Signs Your Narcissist Partner is not Respecting You

Narcissistic partners are the least respectful people on the planet. In fact, they take aim at their partners because they know they can.

They specifically chose you to tolerate their disrespect. It’s not that you are weak – on the contrary. It’s that you are strong enough to deal with potentially years of mistreatment.

Enough is enough, right?

Walking you through the signs you aren’t being respected will be eye-opening.

But I need to do it for you.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

The Narcissistic Approach

Narcissists really are an entire breed of their own. They operate by perfecting their toxic playbook, where the rules revolve around them

The narcissist approaches any relationship by demanding the need for control. They want admiration and dominance and will settle for nothing less.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it…

Initially, oh yes, they can be charming and so attentive. They can be absolutely perfect as partners. They know how to say just the right thing and sweep you off your feet. 

However, underneath it all lies a person very, very different. 

They Don’t Care

Of course they don’t. They never have, and they never will. 

It’s a hard pill to swallow, I know. I’ve seen people try to swallow it without luck. That’s where they finally realize the only true answer is to start putting themselves first. 

The reason for this is that the narcissist will never care about your feelings, so why wait? Putting yourself first is the ultimate revenge to any disrespect.

The narcissist doesn’t care about your needs, or how you feel. There is one interesting thing to remember, though…

Narcissists are skilled at pretending to care … when it suits them. That doesn’t stop their true character from bursting out.

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And You Feel… !

Where do I even begin?!



On edge








Yes. Living with a narcissist, or having one as a partner, is no funfair ride. Their constant need for control and childlike need for admiration creates a toxic environment. You’ll never truly feel at ease until that relationship ends, and you heal. 

It’s not unusual to feel isolated, as narcissists often work to cut your connections with friends and family to maintain their dominant nature. 

It works so much of the time, too.

Has there ever been a time where you haven’t felt respected?

I know from the people I’ve met in my profession that it’s the worst feeling in the world.

When you put your love and trust into a relationship that doesn’t grow nor keep you healthy – it feels like a complete waste of time. 

Narcissistic Partners! What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

I can’t think of a single thing the average narcissist is good for. I do try – but it’s no good. 

Narcissistic partners don’t bring anything to the table in terms of supportive relationships. 

They are:










The charm is a veil, but it will soon slip to reveal a person who completely withdraws any respect for you. 

When you think about healthy relationships, partners are supposed to uplift and support each other. That never happens with narcissists, unless they are the ones expecting that support.

Signs Your Narcissistic Partner is Not Respecting You

Let’s get down to the crux of things, here. These are the real signs to look out for, to know your partner is refusing to respect you. 

#1 Criticism – Lots of It

A narcissist will criticize you without failure. They’ll probably try to make it look like they’re ‘helping’ you, or ‘improving’ an aspect of your life (that you didn’t ask for). 

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These criticisms are never constructive. Instead, they are designed to undermine your confidence and keep you the inferior one. It doesn’t matter what it is. They will do it, and be it.

#2 What Empathy?

Empathy is not in a narcissist’s vocabulary, that’s for sure! Not even a drop of it. 

They are indifferent to your feelings, and they don’t care if you had a bad day. They won’t mutter a word of reassurance your way if you ever need it.  

They’re incapable of providing any emotional support. 

If you’re upset or in need, they will either dismiss them or turn your situation around to focus on themselves. 

Your pain or happiness doesn’t matter unless it impacts them directly.

#3 Boundaries Are Not Even Contemplated

Narcissists don’t care for your boundaries.  They will not pay them any attention at all, in fact. They will happily invade your personal space, and dismiss your privacy, so don’t even consider having any if you’re in a relationship with one. 

Also, for a little extra (ironic) fun, you should expect any narcissist to be available whenever they need you. 

Your requests for space will be seen as a threat to their control – expect anger if you challenge them!

#4 Gaslighting is Real!

Gaslighting is an absolute favorite tactic of narcissists. They will smear and stain the truth and also deny past events. 

What happens then?

Well, all of this will make you question your memory, not to mention your sanity. 

Think about it – if you were to rely solely on their version of reality – they get to determine what that reality is.

Not much fun for you, right?!

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#5 Isolating You From Everybody

To maintain control, narcissistic partners often isolate you from friends and family. They may criticize your loved ones, create conflicts, or make you feel guilty for spending time with others. This isolation ensures you remain dependent on them for emotional and social support.

#6 “It’s All About Me!”

In any discussion, a narcissist will always steer the conversation back to themselves. They show little interest in your experiences. They don’t give your thoughts a single moment.

As for your feelings – Pah! 

When you do share, the narcissist is an expert at dismissing or overshadowing what you have to say with their own stories and achievements.

Fantastic. What else can you steal other than my thunder?

#7 Expectations – Wowza

Narcissists really do expect you to meet their every need and often have such unrealistic expectations. 

They demand your compliance as well as your attention at all times. When you fall short as you will do in their eyes, they will react with anger. Don’t forget the high disappointment they will throw your way, too.

You know what? I wouldn’t put it past a single narcissist to withdraw, too. 

I mean, why not sprinkle a little guilt on top of it, too?

#8 Lack of Support

In any given healthy relationship, partners are meant to support each other’s goals and dreams.

Sounds wonderful. 

Narcissistic partners do not

They will undermine your aspirations and hold you back. They don’t want you to grow.

Narcissists see your success as a threat to them

They want to retain their superiority, and prefer to keep you in a state of dependency. If you need them, then you won’t leave them.

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