What Happens When You ignore The Needs of The Narcissist?

It’s time to prepare for a whirlwind of chaos here. The narcissist’s needs are a necessity to them. They don’t want you to stop giving them what they feel they have the constant right to.

I want to uncover some shocking truths behind the narcissist’s dramatic meltdowns and manipulative responses to this for an important reason.

Your wellbeing.

With their passive-aggressive tactics and full-blown and very real rage, the narcissist’s reactions are unpredictable and downright painful. They have it in for those who cause this – people like you.

When you aren’t meeting the needs of somebody so toxic, there’s one simple message you must have personally from me before we even get started:

It’s nothing you’re doing wrong.

The Narcissist’s Meltdown: Unmet Needs and Unleashed Fury

Have you ever witnessed true narcissistic rage?

If you haven’t; lucky you.

If you have; need I say more?

I will, on the basis that not everybody has experienced the same…

…Narcissistic rage is unpleasant. It is an emotional storm of fury, and there’s every chance you will witness it if their needs aren’t being met.

What makes you decide to suddenly stop? Was it even intentional?

It won’t matter. If a narcissist feels hard done by, they’re going to let you know in no uncertain terms. 

What Do Unmet Needs Look Like?

Well, to you or I, they look pretty much like not getting your own way all the time. That’s what the hardest thing to grapple with is. 

Narcissist’s needs are unrealistic to the average person having to meet them. They can look like:

#1 Constant attention

Due to their overwhelming lack of self-esteem (that they hide well), they need attention. Without it, they feel invisible and unimportant. This goes against what they want people to believe about them.

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#2 Constant validation

Narcissists like to sniff out compliments. They purposely leave the new car out on the road for everyone to know it belongs to them. They book and publish the brand new holiday online so everyone can “wow” and react to it and say how amazing it looks. 

A narcissist can’t go through life quietly doing nice things, they have to tell the world, so the world can tell them how wonderful they are. 

#3 Constant admiration

Is their hair done?

Did they skydive for charity this month?

Are they running and sharing their personal bests on social media?

Of course they are. It’s because they want to impress people, without actually asking for it. 

Narcissists want to be the talk of the town, and if you aren’t joining in, why not?

#4 Special treatment 

The special treatment narcissists want is truly out of this world. They feel they are owed it all and more. They act as though everybody else is below them in everything. 

They will happily try to cut in line. They will snap their fingers in a restaurant. They will embarrass you by making unreasonable demands when they place their order. 

If those needs are not met, the narcissist will struggle to hold back.

#5 Entitlement

It all boils down to this one point, doesn’t it? The narcissist is an overly entitled, egotistical person who you just happen to know. 

Because they cover up so much insecurity, their only choice is to make it up by acting like the most important person on the planet.

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Of course, we know they aren’t. 

The Narcissist: From Rage to Revenge

So, you’re the unlucky so-and-so who’s responsible for the narcissists needs not being met, huh?

What have you got to say for yourself?

Are you sorry?

Do you even know what you’re sorry for?

Of course you don’t. 

The narcissist is being a narcissist again, and you’re having to deal with the fallout.

The mess.

Suddenly they want revenge for you, making them feel useless. This revenge boils from the rage. 

How Narcissists React to Unmet Demands: Manipulation Mode Unlocked

It’s time to hold onto your seats, because the narcissist is going to go all out to show you their needs are unmet.

#1 The silent treatment

Ouch, Why the silence? Why aren’t you talking? What did I do? Why aren’t you talking to me? When will things be back to normal?

I’ll stop you there.

There’s no normal with a narcissist. The silent treatment comes from a place of wanting to punish you. It’s designed to shift you out of your comfortable place, and get you feel as though you’ve done something terrible. 

You can ask and ask, but the narcissist will keep quiet until they feel like speaking again.

When done regularly, it can be absolutely soul destroying. 

A narcissist will implore the silent treatment when something they want hasn’t been produced. It comes from a place of “I expect.” 

I expect this.

I expect you to provide it.

I expect no questions.

I expect no fight back.

#2 Anger

No, it’s not nice. You’ve seen it before, but it’s back. 

The anger in a narcissist is unpreventable. You can’t do anything to keep it from cropping up, because you’ll never be everything the narcissist wants. They constantly move goalposts purposely so they have intermittent reasons to despise you. They will also tell you how disappointed (yuck) they are with you. 

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Often, people do anything to meet the needs of the narcissist just to prevent the anger from rising in the first place. 

That in itself, is a red flag!

Anger is never pleasant, but narcissists are great at displaying this intense emotion.

It’s almost always aimed at you in some way. You’ll be dragged in for not meeting their demands. 


If somebody else didn’t meet their demands, you’ll get the anger aimed at you anyway because you’re there. 

#3 They will want revenge.

Prepare for this one because it’s not going to be pleasant. Narcissists’ needs are put to you, and if you can’t meet them, they will want to get their own back.

This can be dumping you for “Somebody who will help them.” Suddenly, they will have a brand new best friend or interest, and you will be yesterday’s news. 

Everything you did for them has now been handed over, like some racing baton. There may be a little relief there, but knowing most people who deal with narcissists, it will also feel like a rejection.

Revenge can also involve telling others how much you let them down. They can do this with everybody else, too, and you’ll instead hear about it.

Ultimately, narcissists hate to be let down. They feel the world owes them the biggest favor, and if you can’t live up to it, you may as well see yourself out. 

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