The Narcissist Came Back, Please Advice?

Q: I had walk away from a narcissist but recently she shown up at my doorstep with a birthday present . The first time she shown up hopefully we can patch back again n I refuse it n I stupid to tell her we can still rain as friend .she used it(friend) as an excuse to let me took the gift which at first I rejected. Now. I felt very confuse whether should I return the gift back to her. Please help me . I felt so hurt after everything she done on me. Thank you . Best regard,

A: Narcissists often try to win back their victims with gifts and manipulation. She is manipulating you by saying she wants to be just friends. If the gift reminds you of her and brings you pain- throw it out or give it away. It is yours now to do with what you want. If you can’t bear to throw it out, put it in a box and put it away somewhere where you won’t see it. Giving it back is just another reason to be in contact with her. She will keep trying to reel you in like a fish until she “catches” you again. Once you are caught, she will go back to hurting you again. It is a cycle that narcissists keep on playing until you–the victim– stop playing. Do NOT contact her anymore for any reason. Block her phone calls and texts. Don’t answer your door if you know it is her. Stop playing her hurtful game.

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