15 Signs A Woman Is Flirting With Your Husband

Women always know when another woman is flirting with her husband because they recognize the mating call. 

Signs a woman is flirting with your husband include:

  • Making eye contact with him.
  • Twirling her hair and tilting her head.
  • Laughing at everything he says. 

Flirting isn’t going anywhere; men and women will always be attracted to each other whether they’re married. The problem is when it’s done in your face.

It can be extremely frustrating to watch another woman flirt with your husband. Still, you must gracefully handle the situation to avoid being labeled as the bitter, jealous wife. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to tell if a woman is interested in your husband, how to handle the situation and signs that your husband is attracted to the woman who’s flirting with him.

15 Signs A Woman Is Flirting With Your Husband

Another woman flirting with your husband when she knows he’s married is unacceptable.

But unfortunately, some females take great pride in being home wreckers. You will know if a woman is flirting with your husband if she keeps making eye contact, twirls her hair and tilts her head during the conversation, or laughs at everything he says.

Keep reading for further insight into the signs that a woman is flirting with your husband.

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15 Signs A Woman Is Flirting With Your Husband

#1 She Keeps Making Eye Contact With Him

Everyone makes eye contact when they’re having a conversation.

But when a woman is flirting, she takes eye contact to the next level. While he’s talking, she’ll stare at him with great intensity as if she’s undressing him with her eyes. She will then look down and blink excessively.

To add fuel to the fire, she’ll bite her lip; according to body language experts, lip biting is an undeniable sign a woman is interested in you.

Finally, she lets a man know she wants to kiss him by drawing attention to her lips. 

#2 She Twirls Her Hair And Tilts Her Head

When women flirt with men, they are known to play with their hair. They will take a strand and twirl it around their finger at the same time as tilting their head.

Playing with their hair is a way of getting a man’s attention and letting him know she’s attracted to him. 

study published by Evolutionary Psychology found that women who tilt their heads forwards are considered more attractive.

If she’s aware of this, it’s a killer combination for flirting. 

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#3 She Laughs At Everything He Says

You know full well your husband is no stand-up comedian. But to the woman flirting with him, he’s the funniest person in the world.

Men get a kick out of making women laugh, and women know this.


#3 She Laughs At Everything He Says

So if another female is trying to reel your husband in, a great way is to stroke his ego by laughing at every little thing he says.

#4 She Touches Him During Conversation

Another woman touching your husband will infuriate you to no end. How dare she put her grubby little paws on your man! 

But touching is a great flirting technique because it’s instinctive and primal. Moreover, it can intensify sexual chemistry because it stimulates the release of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. 

The bottom line is that women won’t touch men they are not attracted to because they are well aware of how sexual they are and don’t want to give off the wrong vibes by touching them.

But with your husband, she feels the need to touch his arm every other sentence.

#5 She’s Always Got Her Cleavage Out

Let’s say the woman flirting with your husband works with him, and every so often, you pick him up from his job. 

Whether it’s sunny, raining, or anything in between, this female is always wearing a skimpy little outfit with her cleavage hanging out. 

She feels the need to walk him to your car and hug him goodbye, shamelessly pressing her chest against him in your face! 

#6 She Completely Ignores You

Even though your husband has introduced you to her on several occasions, she completely ignores you whenever she sees you. 

If she does say hi, she says it with her nose turned up to the sky like she doesn’t even want to acknowledge your presence.

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#6 She Completely Ignores You

Nevertheless, she’s all over your husband and makes certain you have a full view of the action. 

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#7 She’s Always Complimenting Him

Women aren’t the only ones who love being complimented. Men thrive on praise, and I don’t mean telling them how good-looking they are. Instead, they like being told that they make women feel good. 

So she’s constantly saying things to him like, “You make me feel so safe,” or “I’m so proud of you for closing that deal.” A woman like this is dangerous because what she’s doing triggers his hero instinct. The hero instinct is based on men’s need to feel needed. 

He wants to make full use of his masculinity, and when a woman makes him feel like she needs him, it drives him insane. So this woman is pulling all the tricks out of her bag.

She’s hoping he’s got a wife that doesn’t give him what he needs so that he’ll take the bait when she feeds it to him. 

#8 She Sends Him Late Night Text Messages

She knows full well that he’s in bed lying next to you, but she feels the need to send him heart emoji good night text messages at 11 pm. 

Any flirting with a married man is totally unacceptable, but this is taking things way too far. By sending him flirty late-night text messages, she’s indirectly telling you she has zero respect for you or your marriage. 

She wants your husband, and she will do everything in her power to take him from you! 

#9 Raised Eyebrows Around Him

Anytime she’s around your husband, her eyebrows are always raised. You may have thought that she had too much botox until you read this. 

But no, according to author and sex expert Tracy Cox, lifting the eyebrows is one way of signaling romantic interest. 

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#10 She’s Always Smiling Around Him

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a smiley person. We all want to be around people with a light heart and positive vibes. 

But there’s a certain uncontrollable smile that females get when they’ve got the hots for someone. I mean, they literally can’t stop smiling. 

It’s a Cheshire cat grin from ear to ear because she’s just so happy to be around your husband.

Not only is she always smiling, but she’s excited and relaxed around him, sort of like the way a schoolgirl acts when she’s around her crush. 

#11 She Tries Too Hard To Get His Attention

From flirting with other men to pretending as if she’s having a crisis, this woman is relentless and will stop at nothing to get your husband’s attention. She always needs your husband’s help with something. 

#11 She Tries Too Hard To Get His Attention

At one work function, she rushes up to him while you’re in the middle of a conversation, drags him by the hand, and runs off with him because there’s an emergency. 

When he returned, the emergency was that one of his colleagues threw up because he’d had too much to drink! 

Go figure! And to make matters worse, there were already people there helping him. 

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#12 She Sits Way Too Close To Him

This woman is literally shameless. Your husband has invited you to his Christmas dinner party. 

She comes and plonks herself right next to him and has the audacity to scoot her chair as close to him as possible. 

She then turns and faces him when she’s speaking to him, so her chest is pressed against his arm. You are not imagining things; she is flirting with your husband in your face!

#13 She Blushes In His Presence

Blushing is an unconscious emotional reaction to the person you’re attracted to. 

When you think someone’s hot, adrenaline is released into the bloodstream, and the veins dilate. This causes blood to rush to the skin’s surface, hence the red cheeks. 

So, if she’s blushing and displaying other body language that indicates flirting, such as twirling her hair or biting her lips, she’s definitely flirting with your husband. 

#14 Where Is Her Purse?

This is an interesting indication that a woman is attracted to a man that not many people know about. 

Where her purse is located will tell you a lot about what she wants when a woman is in the presence of your husband.

#14 Where Is Her Purse?

When a woman doesn’t feel comfortable in a social situation, or she’s having a conversation with a man who is attracted to her, but she’s not attracted to him, she will either try and cover her body by positioning her purse in front of her, or she’ll grab hold of her purse. 

But when she’s attracted to a man, she doesn’t want anything to get in between them, so she’ll either move her bag out of the way or hold onto it loosely to indicate that she feels relaxed and comfortable. 

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#15 She Copies Everything You Do

Well, you know what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. She’s tried everything possible to get his attention, but nothing is working. 

She’s realized that he’s totally in love with his wife, and she can’t sway him.

So her final attempt is to copy everything you do. Suddenly, you notice she’s started dressing like you, cut and dyed her hair like yours. You’re taking a cooking course, and so is she. 

She’s actually taken her flirting a bit too far and is giving you bunny boiler vibes. But she really does believe that if she’s a carbon copy of you, your husband will be attracted to her. 

What Do You Do When A Woman Flirts With Your Husband?

As much as you want to kick off when a woman flirts with your husband, she’s not the person you need to speak to. 

Your first step should be not to take it seriously; second, have a word with your husband; third, don’t allow it to make you insecure. Keep reading to find out what to do when a woman flirts with your husband.

What Do You Do When A Woman Flirts With Your Husband?

#1 Don’t Take It Seriously

Congratulations! At least your husband has still got it going on! I know you don’t want to have hoards of women chasing after your partner, but it shows you’ve got good taste in men. 

It would be best if you didn’t take other women flirting with your husband seriously because it’s going to happen whether you like it or not.

Women will flirt with him at work, at the grocery store, at the gym, and wherever the male and female species congregate. 

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Basically, instead of getting your knickers in a twist, take women flirting with your husband with a pinch of salt, or you’ll end up with gray hair before your time. 

#2 Have A Word With Your Husband

Some men can be a bit naive when women flirt with them, especially if it’s not in your face flirting. But women can spot it a mile off, in particular when it’s her man the other woman is flirting with. 

So if the woman is flirting with your husband in your face or she’s having a conversation with him over the phone, wait until the time is right and have a word with him. 

Don’t act all jealous and interrupt the conversation, get him on his own and explain that he might not be able to see it, but the woman he’s talking to is flirting with him, and you would appreciate it if he made it clear to her that he was married, or didn’t say anything to encourage her behavior. 

#3 Remain Calm

There’s no point in getting your knickers in a twist about a woman flirting with your husband; not only is it a waste of energy, but it will distort your thinking. 

I know it’s frustrating having a woman flirt with your husband in your face, but acting the fool will only make you look like a fool.

You don’t want to embarrass yourself or your husband, and neither do you want to give him a reason to run into the arms of the flirting damsel. 

There’s nothing worse than a woman acting like a screaming banshee to a man. 

#4 Speak To Someone About It

If you don’t feel ready to confront your husband about the women who keep flirting with him when you’re around, speak to a trusted friend or family member about it. 

Watching women swoon over your husband must be frustrating to say the least; instead of keeping your feelings to yourself, talk to someone about it. 

They may be able to give you a different perspective on the matter. Additionally, you won’t feel like you’re dealing with it alone. 

#5 Create Boundaries

As mentioned, some men are not good at detecting whether a woman is flirting with him, so it may get to a point where you’ll need to take matters into your own hands and draw a line in the sand. 

One way to create boundaries when you’re present is to take control of the conversation. Although the woman is asking your husband questions, be quick to answer on his behalf. 

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She will soon get the message that her presence is not welcome. Or, if she’s the touchy feely type, say in a very calm and measured tone, “darling, I’m the only woman who gets to put their hands on my husband.”

#6 Don’t Allow It To Make You Insecure

As mentioned, women are going to flirt with your husband whether you are there or not. 

It’s important that you don’t let it get to you to the point of you feeling as if these women are competition to you because they’re not. 

Even if he does go off and have an affair, your husband’s inability to control himself has nothing to do with you. 

If women flirting with your partner makes you uncomfortable, start focusing more on becoming the best version of yourself and giving your husband something to drool over. 

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How Do You Know If Your Husband Is Interested In Another Woman?

Unfortunately, some women flirt with married men because they’ve given them the green light. 

There are several signs that your husband is interested in another woman, including having secret conversations, getting too friendly on social media, and changing his appearance.

Keep reading to find out the main signs that your husband is interested in another woman.

How Do You Know If Your Husband Is Interested In Another Woman?

#1 He Has Secret Conversations

Your husband typically speaks freely on the phone, he’ll answer calls when you’re in the room, and he never whispers. 

But recently, he’s been leaving the room when the phone rings and making sure he’s on the other side of the house before he starts having a conversation. 

And when he does start talking, he’s whispering, and he laughs a lot. Sometimes, he’ll claim he’s going to the store despite the fact the fridge is full! 

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#2 He’s Getting Too Friendly With A Woman On Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest places for a man to get caught flirting with another woman. 

Even if you don’t have access to his account, you can catch him out just by randomly scrolling. So you see, whoever you follow and follow you when you like or comment on a post when you come across it will let you know your followers who have liked or commented on the same post. 

If your husband is interested in another woman, one of the signs is that he’s being too complimentary with another woman on social media. Liking posts isn’t a problem, but commenting on how sexy they are is.

#3 He Has Changed His Appearance

There are several things a man will do when he’s attracted to a woman, and one of them is he changes his appearance. For example, he might shave it or start growing his hair if he’s got a beard. 

He might also start buying new clothes that he typically wouldn’t buy. In other words, he’s trying to become the person he thinks this woman he’s interested in will like.

You may find that he’s changed his aftershave because that’s what his crush prefers. 

#4 He Always Has His Eye On Her

Pay attention to your husband when he’s in a group setting with the woman you suspect he’s attracted to. 

His body language will tell you everything you need to know. But, first, where is his gaze when everyone is laughing? 

According to the experts, when everyone is laughing in a group setting, you’ll look at them the most when you’re attracted to someone. 

Another sign you should look out for is who he is facing when standing up with a group of people. 

For example, even though his friend John is doing all the talking, his feet and his chest are facing the woman you suspect he’s attracted to. 

#5 He Acts Different Around Her

It’s normal to alter your behavior slightly when in a social setting. However, your husband might act nervous when he’s around her. 

He’ll be acting extra fidgety not only because he’s attracted to her but because he’s trying to hide it from you that he’s attracted to her. 

#6 He’s Always Helping Her Out

A husband should have more than enough to do serving his family. Instead, he’s running around helping a random single lady out in the name of goodwill. 

One weekend, she needed help clearing out her garage; the next, her car broke down on the highway; her fence blew over in the wind. 

It seems that every week this woman needs his help with something. So he’s basically spending all his free time doing favors for this woman.

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#7 Defensive Behavior When You Ask About Her

You’ve been observing his behavior around this woman for a while, and you decide to ask him questions about what’s going on. 

Instead of giving you a simple answer, he gets defensive and borderline aggressive about it. This is a form of deflection; he feels guilty about his feelings for her, so he plays it off by getting defensive. 

Final Thought

As I’ve mentioned, women flirting with your husband isn’t your problem. Unfortunately, some women don’t care that a man is married and will intentionally go after him because he’s unavailable.

My advice is that if another woman can take your husband, he wasn’t worth keeping in the first place, and he most definitely doesn’t deserve you. 

The long and short of it is don’t waste your time and energy worrying about the things you can’t control. Instead, focus on your goals, dreams, and aspirations. 

If your husband is paying attention to other women, with you on your A-game, it won’t be long before he gives all that up and comes running back to you.

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