Can You Make A Narcissist Jealous?

Can you make a narcissist jealous? They are jealous of anyone who has more resources than they do (such as status, power, beauty, money, success, etc). At the same time, they also have a strong belief that other people are jealous of them. Excessive levels of jealousy and envy are characteristic traits of narcissism.

One way to trigger a narcissist to become jealous is by ignoring the narcissist. People often use the terms jealousy and envy as synonyms, however, there is a distinction between the two.

 Definitions of Jealousy and Envy

Jealousy refers to a fear of losing something we have to another person.

Envy refers to wishing we had something that another person has.

A jealous Narcissist can take envy to the extreme, resulting in pathological jealousy and pathological envy. Applying these emotional states to a love relationship, we see the difference:

  • A jealous individual may fear their partner leaving them for another mate or committing an act of infidelity
  • An envious individual may feel ‘left out’ or resentful because their partner feels good about themselves, has great friends or a satisfying job.

When these emotional states become pathological, then delusion and irrational behavior sets in– and the results can be devastating.

Pathological Narcissistic Jealousy

‘Pathological jealousy’ is a totally different story than jealousy. This form of jealousy indicates that the individual believes he has exclusive ownership over another and that this ownership is necessary for him to maintain the relationship.

Pathological jealousy shatters an otherwise loving relationship piece by piece. Trust, intimacy and connection are destroyed. Pathological jealousy can be extremely dangerous, leading to significant abuse and often violence. It’s the most treacherous aspect of abusive relationships, frequently leading to the devastation of the victim mentally, emotionally, physically, and frequently financially.

Pathological jealousy is truly narcissistic. The most frightening and frustrating part of pathological jealousy is that the narcissist cannot be appeased or reassured. Pathologically jealous individuals are hyper-vigilant, always on the lookout for reasons to be jealous.

Signs of Pathological Jealousy

  • Accusations of looking at other men
  • Eye contact with a man is considered flirtation
  • Accusations of giving attention to other men
  • Accusations of being uncaring or “appearing single” if not granting enough body contact or attention in public
  • Interrogation of behavior
  • Interrogation of phone calls and all other forms of communication
  • Reading diary, going through belongings
  • Incessant questioning: where you were, who you were with, etc.
  • Demanding reports of any males in your company
  • Isolating, not allowing you to socialize on your own
  • Threatening  ‘t*t for tat’ retaliations if you pursue own interests
  • Taking your car keys and money
  • Hiding makeup, damaging clothes,
  • Interrogating and accusing if home late
  • Laying stipulations and conditions in regards to contact with males
  • Checking up on you
  • Accusations of affairs when pulling away or attempting escape from the abuse
  • Accusations of affair when libido suffers as a result of the abuse
  • Not being able to be reassured
  • Not trusting you
  • Verbal and physical violence triggered by jealousy, blaming other men for jealous behavior
  • Blaming you for jealous behavior
  • Always an excuse for jealous behavior
  • Denying jealous behavior (except when hitting ‘rock bottom)
  • Gaslighting techniques trying to confuse your trust in self; Gaslighting techniques trying to prove there is reason to be jealous.

Pathological Envy

Pathological envy is extremely painful for the narcissist and devastating for the love recipient. It isn’t as obvious as pathological jealousy, and can be insidious and more difficult to define in a relationship.

Dr. Sam Vaknin, an expert on narcissism describes pathological envy as “…a compounded emotion. It is brought on by the realisation of some lack, deficiency, or inadequacy in oneself. It is the result of unfavourably comparing oneself to other – to their success, their reputation, their possessions, their luck, and their qualities. It is misery and humiliation and impotent rage and a torturous, slippery path to nowhere. The effort to break the padded walls of this self-visited purgatory often leads to attacks on the perceived source of frustration.

If you’re in a relationship with a narcissistic individual, the relationship dynamics will feel like a ‘me versus you’ battle with an enemy. A large source of this dynamic is pathological envy. Pathological envy is a very intense and destructive emotion, resulting from strong emotional insecurities and feelings of low self-worth.

  Signs of Pathological Envy

  • Being uncomfortable / moody when you’re given praise or attention
  • If not the centre of attention he/she discredits the experience or leaves the scene
  • Discredits your ideas, interests, friendships
  • Depression if you’re happy and energized
  • Depression if you’re successful
  • Creating arguments if you’re successful
  • Prescribing what is or isn’t right for your life
  • Intense anger when not consulted
  • Intense anger when not utilized for projects yet depression / moodiness when inputting energy that may assist your project
  • Undermining your reputation
  • Undermining your interests
  • Undermining your work
  • Undermining your friendships
  • Using gaslighting or abuse to undermine your self-esteem
  • Projecting: declaring you’re the person doing the undermining or discrediting to yourself and them.

Reactions to Envy

Narcissists must be superior to others in every single way. So when someone else has a resource that they don’t have, but want– admiration, status, skills, money, etc.–the narcissist sees it as a significant threat. Like so much else in the narcissistic mind, it is unconscious, discounted and denied, which makes it more treacherous for the object of his envy. Sandy Hotchkiss, author of Why Is It Always about You, says, “To admit to envy would be to acknowledge inferiority, which no good narcissist would ever do.”

So what does a narcissist do?  He will try to take credit for the other person’s good fortune (“my son must get that great quality from me”) or he:

  • Feels contempt for those he envies and puts them down vehemently–sometimes to their face, sometimes not. This restores his vision of the world where he’s always on top.
  • Can’t share in the other person’s happiness, which disappoints others or make them doubt themselves. Narcissists even envy others when they are the center of attention for a sad reason (death of a loved one, illness) and will not support them in their time of crisis.
  • Fantasizes about his own success
  • Indulges in self-soothing activity (gambling, drinking, sex, etc.) to ward off feelings of imperfection and shame.

References Used for the article: Can Narcissists be Jealous?

  • I am rather clumsy and my ex used to shut off and turn his back on me whenever I have had an injury. Once we were having a party and a bottle of beer dropped on my foot, causing me to bleed on the floor. Everyone including his son was attending to me and asking if I was OK, getting me a bandage, etc. except for him. He stepped over me so he could reach the fridge for a beer. Another time I smashed my shin really badly at a party and some people were getting me ice. He went from being friendly to me to not speaking to me for the rest of the night. This kind of thing has always baffled and hurt me immensely. It makes more sense now reading this.

  • FYI Questionable Source: Dr. Sam Vaknin is a narcissist by his own account and a particularly pathological one at that so to claim him as an expert is hardly scientific. I wouldn’t even doubt that his “doctorate” has no merit.

    • His doctorate doesn’t have any merit, and that is well documented, but I wouldn’t say he’s NOT an expert on narcissism. However, as a narcissist, his writings cannot be 100 percent trusted. Remember, they LOVE to pull the wool over other people’s eyes if it gets them the recognition their ego needs. His assessment of a narcissist is his assessment of himself. He certainly doesn’t represent ALL narcissists, and not everything he says is “typical” of a narcissist is, at all, typical. His writings also tend to, very slyly, actually lay the blame for the abuse at the feet of the victim. His writings do not, by any definition, lay any responsibility for the behavior of narcissists, on the narcissist. His writings are an awful lot of word salad too, which is also a narcissist trait. It sounds educated, because he uses a lot of “big words” strung together in what sounds, to the lay person, like “psychologist-ese” , but to a real psychologist, much of his words are nothing but fluff and stuffing. When I read his writings, it makes me think of the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus talked about the hypocrites/pagans who sang songs and prayed loud, elaborate prayers in the synagogues and on the streets thinking it made their praises more credible and worthy. Beware the false prophet, ring a bell? Wolf in sheep’s clothing, he is. He’s making money on his ramblings, that in reality, aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.

      • Sam Vaknin’s conclusions tend to be consistent with those of other experts on narcissism. And I’d argue he’S in rather a unique position to shed light on the inner workings of the narcissist’s psychosocial world.

  • My husband accused me of cheating on him, he fits so many of the above categories. His constant interrogations of my daily activities at work got to a point that I was starting to believe that I had somehow done these things and blocked them out. But how, my memory is very good. He had left tape recorders around our home, our car and my office for months in an attempt to “catch me”. At the same time telling me he was doing these things. I didn’t care I was not doing anything to betray him.He had a 45 second clip of me in a noisy bathroom and said I was in there with a man- I was not, but when he sent it to an analyst they said there was a male voice.(well, a grunt, not even a voice) Then after a couple of weeks of non stop verbal and emotional harassment, I willingly took a polygraph. It did not come out the way it should have. I told he truth but the examiner said I was deceptive. So this only added to his suspicions. Weeks went by of the same accusations, and then endearing intimate moments to follow. Back and forth we went. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer during this time. Unfortunately, I could not think about that- I needed to clear my name and make this man understand that I hadn’t done anything to him or our marriage. within 2 weeks of my diagnosis he was filing for divorce. When I came out of surgery, in post op he wanted to discuss our divorce agreement. Final straw was when he called the police to keep the peace at our home, nothing at all had happened that day to have him call the police- we did not even disagree over what we were having for dinner.We have been separated for 8 months now. He already has a girlfriend and wants to introduce her to our teenage son. I on the other hand do not even know how this all happened. No husband, our family torn apart,our house gone, car gone, financially ruined, and trying to heal emotionally and physically. He told me once that I was a narcissist, text book to be exact. When I go down the list above I do not identify with any of those things, except for that I always liked to be right. However, it didn’t happen very often in my home.

    • Picadilly. I’m in the same place. Divorcing narcissist and as soon as I got him to move out I was diagnosed with BC. Working hard on that now as I have 5 kids 3 are still young, were adopted and my one son has been diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. The sickest part is that he is showing behaviors that suggest he is jealous of me having cancer. He actually alludes to having it himself!!
      I was given advice I’d like to share. If he hasn’t moved out make sure he goes. Then tell lawyer you want a cease and desist or something to put divorce proceedings on hold until you have your health back. I was warned that they will rush divorce while you are sick hoping you aren’t thinking clearly. Don’t put it past him.
      Put yourself first and take care.
      Good luck
      My email is:
      If you need support. It would help me as well.

  • Is it common for narcissist males to constantly berate their abused girlfriend/wife and tell her that she is in fact the narcissist when he is the one who is? My ex has resorted to doing this to me for the past year or so following 8 years of non stop physical, emotional, verbal abuse, cheating and literally breaking up with me and then coercing me through empty promises of change back into the relationship hundreds of times. I don’t find that I identify with any of the above listed symptoms of narcissism or any others that I’ve read, but he tells me all the time that I am, when the definitions actually cover him to a T. After years of abuse that culminated into a grand explosion, I finally allowed the system to become involved and had him arrested after he assaulted me and broke bones in my face that I had to have surgically re-set. He constantly plays the jealous, insane boyfriend card even after he breaks up with me, accusing me of all manner of twisted things from cheating on him (because we had been broken up for several months a few different times in the past and at those times I began very early stages of a new romantic connection) to having “boy toys” and he imagines every male besides close family relations all would like to sleep with me if I were to allow it; this is asinine to me, but it’s the reason he forbids me to have any male friends. He placed recorders in my house a few times and was convinced from one recording that he heard a man who ‘barked like a dog’ and came into my house to have intercourse in my bathroom and this imaginary man never spoke a word, but somehow I managed to have sex and the man left within an hour of my ex arriving to my house. The accusations have been so outlandishly absurd I’ve thought I was losing my own mind. He put software on my computer to stalk my every moved, hacked into multiple accounts of mine, messaged men some of whom I don’t know personally or are family members of mine and accused me of romantic involvement with them. I paid for my own polygraph upon his request, to prove I never had sexual relations with anyone and upon passing it with a clear result, he tore it up and threw the papers at me. It never seems to end. Now years later, the more stable, secure, successful and happy I am, the more he seems to go out of his way to hurt me or label me with names like sociopath, narcissist and psycho. He tells me I’m heartless when I try to have a business like tone to the relationship when he leaves and tells me he wants to co-parent; he calls it “cold” and “controlling” that I don’t allow habitual deviation from the court ordered schedule and when he’s excessively late we don’t wait for him to show up, we make other plans. He says his child support that is less than half what he should be paying is him doing me a favor. He interrogates our young children about what I do and who I talk to when they are with me. He blows up at every little thing that he perceives is personally an assault on him like I need to drop the kids off an hour late due to our daughter taking a longer than normal nap when she’s sick. or when he shows up to pick them up and smells of alcohol and I ask him to reschedule his visit when he doesn’t have any in his system. His alcohol abuse to him is not an addiction or out of control, but it has played a starring role in his abusive outbursts. I believe any unbiased sensible person would nail him to the wall that he is in fact the narcissist, but he is so deeply convinced that I am that I don’t know how to respond when he continually harasses me with the endless slew of labels. I have tried to fall deaf to it, but it really bothers me.

    • Simple answer to your question is, Yes. While they don’t all don’t that, many, many, many do. If not their partner, then their children or both.

      • I had 10 years of my ex and then our daughter took on where he left off. About 30 more years and I finally had it I’ve lost all my family do to my daughters lies and I no longer speak to her for 4yrs now. Best years of my life, I am starting to understand and heal. It is exactly as they explain, so if you are in something like this RUN, run for your life…….

    • Every single example you gave detailing the actions of your ex and father to your children is the workings of a narcissist including the questioning of yourself. It’s very difficult to believe and accept as the recipient. Only someone who has experienced it themselves truly know the confusion, frustration, physical and mental exhaustion, and myriad of self depletion a narcissist does cause. It’s truly life threatening and life consuming. I see you posted this some time ago. I hope you have since found support and the energy to begin recognizing accepting and healing.

  • my ex narc fits the bill to everything listed in the envy and the jealousy to a tee…its sickening to think my own girlfriend was jealous and envious of me

  • Run and run from these aliens. They do not have a nice fiber in their being. They will do whatever it tak s to destroy you and your reputation. They will take everything as a sleight, and get you back even of it tak s years. They are archons! Not from here. Narc, psychopath same thing. Pleasure from your pain.

  • I’ve recently divorced a very abusive man, who I’ve come to believe is a narc/socio/psychopath, and even his own family confirms they believe it too. They didn’t tell me or want me of him because they truly believed with me he was finally different. I was going to “save him”. Every thing from constantly accusing me of cheating on him, putting recorded in my car, putting video cameras in our house, to tracking me on iPhone and interrogating me every day and night, to making everything my fault, yelling and screaming at me daily, keeping me from sleeping, posing as me on FB to talk to two exboyfriends I hadn’t seen in years and then trying to say this was proof for others to see I was cheating (framing me!) …. Craziness. He even said I was an experiment for him. I was like the frog in the boiling pot of water, if you are familiar with that metaphor story. He accused me putting tracking devices on his phone and having multiple phones so that I could talk to other men. Then I found three phones in his car! He had been listening to my phone calls and reading my texts some how. I never did anything, not a single thing, so it didn’t matter at least because there was nothing to hide, but he had no respect for my privacy. He became nuts and jealous over everything I did and everywhere I went. He was completely delusional, cruel, controlling, isolating, and in every way a sociopath/narcissist. He also took me for thousands of dollars and now that I’m staying in my brother’s couch, I have dry little of my things and am starting my life over. He trashes me on FB saying he caught me cheating on him and I’m psychotic. It’s insanity, and I’m terribly hurt. I gave my all to this man and this relationship. I beg for any woman, or man, who suspects narcissism, sociopathy, any signs of abuse of any kind, controlling behavior and jealousy, run. Run fast. I was also physically attacked and basically escaped. It had become as if I were being molested by my husband in the end too. Sex was control, not love, and I had to comply, not that I’d get hit, but I’d pay for it in emotional, psychological and verbal abuse that’s for sure.

  • Is it possible to use a brief portion of this article in my new book, TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A TRANSFORMED WOMAN as follows:

    Excessive levels of jealousy and envy are characteristic traits of narcissism. Some people think that narcissists are plagued by the “green-eyed monster”, yet others would say that narcissists ARE the green-eyed monster. They are jealous of anyone who has more resources than they do (such as status, power, beauty, money, success, etc). At the same time, they also have a strong belief that other people are jealous of them. 2

    This is about my experience with a very narcissistic husband and my childhood that led up to this choice. I would greatly appreciate a timely response since I plan to self-publish the book very quickly although it has been a project for MANY years. It takes a long time to “name” (Scott Peck) what you have experienced. Thank you. Nancee Tanner

  • My mother in law is a narcissist, and I’m pretty sure my husband is too. Can it be inherited? I am financially dependent on him. I don’t work anymore. We go to florida with my mother in law and last year I had to spend 3 months there. I was s ready to commit suicide, I mean literally. I was so depressed because all I did was knuckle under to her wishes. I can’t go this year, when I told my husband he said ” can’t you just suck it up?” I can’t it will kill me. I feel like a non person with them. They do all the talking. If I try to say something she talks louder so I can’t get it out. What is the answer? I will commit suicide if I go this year.

  • Hi everyone. In trying to understand what is going on in my relationship I wound up here. This guy that I have been dating for over 2 years now is just not like anyone I have ever met. I find that I have to constantly explain myself. It’s like there are tiny voices telling him that I’m saying something other than what I’m actually saying. If I say, my friend did something nice today, he hears my friend did something nice but you don’t do anything nice. If I place him on hold to take another call, he says I’m giving other people attention. He accuses me of sleeping with my male friends and female friends. He doesn’t feel safe with anyone around. He wants to know if anyone checked me out when I go out alone. He complains about everything. When I bring up a topic he doesn’t indulge but he would want to talk about sex for hours and when I ask if that is all he can talk about he says I don’t bring conversation. I say the same things to my friends that I say to him as a test to see if I am saying it the wrong way but he seems to be the only one who hears differently. If my friends visit he ask questions like do they give u money, do they help with your bills? Implicitly he’s telling me I don’t need to give anyone but him my time because he helps with the bills. This man finds fault of everything and when my friends stop visiting so I could be at peace with him, He now says my friends are all gone and it must be something and I’m not telling but he knows it has nothing to do with him. He takes responsibility for nothing. He speaks calmly but his words are provocative and when I get upset he says he’s talking calmly and I’m acting crazy. I am constantly defending myself and I am so worn out. If I stood still and not move a muscle I’d still be in trouble. When I talk he says I’m arguing and when I don’t talk he says I’m dumb. I’m afraid to share things because everything is taken out of context. He refuses to do important things whenever we argue. If I throw in the towel and say sorry for things I didn’t even do, he asked if someone told me to apologize. I ask how come when you claim I’m negative I never hear u asking who told me to be bad but someone had to tell me to be good? I believe he wants to kill my spirit. He constantly uses the Bible but is very one sided with it but I know the scriptures too. I believe that I am a fighter and maybe a little too strong for him. When he used to beat up on me in the beginning I used to think that I deserve it, only now I realize I’m not doing anything wrong when he’s beating up on me. He does it for old reasons and when I make a mistake I make sure to fix it and not let it happen again. His thing now is I did things before so he has to make sure I don’t do it again…lol. I see all the traits fitting him but if he’s a narcissist, why won’t he allow me to leave or leave me alone? He changes to a sweetheart and suddenly understands me whenever I pull away but goes back to old self when he thinks I’m back in his corner. I wish I had someone to talk to because I have some sad experience like every day.

  • Hi Ali, I went through the exact same thing. I read and read about Narcs and psychopaths which gave me the courage to leave. I feel so much better now. I hope this is some comfort to you…..

  • Great article. My mother is a narcissist. I’ve had 50 years of bullying from her, 50 years of everything I’ve done & achieved belittled in one form or another with her pathological envy, and since the death of my father several years ago, her mission to ensure my life is ruined personally, professionally and financially. I no longer can bring myself to have anything to do with her and every Mothers Day, I want to (but don’t) send her a card saying ‘Happy Mothers Day. Having a Mother like you makes me want to kill myself’. Although I feel bitter a lot, I’m trying to heal. I struggle mostly with trying to understand how any parent can be so horrible to their child. It’s just not natural!

  • My ex and I share custody with my daughter…we maturally speak to each other in regards to her school and well being.. We do this via the phone.
    While on the phone with him, my husband will walk off and then ignore me for some time, like I’ve done something wrong…he has even accused me of wanting my ex back. (Which is SOO not the case!) i don’t hide anything from my husband but yet he says im secretive about talking with my ex…but yet my husband is the one who walks away when Im on the phone…if i were secretive or hiding something. ..wouldn’t it be ME who would walk away?

  • This is my life. I am a magnet for narcissistic sociopaths. The jealousy, the gaslighting, the control, power, belittling, driving me to become totally financially repressed. I work in education, special needs, I do not make a lot of money and have always struggled financially, due to a previous relationship with a narc whom I have a daughter (grown and on her own). My bf (10 Yrs) is a skilled tradesman, financially stable, house is paid off, no bills, retirement acct., life insurance, pending inheritance from family who has millions, I pay all of the household bills because I get to “live in his house”. His mother actually told me in front of him that family get togethers and holidays should only include “blood relatives”, I haven’t been to one since. His daughter sends him invitation addressed to him and a “guest”. Christmas cards from his family are only addressed to him. If I go grocery shopping I am asked “did I see anyone I know”, did I hug anyone?” I’m told “whats good for the goose…” That he only does the things he does because he ‘s following my lead, things that he deems inappropriate behavior. I am always respectful, I know what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior while in a relationship. I would never disrespect or do anything that would make another person feel bad, or uncomfortable. While getting gas in a station one day, I was leaning against the back of the truck while he pumped the fuel. I was looking across the parking lot. Another man pumping gas there was looking our way. My bf actually yelled across the lot at him “WHAT THE F… are you staring at!” and told me to get in the truck. Again, on a weekend bike trip with another couple, a group of other couples riding had stopped to rest and the couple we were with and I were standing outside the station while my bf paid for the gas inside. We began talking to the group and when my bf came out he didn’t speak to me, seemed very agitated, did not speak to me the whole weekend except to state in an angry accusing manner, “You just can’t go anywhere without hitting on other men can you!” I was confused and asked what he was referring to, he said he saw me talking to “that biker guy” when he was paying for the gas, leaving out the part that the “biker” guys wife was standing right next to him, as well as the other couple that was with us. During our weekend trip, at a bonfire picnic with the other bikers, I asked a fellow biker for a recipe for a drink he had made, my bf literally got up and purposefully walked over to another woman sitting alone, pulled up a chair and spent the next hour sitting and talking to her. The whole weekend literally sucked!! yes, I am still with him, I am financially repressed, as he makes me pay all of the household bills, including rent, I also work with him on all of his assets, maintaining them, house- new roof, new bathroom, boat- restoration, waxing, cleaning, motors, etc. My reward is I “get to live in his house.” He recently drew up a trust, has 2 daughters from a previous marriage. In the trust, I, along with his best friend, are the trustees (executors.) Upon his death, I am allowed to live in his house until my passing, then everything will be sold and divided up between his 2 daughters and myself, he stated we will each get a 1/3rd. I was confused because if I live in the house until I pass, then the house and assets are all sold and divided into 1/3rds, how will I receive my 3rd if I am dead?? I asked him this and he got angry and told me I was just creating problems and that he never should have told me in the first place! He also stated that while I live in the house after his death, I will be responsible for the property taxes, and all other expenses required to maintain the home until I pass, that if I were to date or become involved with another man, I will be immediately evicted by his family. I know I deserve better. I am 56 years old, he is 59. He is completely focused on his retirement and puts all of his money into his IRA while depending on me to pay all of the household expenses, and states I will need to keep working after he retires, because I “did things the way I did” is the reason I will never be able to retire.
    Yes, I am a fool, I am financially wrecked, I own nothing except my vehicle and a few household items that are in storage, and never will as long as I am with him. He is not physically abusive to me, very reprimanding and belittling, he is very ocd, methodical, organized, and focused on “his” life.
    I know this whole situation is all wrong. It is not my life we are living but his. How do I get my life back???? I know the answer, but after 10 years of mental abuse from a narcissist, this is the end result, making the move becomes harder and harder, even though I know what I should and need to do- take charge of my own life again! Just needed to share this, to let others know, you are not alone, I am not alone.

  • This describes the woman I was married to -divorced 3 years ago and still trying to sort through the emotional abuseive crap that I encountered !
    Met her in church !
    My pastor did caution me of her testimg dominering –
    Thank you all for sharing this ; I can see now how she had been delibertly thying to destroy my self worth and was very good at manipulation of situations .
    I did not understand a few things that happened that made the divorce go so quickly and when there was a conversation about reconciliation , it was as if I could not understand why thing’s would come out of my mouth so fast that I felt as though someone was speaking thru me ; I believe that now to be Gods way of protecting me from farther abuse for I loved her so deeply I still long to have back the good time we shared ! It wasn’t until my bussiness started doing very well and her son failing to get a personal training bussiness ( appeared to me more like idolitry/ self whorship) and then her Dad and brothers inheriting. $ 90,000 each from the preverbal rich uncle that things really seamed to turn overnight with her.
    I was suddenly being accused of things I was not doing and threats of seperation ; she seamed so angry so fast and accusative with me she was purposely stirring me to anger as I had told her of early on due to childhood traumas ( I had much counsiling and had made great progress on this ) . She was making it all look like I had changed suddenly!!!
    Best I can describe this is as I told my counselor
    I felt as though I watched a mask fall off Sweet Poly Purebreed from Underdog to Haggitha from Popeye?
    He told me that was a good analogy to use after he read some of the stuff she purposely left behind to mess with my mind!
    If you suspect you are involed with one of these

  • >