them, and she knows she can let her hair down and have fun with you. 

#4 She Doesn’t Find You Attractive

I know this is difficult to comprehend; why call someone cute if you’re not attracted to them?

Pay attention to the context and the tone of her voice. If you do something she finds annoying, she’ll say in a very sarcastic tone, “how cute.”

This basically means she doesn’t think you’re cute but highly irritating. 

#5 She Thinks You’re Funny

When she called you cute, were you being a smart ass? Did you tell a corny joke? She called you cute because she finds you funny and likes this quality in you. 

#6 She Thinks You’re Amazing

She is so attracted to you that sometimes, she wonders whether she’s in love with you.

But she doesn’t want to give you full access to her heart and tell you exactly how she feels. So to downplay her feelings, she’ll call you cute.

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But as we know, actions speak louder than words, and the way she treats you, her body language, and the way she looks at you will tell you that she thinks you’re way more than cute. 

How To Respond To Someone Calling You Cute (face to face) 15 Best Responses When A Girl Calls You Cute

How you respond when a girl calls you cute will depend on whether you’re attracted to her.

For example, you might say something like, “well, it looks like you’re rubbing off on me,” “thank you for the compliment,” or, “I doubt my day can get any better now.”

Keep reading to find out what to say when a girl calls you cute. 

How To Respond To Someone Calling You Cute (face to face)

#1 Well, it looks like you’re rubbing off on me

This is a sassy way of telling the girl you like that the feelings are mutual. Hopefully, this will lead to a more intense level of flirting, and you can start planning your first date.

Be sure to make eye contact when you say it; in this way, you’re letting her know you’re not just attracted to her physically but that you’re also enjoying the conversation she’s providing.

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If you’re not sure how much eye contact is too much, try the 50/70 rule. A 2012 study conducted by the University of Michigan reports that you make eye contact 50 percent of the time during a conversation when you’re speaking.

When you’re listening, make eye contact 70 percent of the time. If you’re having a conversation over a drink, you can take a sip any time you break eye contact. 

#2 Thank you for the compliment

By thanking her for the compliment and leaving it at that, you’re making it clear that you’re grateful for her kind words, but that’s as far as you’re going to go.

There won’t be any flirting or banter between you. Of course, depending on how forward she is, she might try and push her luck to see if she can get a better reaction out of you.

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Thank you for the compliment

But if you’re not interested, don’t take the bait and flirt back. The last thing you want to do is lead a girl on when you know you’re not interested in taking things further. 

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#3 I doubt my day can get any better

By letting her know how glad you are to hear her call you cute, you take the awkwardness out of the situation.

It takes a lot for a girl to call the guy they like cute when they don’t know how they’re going to respond.

So by giving her a positive response, you’re reassuring her that she wasn’t too forward, and actually, that’s exactly what you needed to hear.

Also, if you were having a bad day and feeling slightly down, now would be a good time to tell her about it. She might be able to give you some wise advice. 

#4 That’s nice of you to say

Again, you’re showing her that you appreciate the compliment, but that’s as far as it’s going to go because the feeling is not mutual.

How she responds after that will determine which direction the conversation takes. There is a chance that she’ll get upset and say she’s got to go.

If so, that’s fine, don’t feel bad about it; wish her a good day, and keep it moving. 

#5 Oh, please, you’re way cuter

Some light-hearted flirting can take things to the next level between you and your crush. And according to relationship expert Tara Fields, it doesn’t need to be complicated.

The goal is to get her to know you like her too, and with this response, you’ve clearly set your intentions. As the conversation progresses, use body language to solidify your intentions.

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This might include slightly raising your eyebrow or moving your body or chair to get a bit closer. With the excuse being, of course, that you can’t hear her properly.

If you want to take it a little bit further, lightly touch her on the back, arm, or knee. Oh, and don’t forget to throw in a cheeky grin every now and then.

#6 Today is a good day, I guess

If you’re really good-looking, you’re probably used to people complimenting you all the time, and she knows this.

If your crush doesn’t know you that well, she might assume you’re arrogant because of your attractiveness. But she’ll be pleasantly surprised with your humility.

This response could make her like you even more. The good news is that your crush already thinks you’re cute, so just be your authentic self, and everything will work out just fine. 

#7 I’m so happy to hear that…, especially from you

You’ve opened the door to take things further with a response like this. Now she’ll want to know why you’re so happy to hear a compliment from her in particular.

I’m so happy to hear that… especially from you

It’s up to you how far you want to take it from here. You can lay all your cards out on the table by telling her how much you like her and that you’ve been waiting to ask her out on a date.

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Or you can keep it light, turn it into a joke, and say something like, “because you’re the ice queen, that’s why,” and start laughing of course, to let her know you’re only messing with her. 

#8 That’s nice, but what did you really want to say?

A swift change of the conversation will hopefully put an immediate stop to an attempt at flirting.

However, if she really wants to drive the point home and let you know that she thinks you’re cute, she’ll say, “that’s really what I wanted to say; I think you’re cute.”

Hopefully, for your sake, the vibe will be so low that she’ll just stop trying.

But if she continues, tell her you’re grateful for the compliment, but she’s not someone you’d like to flirt with, and you’ll prefer to keep things as they are…just friends. 

#9 Am I dreaming? I’ve just received a compliment from the hottest girl in the room

Okay, so you’re clearly going over the top here. But some girls like that; you’re being funny and letting her know that you think she’s cute too.

But you’ve turned things up a bit by calling her hot. She thought she’d make you blush by complimenting you, but I’m pretty sure she’ll be the one doing all the blushing now. 

#10 I’ll let my mom know; I’m sure she’ll agree

For the most part, all moms think their children are cute; in her mind, she’ll assume you’re putting her in the mom category, and you’ll never consider her as a girlfriend.

I'll let my mom know; I'm sure she'll agree

Unfortunately for her, she’s not wrong; she’s not your type, you’ve always looked at her as a friend, and as far as you’re concerned, that’s how it will stay. 

#11 I know, but thank you for reminding me though

Cockiness is a great flirting technique; however, don’t overdo it, or it will have the opposite effect, and she’ll think you’re arrogant.

Women like a hint of cockiness mixed with confidence, but if you cross the line, you’ll put her off for good. Once you’ve said that smile and wait for her response.

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Don’t under any circumstances start talking about the hordes of women who call you cute on a daily basis, or she’ll run a mile. 

#12 My sister would disagree with you

Bringing your sister (that’s if you’ve got one) into the conversation will do two things, it will assist you in changing the subject, and it snuffs out the fire she was trying to start.

You can then launch into a story of how you and your sister didn’t get on when you were children, but you’re best friends now. Hopefully, she will get the hint. 

#13 Dishing out compliments today, are we?

This is a question, so she’ll have to answer. If she’s the witty type, she’ll say something like, “only to you.”

Now the ball is in your court, and you can take flirting with her up a notch. 

#14 You’re such a nice person

If she called you cute, hoping that you’d return the compliment, this is a great way to avoid it.

But in the nicest possible way, you’re telling her you don’t find her attractive because you’d say it back if you did.

If she tries to continue complimenting you, ask her outright what her motives are, or you’ll end up playing cat and mouse, and that’s no fun when you’re not into someone. 

You make me feel so special

#15 You make me feel so special

Contrary to popular belief, men like being complimented. They want to be desired and admired just as much as women do.

Since you haven’t started dating your crush yet, telling her how special her compliments make you feel is a great way to set your expectations.

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If she’s the type who believes women are from Venus and men are from Mars, she may think that all you need is sex and not compliments.

But if your love language is words of affirmation, you’ll appreciate hearing words that uplift and affirm you. Once you tell your crush how good it makes you feel, she’ll continue.  

How to Respond To Someone Calling You Cute Over Text? 8 Best Responses When A Girl Calls You Cute

Text messaging is a popular way of communicating, but it’s also complicated because there’s so much that you can’t say, considering the fact that 55 percent of our communication is body language.

When a girl calls you cute over text, respond by texting back something like a romantic emoji, a thumbs up, or ditto. 

#1 A Romantic Emoji

Romantic emoji’s communicate your feelings to your girlfriend or the person you’re interested in. However, you must use the right one, or you could send the wrong message.

For example, there are several colors for heart emoji’s; red symbolizes love, yellow is a warm, familiar love, and blue represents love for an acquaintance.

How To Respond To Someone Calling You Cute Over Text?

A black heart represents a deep mysterious love. So choose your hearts wisely; you might want to do some research before hitting send.

You could also send her a kiss, a face with heart eyes, or if you’re really feeling romantic, send a rose. Either way, she’ll appreciate you flirting back with her. 

#2 A Thumbs Up Emoji

If you’re into reality TV, you’ll have seen the episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City a couple of years back that sparked a debate about the true meaning of the thumbs-up emoji.

Some people find it offensive; others don’t. So if she’s offended by it, I apologize in advance! But a thumbs up emoji typically means “sounds good,” it’s a way of acknowledging that you’ve received the message.

She’ll be staring at her phone in dismay because she didn’t get the response she hoped for.

A Thumbs Up Emoji

When someone is trying to flirt, a thumbs up is another way of waving a dismissive hand at a person. If she has any sense, she’ll get the message pretty swiftly.

The good news is that you don’t need to reject her face to face. 

#3 Ditto

Ditto is a way of saying something without saying it. Most people know that it means you feel the same way. So hopefully, she gets it; if she does, she’ll be smiling on the other end of the phone and might respond by sending you a smiley face. So if you feel comfortable asking her out on a date over text, now’s the time. 

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#4 Eyes wide open emoji

This means you’re blushing with embarrassment or shame. In other words, “I can’t believe you’ve just said that.” Send this if you’ve completely friend-zoned her and you’re shocked that she’s overstepping the mark. If she asks why you responded that way, tell her. As mentioned, it’s easier to let someone down over text than face to face. 

#5 Who doesn’t think I’m cute?

Since you’re not face to face, add a smiley face emoji to let her know you’re joking, or she might assume you’re being arrogant.

This is a great way to keep the banter flowing because you’ve asked a question. Depending on her personality type, she’ll answer you accordingly.

If she’s brave enough to tell you you’re cute, you’ll probably have a great time flirting with her over text

#6 Return the compliment

Flip the script on her and return the compliment. She’s already sent a compliment your way, so you know she’s interested, so this opens the door for you to say something nice back.

Return the compliment

She’ll be impressed at how much of a smooth operator you are. You can say something like, “Thank you, I think you’ve got really pretty dimples.” 

#7 I thought we were friends?

If you’re not sure where she’s going with calling you cute, ask. You’re asking her whether she’s thinking about you as more than a friend by responding like this.

If she’s flirting with you, she’ll continue. If she draws back because you haven’t given her any clues as to whether you’re interested too, you might need to push a little further.

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There is a risk that you could get rejected at this point because she was actually trying to friend zone you by calling you cute.

She caught the vibes that you’re into her and wanted to shut it down before you embarrass yourself. 

#8 Tell her how her compliment made you feel

Instead of just sending a blushing emoji and leaving it at that, tell her exactly how the compliment made you feel.

In this way, she gets to see your sensitive side, which will make her even more attracted to you. 

Final Thought

In most cases, it’s a good thing when a girl calls you cute.

If you’re attracted to her, remember to make sure she’s calling you cute because she wants to take things further than friendship before you start flirting back.

Also, if she’s into you, but the feeling is not mutual on your end, you’ll need to let her know that you don’t feel the same way.

Don’t be too harsh on her, and break the news gently.

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