31 Probable Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

Did you know that approximately 50% of couples get back together again after experiencing a breakup? Furthermore, 50% of separated couples don’t divorce- they get back together again! 

After hearing these statistics, are you wondering if your ex will try to come back into your life? Maybe you’re hopeful and optimistic that you two can get back together. Perhaps you have realized that ending things was a mistake, and you want to start over. 

Of course, your feelings about your ex may fluctuate. One day, you might long for the special relationship you two shared. You may assume that nobody else will “get you” like they did.

The next, you might be wondering why you were ever together in the first place! These changing thoughts are normal, and they can ebb and flow based on how long you two dated, why you broke up, and how you’re doing in life right now.

But what are the signs your ex will eventually come back? Do they start doing something differently? Do they rebound with another person to get you jealous? Do they slowly initiate contact with you? 

As you will learn, there are usually both subtle and obvious clues. Everyone, of course, is different, but their behavior (and how you respond) can be a crucial giveaway in determining what happens next. 

Regardless of your specific situation, it’s important to know the key signs that your ex is waiting for you. 

16 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

How do you know your ex will eventually come back? If you’re asking yourself this question, remember that you’re not alone. Many people consider this possibility after an uncomfortable breakup. 

After all, you likely invested significant time and resources into the relationship.

Furthermore, you might be realizing that you want to get back together- or that you at least want to discuss the option. Finally, it’s only natural to wonder what might be in your future. 

So, what are the chances an ex will come back? Let’s get into the top signs. 

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# They Have Apologized For Their Behavior

Has your ex made an effort to acknowledge their wrongdoings in the relationship? Did they offer a genuine apology without any prompting or discussion on your end?

If so, it could indicate that they feel remorseful over what happened. They might also be hopeful that them clearing the air may help you feel better about potentially moving forward together.

#2 You Keep Hearing That They’re Upset

In the post-breakup phase, partners often rely on their support system for reassurance. But if you two shared lots of mutual friends together, they may use this opportunity to their advantage. 

They might confess feeling sad, regretful, or scared about losing you altogether. They are likely hoping that these disclosures eventually come back to you.

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In other words, they want their friends to tell you what’s really going on. They anticipate that hearing about their raw emotions will make you reconsider the relationship, too. 

#3 You Keep Running Into Each Other

Does your ex now show up at the coffeehouse where you pick up breakfast every morning? Have you spotted them by your workplace or a friend’s house?

If so, it could mean that they’re intentionally mimicking your schedule. They know where you tend to be, so they’re making a conscious effort to be in those places, too. With this strategy, they’re hoping that the repeated exposure gives you time to reconnect.

#4 They Respond To Your Texts Immediately

If you two share an amicable friendship, their promptness in responding to you could indicate something more. If they always reply immediately, it means they’re jumping at the chance to talk to you.

Pay attention to the quality and quantity of their messages. For example, do they text you more frequently than you text them?

Are their messages longer and more emotionally charged? Do they ask lots of questions hoping that you will keep the conversation going? 

If you’ve answered a resounding yes to these questions, you probably know your answer! Your ex likes talking to you, and they probably want to get back together! 

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#5 They’re Checking You Out on Social Media

Has your ex viewed your recent Instagram story? Did they accidentally ‘like’ a Facebook post? Are they still following you on Twitter?

It’s a good sign if they still follow or “stay friends” with you on social media. It’s an even better sign if they’re still actively engaging with your content- even if they’re only lurking.

Either way, they want to see what you’re doing. If they had no desire to get back together, they wouldn’t be checking in on your life!

#6 You Just Broke Up & They’re Dating Someone New

Although it can feel painful to see your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend with someone else, the rebound relationship is so typical for making past partners jealous.

If you just broke up, remember that very few people can actually move on from heartbreak that quickly. It takes time and introspection to heal.

So, if they’re already attached to someone else, it’s probably for attention. Or, they’re trying to avoid the tremendous discomfort associated with losing you. 

#7 They Keep ‘Mistakenly’ Contacting You

Has your ex sent you a strange text only to quickly claim they sent it to the wrong person? Or have they called you and then insisted it was just a butt-dial? 

The occasional mistake can happen. But if it’s occurred more than two or three times, it probably isn’t random.

Instead, they’re indirectly attempting to contact you (or at least get your attention) because they want to initiate more conversation.

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#8 They Send You Gifts

This is one of the more obvious signs that your ex wants you back. Are you getting anonymous flowers sent to your work?

Did someone make an unusually large donation in a fundraiser you’re hosting? Or, has your ex directly sent you a gift without any prompting? 

If so, these are all positive signs they want you back! After all, they wouldn’t spend their time or money trying to impress you if they didn’t have such an intention.

#9 They Sleep With You

Are you two in a friends-with-benefits dynamic? Do you still have all the physical contact- without the emotional ties of being in a relationship?

Sleeping with a strict booty call is one thing. If you’re hooking up with a stranger, you can probably divorce yourself from the concept of a deeper connection. 

But if you two already have a past together, it’s hard to remove the emotional intimacy from sex. There is a good chance they’re holding onto you because they value whatever time they get with you.

#10 They Try to Make You Jealous

Has your more withdrawn ex suddenly become super active on social media? Do they show a vested interest in your dating life? Have they made efforts to connect with your friends- more than they ever did during your relationship?

People may intentionally make their exes jealous when they want to get back together. They want you to realize that not being with them is a total mistake! They hope you see that you’re currently missing out! 

#11 They Haven’t Asked For Their Things Back

After a breakup, most partners take the time to sort each other’s belongings and give back items to one another. Depending on your living arrangements, you may have a lot of your ex’s things.

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So, if they haven’t made a real effort to collect their items, it probably means they haven’t really accepted that you two broke up.

Subsequently, they might be hoping that your break-up was just temporary and that you two will get back together very soon.

#12 They Still Talk to Your Family

How does your ex handle communication with your family? Are they still on good terms with them? Do they call or visit or check-in periodically?

Families can be such an integral part of a relationship. There’s a reason they’re still hanging onto yours! It means they probably want to keep close ties on you- and have an easy way to come back into your life once you’re ready.

#13 They Only Contact You When They’re Drunk

Let’s say your contact is either very minimal or nonexistent. Do those hard rules still apply when your ex is under the influence?

Ever heard the cliche that alcohol is just a truth serum? Research shows that the cliche may actually be true.

Alcohol lowers our inhibitions, but alcohol can also make people be really honest about their desires or intentions.

Therefore, if your ex calls you or sends you a long-winded message in the middle of the night, it might mean they were drinking. And while they were drinking, they were thinking about you!

#14 Their Family Reaches Out

Have you received a sudden call that your ex was in danger? Did your ex’s sister randomly text you asking why you two aren’t together anymore? Is your ex’s mom complaining about the new person?

If your ex’s family keeps contacting you, it means they really like you. It could also mean that your ex has been confiding in them about wanting to get back together.

Either way, if they knew the relationship was over for good, they probably wouldn’t be communicating so freely.

#15 They Listen Closely Whenever You Talk

Even if you’ve only had a few interactions together, how was their energy? Did they listen attentively to you? Were they engaged in the conversation and genuinely interested in what you had to say?

If so, it means they’re likely putting forth a tremendous effort to be good to you.

Your ex wants to prove that you two should be together again. When that’s the case, they will do just about anything to keep you impressed and interested.

#16 They Keep Paying Your Bills

Are you two on a shared cell phone plan? Does your ex know that you use their Netflix password, but they haven’t bothered to change it? Have they still been making payments for your car?

These gestures could mean that your ex is just a nice person. But chances are, these efforts extend beyond them just being generous!

If they’re still paying your way, they’re still taking care of you. And they’re probably hoping that you’ll notice what’s going on soon enough! 

11 Signs Your Ex Is Waiting for You 

Signs Your Ex Is Waiting for You 

How to know if he’ll come back after a break-up depends on a variety of factors. You may never really know for sure, but if he does some of the following actions, you’re probably on the right track!

#1 They Still Have Pictures Of You Posted 

Are you still in their main profile picture? Do they have lots of photos of the two of you together? 

Some people won’t delete the evidence of exes off their social media right away. But usually, within a few weeks, you can expect those pictures to be gone.

This is because when someone wants a fresh start, they don’t want other people to see their past relationship.

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And so, if your ex still has many pictures, it’s a clue they’re still holding onto you. They may even hope that you see the pictures as a sign that they’re waiting!  

#2 They Attend Events They Know You Will Attend

Let’s say you two made plans to attend a party several months ago. You’ve since broken up, but you’re all set to go to the event. You get there- and who shows up? Your ex!

If someone is waiting for you, they’re going to make themselves readily available. They will go to places where they know you’re likely to be.

They will also make an effort to spend time with people they don’t necessarily like just for another chance to talk to you.

#3 They Want to Be Friends

When someone is positively done with the relationship, they don’t want any contact with the other person. Instead, they make immense efforts to move on.

So, if your ex wants to be friends- and they make an ongoing effort to actually be your friend- it could mean they’re just giving you space. They may be waiting for you to remember how amazing they are and how happy you two were together.

#4 They Talk Candidly About Changes They’re Making

Did your ex start an exciting new job? Have they saved up enough money to buy the car? Did they lose the weight they complained about for years?

It’s one thing to better yourself after a relationship ends. Many people do that. But if you’re still friends and you can see how much they’re growing and improving, it could mean they’re making those changes for you. They’ve realized that you are worth them being their best selves!

#5 They Remind You About Important Dates

Does your ex still send you a message on your birthday? Did they spend Valentine’s Day sharing how special your last holiday was together? Did they say anything on your most recent anniversary?

If they’re dropping hints about dates, it means you’re still very much on their mind. In addition, they are probably hoping that you feel the same fondness about those times as they do!

#6 You Broke Up Awhile Ago & They’re Still Single

Most people prefer companionship. We’re wired for relationships, and we tend to seek opportunities for love and connection.

As mentioned, it certainly takes time to heal from a relationship. But most people start feeling better after about a year.

So, if they’re still single several months or years after your breakup, it may signify that they can’t move on. In addition, they might be waiting for you to reach out!

Either way, they’re probably hopeful about the possibility that you two will reunite. So they’re making themselves available for that exciting opportunity.

#7 They Don’t Badmouth Your Current Partner

Although it may seem counterintuitive, your ex may present as supportive of your new relationship. That’s because they don’t want to come across as controlling, possessive, or jealous. 

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If your ex wants to get back with you, they won’t have a problem waiting for you to come around. They’ll often present as incredibly patient and supportive because they know you’re still figuring out what you want to do next. 

#8 They Do Express Their Concerns

Even if your ex doesn’t criticize your current partner, they won’t hold back when it comes to sharing how protective they feel over you. They want to make sure you’re being treated right.

And so, if they have concerns about a potential partner (or even a friend), they’ll make it known.

So pay attention to those seemingly innocent comments about how you deserve better. That’s because they fully believe you do deserve to have the best things in life!

#9 They Send You Nostalgic Messages

Has your ex recently contacted you with a random inside joke? Did they send you a silly picture because the content reminded you of them? 

If so, it means they’re feeling nostalgic about the relationship. By sharing their nostalgia, they’re hoping that you feel some of that warmth associated with your old memories.

And they’re betting that feeling that “warmth” will make you reconsider the two of you together.

#10 They Tell Other People

Has your best friend admitted that your ex confessed missing you? Has a random coworker told you that your ex contacted them about your relationship?

If so, efforts to reach out to other people may mean they’re trying to gain access to you. They just might not be ready to make that first contact.

#11 They Tell You!

Some exes will just be direct about their intentions. They might make it known that they’re waiting for you to come around. They make their desires known, and they are upfront about it.

If that’s the case, you have all the evidence you need!

What Are the Chances an Ex Will Come Back?

What Are the Chances an Ex Will Come Back?

There isn’t a specific formula for knowing if and when an ex will return to your life. However, here are some situations that could increase the chance of reconnection occurring.

They Suddenly Want to Meet Up

Has your ex contacted you out-of-the-blue? Do they want to talk about “something in-person,” and they won’t give you further details over the phone or via text?

If so, it means they have something serious to address. With that in mind, it could indicate they want to talk about the possibility of getting back together.

If they emphasize the importance of having the conversation face-to-face, it means they probably want to gauge your reaction and have a meaningful discussion.

Neither of You Remembers Why You Really Broke Up

Maybe you two have talked here and there about the relationship. You are both amicable with one another, and when you really think about it, you can’t exactly pinpoint why things have ended.

If this is the case, it’s likely that your ex may come back. They may feel like you two need to give things another chance, especially if you two naturally share good chemistry together. 

They Have Moved Closer to You

Long-distance relationships are undoubtedly challenging. How to know if your ex wants you back lies in what they’re actively doing to get you back. 

Relocation is one of the greatest sacrifices a person can make. Therefore, if they’re willing to move closer to you, it means they want the relationship to work.

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They Complain About Dating

Has your ex complained about dating directly to you? Or have you seen evidence of this frustration on social media or through interactions with mutual friends?

If someone is trying to move on, they won’t let their ex know they’re having a hard time. If anything, they often want to prove how well they’re doing.

But if they want to get back together, the opposite is usually true. They have no problem acknowledging how challenging dating is. 

Do Exes Come Back When You Least Expect It?

Do Exes Come Back When You Least Expect It?

Do you want to learn how to know if he’ll come back after a break-up? Do some reunifications happen totally out-of-the-blue? 

Yes, some exes come back when you least expect it. For example, your ex may contact you several years after the break-up.

They might have dated other people, only to realize that nobody else makes them happier. Or, they may have heard about what you were doing, and it provoked them to want to reach out.

With social media making communication so accessible, it’s never been easier to reconnect with an ex.

In some ways, this is a bad thing, especially if you want to move on completely. But in other cases, if you’re hoping to reconnect, this open door makes that option more likely.

And keep in mind that communication isn’t a one-way street! If you want to talk to your ex, there’s no reason you can’t be the one to initiate that first contact! 

How Do You Know When Your Ex Will Not Come Back?

how do you know when your ex will not come back

Now that you know some of the main signs you’ll get back together, how can you tell your ex isn’t coming back?

First, never say never. People have a way of surprising each other, and nobody can read into the future accurately.  But here are some key signs that your ex has probably moved on altogether.

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They Never Respond

If your ex has cut all contact with you, it means they’re trying to remove you from their life. Moreover, if they don’t give in to answering your calls or texts, they’re staying firm in their stance. 

They may be with someone else or just trying to avoid any communication- both of which indicate they don’t want to get back together. 

They Keep You Blocked

Some people will block their exes right after a breakup. But if they’re interested in getting back together (or just seeing what their ex is up to), they will unblock them.

But are you firmly blocked from all platforms? Has it been several months or years? If so, it’s a clear sign that they don’t want any evidence of you in their digital life. 

They’ve Returned Everything 

Have they given back even the smallest of things? Did they return the special gifts you gave them? If so, they don’t want any remnant of your personality in their home or their life.

They’re Marrying Someone Else 

It can be devastating to see that your ex has moved on, but marriage is one of the most important and special commitments a couple can make together.

Even if your ex hasn’t entirely moved on, them proposing (or saying yes) to someone else means they want a new life with a new person. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s only natural to wonder if your ex will eventually come back to you.

However, remember that, regardless of how they act, it’s important that you focus on what you want from a potential relationship ahead of time. 

After all, just because they come back doesn’t mean you two need to get together again.

And if you do decide to give things another chance, make sure you reflect on what needs to change to secure a happy future together. 

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