14 Obvious Signs Your Gym Crush Likes You

So, you’ve noticed a hottie at the gym and have a crush on them, but you’re not sure if the feeling is mutual.

You’ve caught them looking at you a few times, and they’ll engage in small talk with you every once in a while, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re into you.

They might just be a nice person and treat everyone like that. It’s good to be cautious because the last thing you want to do is ask them out on a date and make a fool of yourself.

So it would be best if you spent a bit more time scoping them out first. If you want to know whether your gym crush likes you, check out these fourteen signs.

14 Signs Your Gym Crush Likes You

Does your Gym crush always hold the door for you? Or can’t he stop looking at you when you are doing your exercises? These are all signs he might be interested in you. Keep reading for all 14 signs your gym crush likes you.

14 Signs Your Gym Crush Likes You

#1 They Hold The Door For You

It’s polite to hold the door when someone is coming right behind you, but when they hold it for three other people before you, they’re definitely trying to tell you something.

They Hold The Door For You

As you walk through the door, they make a point of smiling at the same time as checking you out, and you can feel yourself blushing. If it was a one-off, you can brush the gesture off as politeness, but if they keep doing it, you might be onto something.

The next time your crush holds the door for you, give them a big smile and say thank you. Don’t rush off like you usually do; instead, walk away slowly in hopes that they will attempt to walk with you. 

#2 They Won’t Stop Looking At You 

People don’t just stare for the sake of it. When a person of the opposite sex keeps looking at you, it’s a sign they find you attractive. Good looks are alluring, and when someone’s face intrigues you, it’s hard not to indulge yourself and look.

They Won’t Stop Looking At You 

Also, there’s a chance your gym crush is addicted to you. When you see an attractive person, you get a dopamine rush (the feel-good hormone). So any time they look at you, it makes them feel good, which is why they keep looking at you.

You’ve also probably noticed that the look is accompanied with a smile. That’s because people tend to smile when they feel good. 

#3 They Keep Walking Past You

Most people know that invading someone’s personal space is rude. But when you’re attracted to someone, you can’t help it. According to body language expert Vanessa Van Edwards, there is a magnetic pull to the person we’re attracted to.

They Keep Walking Past You

When you experience an indifferent or friendly encounter, you typically keep a two to ten feet distance, but when someone likes what they see, they’ll make their way into your personal bubble, which is about 0-18 inches away from you.

So, if you’re crush comes really close when they walk past you, they’re doing it because they’re drawn to you. 

#4 They Offer to Help You

Does your crush offer to help you even if it doesn’t look like you’re struggling? You may be bench pressing, and they ask if you need someone to spot you.

They Offer to Help You

Not only does your crush want to be close to you, but they also want to let you know that they’re paying attention to you and they’re there if you need them. 

#5 They Try And Make Conversation With You

Apart from being forced to engage in small talk at networking events, typically, when you speak to someone, it’s because you want to get to know them.

They Try And Make Conversation With You

Your gym crush isn’t going to try and have a deep conversation with you, but they will ask questions such as, “How long have you been coming to this gym?”

Or, “What are your aims for working out?” Because they want to see where you’re heads at, if you give them one-word answers, don’t elaborate, or don’t ask questions back, they’ll assume you’re not interested. 

#6 They Compliment You

Your gym crush will compliment you, but it won’t be in the way you want. They’ll tell you how great your form is or congratulate you on lifting such heavy weights.

They Compliment You

Unless they’re really forward, they are not going to walk up to you and tell you you’re hot. You’ve got to be slightly more subtle in the gym. 

#7 They Ask How You Got So Toned

If you’ve just started going to the gym and you’re not toned, you’ll probably find this question a bit odd.

They Ask How You Got So Toned

You may even wonder whether they’re mocking you. But they’re not; it’s your crush’s way of letting you know they’re checking you out without coming across as sleazy. 

#8 They Go To The Water Fountain With You

As mentioned, when you’re attracted to someone, you’re drawn to them, and so you’ll want to be wherever they are. It’s also the perfect opportunity to make conversation with you.

They Go To The Water Fountain With You

So when your crush sees you go to the water fountain, they might make their way over there too in hopes that they’ll be right behind you in the queue. 

#9 Their Body Language

Body language is the biggest indicator as to whether someone is interested in you because it speaks louder than verbal communication. Here are five body language signs that show someone is attracted to you:

Their Body Language

#1 They Mirror You

Mirroring is when people copy each other’s physical gestures. It shows that the person is interested in you. So if you’re having a conversation with your gym crush and you touch your hair, if they touch theirs too, they’re matching your movements because they want to get to know you more. 

#2 They Make Eye Contact 

Eye contact in general, is a positive body language gesture because it shows that a person enjoys your company. But it’s also slightly uncomfortable, and some people avoid it, especially if they’re shy.

They Make Eye Contact 

Nevertheless, if you’re crush makes eye contact with you during conversation, it’s a good sign. As the saying goes, “The eyes are the window to the soul,” so if your crush doesn’t mind you looking into their eyes, it’s a sign they want to get to know you on a deeper level.

According to the experts, making eye contact is a powerful way of communicating intent. Research suggests when two people stare into each others eyes, the same neurons will fire in their brains. So if you’re crush feels happy to be in your presence, you’ll start feeling happy too. 

#3 They Preen Themselves

Preening involves fixing your clothes or hair to make you look presentable. When the person you’ve got a crush on is around you, you don’t want anything to be out of place because you want to make a good impression on them. 

#4 They Lick Their Lips

Licking of the lips is a sign of sexual attraction. Additionally, it’s also a sign that the person has a dry mouth. This seems pretty normal, right? To lick your lips when you’ve got a dry mouth. But one of the biological responses that take place during attraction is accelerated breathing which can make the mouth dry. 

They Lick Their Lips

#5 They Smile A Lot

Smiling makes you appear more friendly and attractive, but it’s also a sign of availability. While it’s true that people smile at each other to be polite, you don’t overdo it with the opposite sex unless you’re flirting. Also, when you like someone, you can’t help but smile, and you don’t give them a faint smile either; it’s a wide mouth, teeth on display, ear-to-ear grin. 

#10 They Try and Make You Laugh

Does your gym crush tell a lot of jokes during conversation or tell you funny stories? I’m sure you’ve worked this out by now, but that’s because they’re trying to make you laugh. 

They Try and Make You Laugh

Studies actually suggest that it’s important to be seen as funny when flirting because it is considered attractive by both men and women.

The more a person laughs when they’re with you, the more likely it is that they’re attracted to you, hence the reason your crush keeps trying to make you laugh. 

#11 They Fidget A Lot

Fidgeting is a sign of nervousness. If you notice your gym crush doing things like rubbing their neck, wringing their hands, or rubbing their arms, it means they’re stressed out, but not in a bad way.

They Fidget A Lot

Attraction involves tension, and even though it’s positive tension, the body reacts in the same way it would if a person was stressed out because they just had an argument with their boss. 

#12 They Tease You

If your crush tells you your form was slightly off, don’t take it to heart, they’re teasing you. While teasing is typically known as a flirting technique for high schoolers, it also helps calm the nerves.

They Tease You

You might make your crush nervous, and the only way for them to manage their feeling of uneasiness is to tease you. 

#13 They Can’t Focus On Their Workout

Does your crush keep moving around the gym or walking out and coming back in? This may be because they can’t focus on their workout. This can happen to people when they’re extremely attracted to someone.

They Can’t Focus On Their Workout

They can’t get over how the person makes them feel, and that’s all they can focus on. So while your crush is trying to work out, every time you pop into their mind, they’re knocked off course and need to shake it off which is why they start wandering around like a headless chicken. 

#14 They Ask About Your Schedule

Most people aren’t going to turn up at the gym every day to check whether their crush is working out. If they want to make sure they’re at the gym on the same days as you, they’ll ask.

They Ask About Your Schedule

They’ll be very specific about it too, and instead of asking, “How often do you come to the gym?” They’ll ask, “What days do you come to the gym?” So it doesn’t look like they’re stalking you, they’ll say something like, “I prefer to come to the gym on those days too because it’s not so busy.

I hate it when there are too many people at the gym, you can never get on the machine you want, and you spend most of your time queuing up.”


Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about whether your gym crush likes you. 

Should I tell my gym crush I’m attracted to them?

Why not? What have you got to lose? But before you do, make sure they’re giving off all the right signs that they’re attracted to you, or you’ll end up embarrassing yourself. 

How can I get my gym crush to pay me more attention?

In general, the gym isn’t a hook-up spot which is why your gym crush seems slightly off. If they find you attractive, they’re probably playing it cool, so they don’t look desperate.

How can I get my gym crush to pay me more attention?

But if you want your gym crush to start paying you more attention, pay them more attention. They might not feel comfortable making a move unless they’re sure they’re not going to get rejected. 

Am I wasting my time having a gym crush? 

No, because at this point, you don’t know whether they like you or not. Most people at the gym are extremely focused on their workout and only have a limited amount of time to do what they need to do.

So you probably feel as if you’re wasting time having a gym crush because they always seem to be in a hurry. But wait it out; if they’re interested, they will eventually approach you. 

Final Thought

If your gym crush is displaying some of these signs, there’s a high chance they’re interested in you.

Until now, you may have acted a bit standoffish because you weren’t sure whether they were interested in you. But now that you’re almost certain, it’s time to drop a few hints that you’re interested too.

The next time you notice your crush looking at you, make eye contact with them for about three seconds and look away. That should be enough to seal the deal.

Hopefully, they’ll have enough courage to take things further. 

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