Q & A: The Narcissist Makes me Look Crazy

Q: I need help being hooked up with professionals. I am leaving a relationship with a cop .He is so good at making me look crazy. I am literally losing my mind and everything in my mind. I am feeling so hopeless knowing 3 times I have went to police department with proof of his strategies to set me up and am now appearing to be crazy . Now he has went as far as forcing himself on me to have sex after reporting him, within a week I was served with a stalking order from him. Please help me my story needs to be heard.

A: Unfortunately, narcissists can be found in all walks of life. Even in a police department where they are trained to help people. He has done a good job of ‘gaslighting’ you and making everyone around him, including yourself, think you are losing your mind. If you have a stalking order- then you should be having no contact with him and he should be nowhere near you. Follow that order–remain away from him no matter what. No Matter What. Get far away from this man and stay away. There is no reason to continue to see him or let him in to your house. He can’t force himself on you if he isn’t in your house. If he has a key, change the locks.You say you “are leaving”. Don’t make it a process- leave and don’t look back. While it may feel like you would have closure, or even revenge, by reporting him– just leave and let that be your closure. Find a therapist or support group to help you regain a sense of hope for the future and to help you stay away from this man (and help you continue to have no contact with him). If you are having trouble finding mental health professionals, call your local crisis hotline and they can assist you.

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4 thoughts on “Q & A: The Narcissist Makes me Look Crazy

  1. It sounds so familiar. My exfiance was not a cop, in fact, he was a nobody but he did have connections with cops and attorneys in town.
    When he became abusive he told me no to bother to call the cops because he was going to hit his head against something hard and was going to claim self defense. I knew he will do it and get away with it because on top of everything I am Mexican and this town is very racist!

  2. I’m in a relationship with the woman who was once married to a police officer and she’s going through a lot of difficulty with him and they have two sons together that he has custody of through their divorce and he manipulates her constantly when she tries to see them he has basically a alienated her and lied to the boys on several different levels about their mother she has just now after two years began to reestablish a relationship with them

  3. I agree with most of the answer but I would add seeking help from your local women in crisis. Document everything, if he is breaking his own restraining order you need to call the police and have it documented. Even his buddies on the force will get tired of having to pick him up for breaking his own restraining order. As hard as it is keep your emotions Im check when dealing with the police, eventually they will see for themselves who the crazy one is. Women’s crisis support can really help with this kind of domestic abuse they will shield you from any police misbehaviour and he risk loosing his job if he does not cease this behavior. A lawyer and women’s crisis services are your best defense against a man like that.

  4. I was with a narcissist cop ( covert narcissist) he made me out to be the crazy one. I felt crazy and if you’re with a narcissist than you know that feeling all too well. I’m trying to heal but it’s a long process. Narcissists destroy our hearts and MINDS!

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