What To Do When a Narcissist Hoovers You?

Getting caught in the relentless pull of the narcissist’s hoovering is going to subject you to a world of pain. The hoovering might be charming and alluring, but don’t be fooled! The narcissist has a gameplan.  From spotting those subtle signs, to building bulletproof barriers – I want to have you covered in all ways … Read more

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What Happens When a Narcissist Tries to Hoover You and You Don’t Respond

What Happens When A Narcissist Tries To Hoover You And You Don’t Respond

Your decision and ability to ignore a narcissist’s hoover is the catalyst for breaking the narcissistic abuse cycle. Just like the Hoover vacuum cleaner, narcissists work hard to “suck” their victims back into their orbits.  Rejecting these hoovering efforts often magnifies their gaslighting, harms their ego, and triggers their narcissistic rage. The more you can … Read more

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