Q & A: Victim of a Narcissist and he Won’t Let Go

Q: I need some help. I am a victim of a narcissist. I believe this man will not stop his abuse until I am six feet under ground. I have called the cops, I have filed charges, I have begged for support and help only for my cries to fall on deaf ears. I need help. I need an advocate. I need someone to acknowledge that what I have experienced and continue to experience is real. After months of silence, this man contacted me, only to remind me of the control he still has over me and that I am still worthless. I made an attempt to expose him publically this time, in hopes that everyone in our “community” would see the truth about my horror. Now, it appears I am facing criminal charges for “cyber bullying.” I am reaching out to you in hopes you can help me find any available resources, in hopes of repairing my broken life. (I have an attorney. I am in need of some new mental health and maybe a new spirit if you know where I can get one of those. 🙂 thank you kindly for blogs and for any assistance you maybe able to offer.

A: 3) Unfortunately, you learned the hard way that you should have maintained the NO CONTACT rule and not allowed the re-entry into your world. I am glad you have an attorney- hopefully, he or she has had experience with narcissists in the courtroom as they can be vicious. Narcissists are experts at turning everything around and making you look bad. As you stated, you are a victim. Please find whatever resources are available for abused women in your community.

Emotional abuse is as bad, if not worse, than physical abuse. Check your community for resources such as “Alternatives for Battered Women” or a “Domestic Violence Hotline”. Those resources can lead you to more resources. They should also be able to hook you up with an advocate. You half-heartedly joked about “new mental health”- unfortunately, it is a real issue for yourself and all victims of narcissists. Seek out mental health support; there are therapists and support groups that are experienced and knowledgeable about what you are going through. If finances are a problem, find a therapist or community resource that has fees on a sliding scale. Some community resources that offer support are even free. An abuse hotline can help you find those resources. They may not be familiar with “narcissistic abuse”, so simply state that you are a ‘victim of emotional abuse’ and they should be able to direct you to your local resources. There are also many books you can read about getting over a narcissistic relationship. Read as much as you can; more knowledge gives you more tools to help you repair your broken life.

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