15 Telltale Signs He Will Marry You Someday

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“Does he want to marry me?” “Will he ever marry me?” “What if he doesn’t want to marry me? Questions like these will pop up in your head from time to time.

Especially if you have been dating or in a relationship for quite some time. You want to get into your guy’s brain to see what he is thinking.

You know how you feel about the topic, and you want to see if it matches his. Have a look at these telltale signs he will marry you someday.

How Do You Know He Sees You As His Future Wife?

When you enter a relationship, love will start to develop. When this occurs, it will produce all sorts of emotions and lead you to think about the future.

How Do You Know He Sees You As His Future Wife?

Men have future plans as well. You have to pay careful attention to all the signs that he is in love with you and is dying to make you his wife.

 For this reason, we’re providing both early and general telltale signs he wants to marry you soon. 

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6 Early Signs He wants to marry you

Early Signs He Wants To Marry You

#1 Increased touch

An increase in touch with your partner is an early sign that your man wants to marry you. A guy will go with ladies to increase his body count, then leave.

But not with you. He loves having passionate and incredible sex with you and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

He admires your body from head to toe and loves every part of it. Sasha Brown is a seasonal blogger and well-known author.

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According to her, when your man is ready to marry you, it feels like those early dates, back when you were both in the touchy phase of the relationship.

Your man takes the time to feel you up while you’re cooking, working, or he even massages your neck and feet.

This is a sign that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you and will do that through marriage.

#2 You’re always his plus one

“Babe, would you like to join me for Friday night bowling”? “My sister is getting married this weekend. Would you mind being my date?”

Want another early sign that your boyfriend is dying to marry you someday? He’ll always invite you everywhere he goes. A guy who is not serious about a lady wouldn’t bring her out on certain occasions.

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He’s not going to take her to special events around family. So when this happens, he sees you as a big part of his life and considers the relationship to be long-lasting. He wants to show you off to his family and friends.

He wants to show them that he’s serious about you. You’re the lady he wants to spend the rest of his life with, in the context of marriage.

#3 He makes sacrifices for you

When your boyfriend puts you first in everything he does may be an early sign. He would like to put a ring on your finger. He sees you are someone very permanent in his life whom he doesn’t want to let go of. 

Everything that your guy involves himself in, he will always have you in mind. He doesn’t only do stuff for the “I” but always for the “We.” Regardless of the magnitude of the situation, he always puts you first.

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Small as giving up his boys’ night once in a while to have dinner with you. Or even leaving his house to walk two miles to get to your crib. He is the best boyfriend in the world.

These sacrifices your guy is making in the early stage of your relationship are a prominent sign. They show that he wants things to be serious between you both. He would do whatever it takes to keep you in his arms happy!

#4 He tells you he wants to get married on the first date

A guy may tell you he would like to get married on the first date. This is because he sees something in you that he doesn’t see in other ladies. He might be joking when he says he wants to marry you.

But he is comfortable enough to use that word to you and would like to know how you feel about it.

Fellas, it is not advisable that you tell a lady you want to marry her on the first date. This is because you might be serious about what you’re saying, but she mightn’t take it so well.

It would give off the impression that you are very desperate. Or she might think you’re a con artist trying to gain something material from her.

#5 Always punctual

A man who respects your time is the type who wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Kirsten-Blackwood agrees that this may be logical. She agrees that a man being punctual is a sign that he is serious about you and the relationship.

A guy who cares about you will respect you and know how precious your time is. He wouldn’t keep you waiting long periods for him. If something comes up, he will make sure to contact you as soon as possible, noting that he will be a bit late.

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He will do this because he cares about your feelings. He will feel saddened if he lets you down in any way.

The carefree and don’t care attitude is a no-no for us ladies. A woman loves when men call or text when something comes up. Hon, you’re so fortunate that your man is always on time and never forgets to give you a call. Consider yourself blessed!

#6 He tells you you’ll be a wonderful wife and fantastic mother

When your man compliments you on someday being an incredible wife, it can be that he wants you to be HIS awesome wife.

Yes! I said it right, you to be HIS wife! He may also go on to compliment you on how great of a mother you will be. Why? Because someday he hopes that you will be the mother of his children.

Men are usually very skeptical about who they want the mother of their kids to be. And of course, he wants a lady who is a great wife and mother. Kudos to that! You should take this as an ultimate compliment.

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15 Signs He Will Marry You Someday

15 Signs he Will Marry You Someday

#1 He speaks about a future with you.

One of the telltale signs is when he imagines and talks about the future that involves you. He mightn’t have broken the question yet. But the constant conversations about future events are a sign that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

One of the main things he might discuss or bring up very often is growing old together. This is an important topic that you have to keep an eye out for.

If a guy sees you in his distant future, this means that he is waiting for the best and most romantic time. Then he will pop the question to you.

Besides, men don’t usually bring up stuff they don’t want any involvement in. So a guy may daydream and talk about what couch you guys will have in the living room. Or fantasize about the future trips to Dubai. This is a sign that he wants this relationship to last.

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Also, when a guy opens up to you about the future, be sure to pay attention to him. If you decide to downplay and avoid it, he will get the impression that you’re uninterested. He’ll think you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with him.

#2 He is crazy in love with you

Two persons should be in love if they’re in a relationship together. Unless you’re in the relationship hoping that something better comes on along the line.

When your man is all over you and cannot get enough of you is a sign that he will marry you someday. Also, guys get very soft and emotional when they’ve found the woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

They wouldn’t be shy or scared to express their feelings towards you. He is constantly spamming you on how much you mean you him and how special you are to his life.

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Does your boyfriend say “I love you” every 30 seconds? Does he hold your hands, kiss you and appreciate every inch of your body? The romance and affection are still there, like the first day you guys saw each other.

He will keep the romance alive in the relationship. He will surprise you for your birthday, your anniversary, or even an ordinary Sunday evening. Your ‘fiancé’ goes out of his way to make you feel special and be the sweetest boyfriend in the entire world.

#3 His decisions always involve you

Rohan Sinha agrees that when a guy involves you in major decisions in his life, it is a clear-cut sign. He someday wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Your guy may have asked you for your opinion on various issues.

For example, he may seek your input on something that happened at work or even the argument he had with his sister. Your guy may even include you in major purchases, such as a house or a car.

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Your man doesn’t only think about himself, but he always thinks about you in every decision he has to make in life. It is essential to him that his choices favor both you and him.

The general notion of marriage is two persons together as one unit. So, it is evident that your man is showing signs of you two becoming one. This signifies that he wants you to be a part of his life and fulfill that through marriage.

#4 He is eager for you to meet his family

Here’s another telltale sign that he will marry you in the future. He shows anticipation and joy when it’s time for you to meet his family. No guy wants to waste his time answering questions about his girl to his mom or any family member.

So, if he has introduced you to his closest relatives, this is a signal. He thinks you guys have a great future together!

Is he always boasting about how awesome you are to his family members? Does he behave like you’re the best woman in the world? This is a positive sign that your guy is not ashamed but proud to be with you. He’s hoping that one day in the future, he will get to marry you.

#5 He involves you in plans with his friends

Like meeting his family, a guy would also be ecstatic for you, as his future wife, to meet his friends. Your man will take you out everywhere and introduce you to his friends. It means that he wants you to familiarize yourself with his circle. He wants you to be close to the persons he cares about.

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He wants to show all his friends the person he has decided to spend the rest of his life with. This is a clear sign that he will marry you someday in the future. Besides, his friends will be very caring, accommodating, and hospitable. They’ll treat you well whenever you’re around because they know you’re the one for their pal.

#6 He wants to live together

Your man wanting to live together is a telltale sign that he will marry you one day in the future. Cohabiting is a big step. Especially if you’re buying the place, it will be a fixed asset in your relationship.

Whew, this is a significant step! Living with your partner is like being married to him. When you live with someone, you get to know them better. You also become more acquainted with their daily habits and traits.

All in all, you need to figure out why your partner projected the idea of living together. Don’t draw any conclusions at this point. He might only want to move in with you so that you guys can share the bills. This is not a sign that he is willing to settle down with you and marry you someday.

But, he may have proposed the idea of moving in together to get to know you better or spend more time with you. If so, he has big plans at the back of his head to spend the rest of his life with you. Congrats sis!

#7 You both share finances

Marriage is a huge commitment. It’s a big deal when a guy decides to share his finances with his significant other. It is a great sign that he plans to spend his future with you.

Men are usually very guarded with their resources and don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands. So why you? Because he sees you as wifey material and entrusts you with his wealth, resources, and assets.

Otherwise, he would not have suggested opening a joint bank account. Nor would he be open to investing in a piece of property together. Yes, ma’am, this is a very huge deal! So, is your man sharing a large amount of his income with you? Then he is for sure considering making you, my love, his lawfully wedded wife!

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#8 You man is always there for you/consistent

Do you notice that he’s always present when you’re going through a lot? Does he offer to run go buys pads at the pharmacy when your period shows up? Is he willing to stick beside you when times are tough?

This is a man to keep! Men understand that marriage is not a smooth sailing ship. They know that there will be rough waves along this ride. If he can stand by in turbulent times, he is very committed to the relationship and is in it for the long haul.

Amy Hartle is a frequent and well-known blogger on relationships. According to her, you can measure the strength and quality of a relationship.

You do so by looking at the commitment shown during stressful periods. The truth of the matter is that when times get rough, our first instinct is to leave.

But if your man doesn’t even think about leaving you when times are not the best is a sign that he is the one for you! And you definitely shouldn’t let him go; he is a keeper and should remain in your life ’till death do us part.’

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#9 He is okay with sharing stuff with you

Is your man okay with sharing his personal belongings with you? That is a possible sign that one day in the future, he will marry you. Do you have stuff at his place, and every time you go over, it feels like home?

On the other hand, if your man is very protective of his belongings doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. It can be that he isn’t at that stage in the relationship to begin sharing stuff with you on that level.

A guy who wants to marry you will trust you with all his belongings. He will develop a sense of dependence and reliance on you. If you borrow his car and credit card for the day, he trusts that you won’t abuse either privilege. He’s confident that he will get the car back in one piece and that you won’t spend money on unnecessary items.

#10 He opens up to you

Does your significant other confide in you about matters that are personal to him? That is an unmistakable signal that he trusts you. Ladies, a guy who wants to get married to you will open up to you. But first, he has to know you care. He must feel an emotional connection to you.

Furthermore, your guy will start asking your opinion on everything. You should let him know that you may not be able to fix his problem from time to time.

But always remember that you’re by his side through it all. He should know that you appreciate him coming to you. You can encourage him to do it more often by reciprocating.

A guy may come to you with problems at work, family drama, or a fight with his best friend. Know that he trusts you with this information, hence the reason he confided in you. 

#11 He is dropping hints

This may be one of the most obvious signs that he will marry you someday. So you need to pay attention to all the signals, big or small. That’s how you’ll know your man is planning one of the most spectacular proposals of all time. Or, you can leave it for him to surprise you with it.

Listen to what he’s saying and pay attention to his action. Is your man asking about your ring size? Is he inquiring about your preferred diamond cut?

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Whew, this is exciting! Girl, your man has been ring-shopping for you. You even notice that he is staying in contact with your friends more than usual.

Or he may even go shopping alone. These are signs that you need to look out for to know if your man is planning his proposal for you. #Excited

#12 He asks about your dream wedding

If a man is ready to get married, question formats will go from ‘when’ and ‘if’ to a specific and actual arrangement.

Without even discussing marriage, you’ll know he’s thinking about the upcoming wedding day. He may try to put it in a joke form and ask that you compare your dream wedding five years ago to the present.

For example, he may ask, do you prefer a traditional or destination wedding? Know that your man has a trick up his sleeve! These are all signals you need to note. He’s going to propose to you in the future and more than likely very soon!

#13 He helps you become a better you

A man who wants to marry a woman would like her to become a better version of herself. He would ensure that your mental health is stable and everything is okay with you.

He wants to be sure that everything is all right at work, with your friends, and even with your family. Your future husband wants to always be there for you and be by your side. You should appreciate your man for those kind gestures.

He’d like you to become your best self and, as a result, is a sign that someday in the future, he wants you to be his wife.

#14 He speaks about having kids with you

There are very traditional men out there who will impregnate a woman only when they get married. Such a man will talk or joke about your future kid’s names and how many children you want to have.

Why? Your man is looking to consider the maternal side of the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

It is essential to understand that it takes a lot of commitment and dedication to raise a child. For this reason, if a guy often talks about you having his babies is a good sign.

He wants to spend the rest of his life with you and will do that in the context of marriage. #Emotional

#15 He says he wants to marry you

If a man says he wants to marry you even as a joke, he is very comfortable talking about marriage with you. This means that he loves you and he is ready to settle down and build a serious relationship.

Also, he believes that you’re an essential aspect of his life, and he wants a long-term commitment. If you feel the same way that he does, it’s safe to say that you will get a proposal soon. #OMG

How long does it take a man to realize he wants to marry you?

You’re ready for marriage, but you’re not sure if your partner is on the same page with you. Here are a few tips:

If you are not seeing the signs we’ve mentioned so far, you may be worrying and beginning to get yourself worked up. But please calm down, honey.

There isn’t a fixed time that a man takes to figure out if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Every guy is not the same, and hence they will all have different times frames to answer this question.

According to journalist Louise Jackson, he may have to ruin your relationship first. That might be what it takes to realize he loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

As of now, you can sit your boyfriend down and conduct an earnest conversation with him. With this, you can express all your feelings, fears, and worries.

You will get a better sense and understanding of his feelings. This would help you both to decide on the way forward for the relationship.

It can be that he hasn’t had much thought about marriage. It might be because of other reasons, such as finance. Or it might be something very personal to him, and he’s only waiting on the right time.

So it’s very good of you to take the initiative to speak on it. In this way, you can find out the ways that are hindering him. So you guys can work as a team to solve any problem that comes your way.

How do you know if he sees you as wife material?

1. He enjoys your cooking

As the saying goes, ‘the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ Well, this is very much true. Some marriages depend on the ability of the wife to provide a decent dish to her husband.

A man won’t tell his girlfriend her cooking is terrible. But if he commends you on how delicious your meals are, you’re up by 10 levels!

2. Very comfortable around you

Being comfortable around you doesn’t mean to the point he takes advantage of you. This means that he is comfortable enough to be his authentic self in your presence.

This is the reality for every guy. They wouldn’t want to have to change their behaviors and activities to impress you. So, if your man has a level of comfort around you, he sees you as wifey-material.

3. Taking things slow

As we’ve mentioned before, some guys only go with girls to increase their body count. But not with you. Why would a guy decide to take things slow with you?

Because he thinks you two both have a long-term future together. Bryan Zarpentine, a well-known relationship author, agrees. He says that marriage is a marathon and not a sprint.

He concluded that if your man isn’t in a rush, he thinks that he has a chance to put a ring on your finger one day. 

4. Trying to improve himself for you

When a guy turns away from his old bad habits, it is a good sign. You have rubbed off a very positive influence on him.

Guys love when their girl push them to be their best self and to reach their full potential. If a guy finds a woman who portrays this quality one day, he won’t let her go.

Without a doubt, sees you as wifey-material.

5. He loves you for your personality and not for your physical appearance

A definite sign that your man sees you as wifey-material is that he loves you for the person you are. His love is not about your physical features.

Men would consider ladies who are kind, decent, and respectful. They also look to ladies who generally have a good personality as wifey material. For example, a guy would love to spend the rest of his life with someone polite.

Do you show respect to the server at the restaurant? Or do you say “please” and “thank you?” Many guys find these qualities to be endearing.

Inner beauty is the #1 quality that a guy would consider wifey-material!

6. You confront him when he’s wrong

Married life is not only about waking up next to each other and enjoying a great breakfast. There will be rough paths along this journey. And any guy would want a girl to pull him up on his foolish behaviors.

No guy wants a girl to agree with everything he says. He wants you to put him in his place on his wrongdoing.

A guy may be very annoyed by you going against him. Deep down, he will appreciate the fact that you corrected his wrongdoings. He might consider that trait wifely!

How do you know if he will never marry you?

Your man came to you informing you that he doesn’t believe in marriage. And as a result, he will not be getting married to you or anyone else. What do you do? #Tragic

First, you need to have a solemn conversation about this situation with your partner. You need to find out and understand exactly where he is coming from and decide upon your course of action right then and there.

You have two choices from here on:

  • Either you accept the fact that he doesn’t want to GET married and stick beside him regardless.
  • Or you accept the fact and end it off with him forever.

Both these decisions would be very heart-breaking. But you must do a crucial analysis and make a firm decision that is in your best interest. This may be a tough decision you would have to make in life.

But remember, it is essential to make your decision right after you find out the truth. Let it help steer your direction moving on in life.


Getting married is a huge commitment that a person has to make in life. It can mean the world to you or the bare minimum. Still, it is essential to decide based on your judgment, needs, and morals.

You should not over-think a situation. You must discuss the topic of marriage with your partner. If he doesn’t want to engage in marital relations, do not force it. If he’s on the same page, congratulations! Nonetheless, ‘It is, what it is!’ and ‘What’s meant to be, will be!’

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