23 Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text

If you want to know whether a girl is into you through the text messages she sends, you’ll find out everything you need to know in this article.

Have you ever been so into a girl that every text she sends you keep reading it, wishing and hoping that you’ll find cryptic clues about how she feels about you? 

Well, you’re not alone. Since text messaging are the preferred mode of communication, it’s not uncommon for people to tell each other how they feel when communicating via phone.

The good news is that when you know how to read between the lines what she is trying to tell you, it will become pretty clear.

Here are 23 signs a girl likes you over text. 

#1 She Sends Flirty Emojis

Emojis are a big giveaway; they’re like the body language of text messages.

They say more than words. The most common flirty emojis are as follows: The hugging smiling face means she wants to hug you, and she’ll be smiling while she’s doing it.

She Sends Flirty Emojis

The blushing smiley face emoji means you’ve given her a reason to blush.

She thinks you’re hot if she sends the heart-eye face emoji. If she finds you funny (which is awesome, by the way), she’ll send the crying-with-laughter emoji.

And if she’s feeling really bold, she’ll send the kiss face emoji, which could be a sign she wants to lock lips with you the next time you see her. 

#2 She Keeps The Conversation Going

A conversation is like a game of tennis. When two people want to get to know each other, they will keep talking to find out more details about each other.

She Keeps The Conversation Going

Of course, you can’t go into too much detail over text, but a lot can be said. So, if your conversation flows, there’s a high chance your she is interested in you. 

#3 She Sends You Selfies

She always sends you selfies when she’s going out with the girls or celebrating something and looks good.

It’s important to mention that women don’t just send their photos to random guys.

She Sends You Selfies

They only send them to the men they’ve got the hots for because they want a response.

She wants you to pay attention to her and forget about any other girls you might be talking to because she’s confident that she’s the hottest.

If she’s feeling really brave, she might even send you a bikini selfie, so you know exactly what you’re getting. 

#4 She Texts About Random Stuff

Does she send you text messages throughout the day about random stuff?

She’s not asking a question or checking up on you, but she might text about the TV show she’s watching or how her manager just tripped on the rug and spilled her coffee everywhere.

She Texts About Random Stuff

Or how she’s sitting next to a man on the train who’s snoring really loudly. Random text messages are a sign that she feels comfortable around you. 

Sometimes the problem with random texts is that you don’t know how to respond. It’s simple when someone asks a question or if you’re already talking about something. 

However, random stuff is a great way to segue into flirting, which will also let you test the waters and get a better idea of whether she likes you or not.

#5 She Doesn’t Give You One-Word Answers

When a girl replies to your text messages with one-word answers, you might as well accept defeat because she’s not interested in you.

To make sure she doesn’t lead you on and you don’t get the wrong idea, she will keep it short and sweet.

She Doesn't Give You One-Word Answers 

On the other hand, a girl who likes a guy will never give him a one-word answer because she wants him to know she’s interested.

If she’s busy when you text, she might text back that she’s busy at the moment, so she’ll message you later because she doesn’t want you to feel as if she’s blowing you off.

When a female is not into playing games, she won’t leave you hanging. 

#6 She Asks You Questions

Women ask questions when they want to know more about the guy they’re interested in.

She Asks You Questions

Even though she finds you attractive, she wants to know if you’ve actually got a connection before she starts getting too excited about you. Here are five common questions she might ask over text:

#1 Did you hear about…?

One way to find out if you’ve got the same interests in someone is to ask if they’ve heard about something that’s important to them.

It might be about a new restaurant in town, her favorite band might be having a concert, or she might ask if you’ve heard about a current event she’s passionate about.

If your lady friend has been asking if you’ve heard about this or that, she’s trying to get to know you more. 

#2 What do you like to do to relax?

She’s asking about your personal hobbies and interests because she wants to know if she can vibe with you.

Everyone has a different idea of relaxing. To her, it might be lying in bed and watching movies for the evening.

For you, it might be going for a hike in the mountains. 

#3 What do you consider a major turn-off?

She wants to know how picky you are with a question like this. Some men can be quite childish when things turn them off, so women like to know before they fall too deep.

What do you consider a major turn off

For example, a lot of men have double standards; they might say their biggest turn-off is a woman who has had too many sexual partners. Meanwhile, they’ve slept with over one hundred women!

#4 What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a girl?

There’s no doubt women like romantic men, and they want to know whether you’re the type who will wine and dine them.

If she’s asking you this question, she wants to know what your idea of romanticism is. If you say something like, you took a woman on a hot air balloon date, she’ll probably be impressed.

But if your idea of romance is taking a girl to Mcdonald’s, there’s a high chance you won’t hear from her again. You might find our article about ‘romantic questions to ask your partner helpful.

Now, it doesn’t actually matter if you’ve done something very romantic with another girl. What’s important is to show her you are romantic.

There’re lots of ways of hinting you’re a romantic, and it’s important to figure out what works best for your personality and lifestyle. 

#5 Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Some men get nervous when women ask them this question because of what they think she’s asking. After all, she wants to know whether you see her in your future.

Where do you see yourself in five years' time

But typically, that’s not the case. What she’s really interested in is how serious you are as a person.

Do you have a vision for your life? Or are you just coasting along and hoping for the best? 

#7 She Compliments You

Compliments from a woman always come from a good place, so make sure you welcome them with open arms.

They’re also an invitation for you to delve deeper into how she feels about you. Let’s say she says something like, “You’re such a decent guy. Any woman would be so blessed to have you.”

She Compliments You

You can reply with, “Does that include you?” She’ll probably say yes, and at that point, you can ask her out on a date.

When she compliments you by saying, “You’re so awesome, you’re definitely in my list of top ten people.” Follow up with, “What number am I on the list?”

Since this is probably her way of getting you to step your game up, she might list you at number five. You can then ask her what you need to do to get to number one. 

#8 She Mirrors Your Communication Style

According to body language experts, when two people are attracted to each other, they mirror each other’s body language.

They will stand or sit in the same way or copy each other’s movements. For example, if you take a sip of your coffee, so will the woman you’re on a date with.

She Mirrors Your Communication Style

Or she’ll do the same thing if you run your fingers through your hair. The same applies to text messages.

Although she’s not mirroring your body language, she’s mirroring your communication style. So if you send a heart emoji, she’ll send one back.

Or if you send a hugging emoji, she’ll send one back. Basically, she’s matching your energy and letting you know she’s on the same page as you.

#9 She Texts You Morning and Night

When a woman texts you as soon as she wakes up in the morning and before she goes to bed at night, she’s definitely into you.

Basically, she’s telling you that you’re on her mind all the time, and she is more than comfortable letting you know this. 

One thing to keep in mind is that these messages can get pretty boring/monotonous, and if you’re both not meeting often enough, you run the risk of killing the tension and chemistry between each other.

It’s a good idea to use these messages to segue into more interesting conversations. If you need some tips helping you come up with a texting persona that fits your personality, you should try getting in touch with a professional.

#10 She Texts You First

If you met a girl on a night out and you exchanged numbers, if she texts you first, it’s a sign that you impressed her, and she wants to get things moving.

She Texts You First

If she’s doing the dating thing and she got a couple of guys’ numbers who also made a good impression, she will want to start the weeding-out process as soon as possible.

So although she does like you and thinks you’re cute, she wants to know whether you’re the type of guy she would have a relationship with, and the only way to do this is if she gets to know you. 

#11 She Takes The Conversation Deeper

In general, people have superficial conversations when they first meet. They ask generic questions to keep things light and avoid digging too deep.

But when a woman likes a man, and she wants to know how he thinks, she will take the conversation deeper by asking thought-provoking questions that will require you to think before you respond.

If she’s religious, she’ll ask about your religious beliefs. If she’s into politics, she’ll ask about your political leaning.

You won’t be able to get away with telling her what she wants to hear, and it’s best to be honest, or you won’t be able to be yourself. 

#12 She Doesn’t Keep You Hanging

Have you ever text a girl and didn’t get a response until two days later? She had some lame excuse as to why it took her so long, but the real reason was because she was playing hard to get and wanted you to chase her.

She Doesn't Keep You Hanging

But a woman who doesn’t have time for silly games won’t keep you hanging when you text her.

If she can’t text you back straight away, she’ll do so as soon as she’s free, and she’ll give you a legitimate reason as to why it took her a while to get back to you. 

#13 She Shows You She Cares

There are several ways a woman can show that she cares about you through text. Here are five of them:

#1 She wants to know how your day went

People ask each other how their day went out of habit, and unless something really dramatic happened, the response is usually something like, “not bad,” or, “it was fine, just a regular day.”

But when a woman cares about you, she’ll ask you to get specific and give her a rundown of your day.

And while you’re giving the run down, she’ll ask further questions to get better insight into how your day went. 

#2 She encourages you

If you’re feeling down about something, she’ll text something encouraging to lift you up.

She wants you to be happy and feel as if you can conquer the world, and if she can help you by being your cheerleader, she will. 

#3 She tells you when she’s thinking about you

If she’s on vacation, working late, or out with friends, she’ll send a message and let you know she’s thinking about you.

She tell you when thinking of you

The text won’t be anything mind-blowing, just a few words to let you know you’re on her mind.

It might say something like, “I would be having more fun if you were here.” Or, “I would get this done a lot quicker if you were in the office with me.” 

#4 She makes fun of you

In the playground, boys pull girls pigtails when they fancy them. But girls also poke fun at boys when they fancy them.

If she makes fun of you over text, it’s because she knows you can handle it, and you’ll give as good as you get.

She enjoys the banter that takes place when she makes fun of you. 

#5 She asks if you’ve eaten

Women are nurturers; when they care about people, they want to know that everyone around them is taken care of.

They know that single men have got terrible diets, so one way a woman shows she cares is by asking if you’ve eaten.

She’ll most likely ask when you’ve had a long day at work and got home late. 

#14 She Sends You A Lot Of Memes

Another way people develop a connection is through laughing together.

So if she sends you lots of memes, she’s playing off situations and things the two of you already find funny.

She Sends You A Lot Of Memes

She also wants to know whether you’ve got the same sense of humor. Her hope is that you’ll be laughing just as hard as her on the other end of the phone. 

#15 She Texts After A Night Out

As long as she’s not too drunk, a woman will text a guy after a night out because she feels more confident.

One of the reasons one-night stands are so common is because people feel lonely after a night out and going home to an empty bed is no fun.

But since you’re the one she’s interested in, she sends you a text message to alleviate her loneliness. 

#16 She Talks About Herself

When a woman feels comfortable around a guy, she opens up to him and talks about herself.

She Talks About Herself

Not in a conceited way, but she wants you to know more about her life and personality. She’s slowly starting to trust you more and doesn’t mind giving you a peek into her world. 

#17 She Gives You Updates

You’re never left wondering what your lady friend is up to because she gives you constant updates about her life.

She’ll message you throughout the week and on the weekends to let you know what she’s up to because she wants to familiarize you with her daily routines and interests.

She lets you know that she does normal stuff and she’s a regular girl. It’s an invitation to join her and become a part of her life if you like what you see. 

#18 She Notices When You Haven’t Been In Touch

If for whatever reason, you fail to text her back, she notices. Instead of sitting staring at her phone waiting for you to reply, she’ll message you again to jog your memory.

She Notices When You Haven't Been In Touch

If she weren’t interested, she wouldn’t care whether you text her back or not.

Nevertheless, a word of caution, don’t make a habit of not texting her back, or she’ll start feeling rejected.

Women remember everything, and if it happens again, you’ll lose a couple of brownie points. 

#19 She Laughs At Your Messages

Studies suggest that women are attracted to funny men, and men are attracted to women who find them funny.

She Laughs At Your Messages

If your lady friend has done her research and she’s discovered that men are attracted to women who find them funny, she might reply with laughing emojis any time you crack a joke to let you know that your jokes are working.

Even if she doesn’t really find you funny, she’ll laugh anyway because she knows it will score her brownie points. 

#20 She Drags Out Her Words

This sounds like a strange sign that a girl likes you, but it’s definitely a sign.

Dragging out her words will look something like this, “heyyyyyy, how are you doing?”

You’ll feel a bit silly doing this, but say the word out loud, ‘heyyyyyy,’ it sounds cute and girly, doesn’t it?

That’s because she wants you to hear her cute girly voice when you read the message. 

#21 She Doesn’t Let Her Typos Slip

A female who doesn’t care about what you think about her isn’t going to go out of her way to correct her typos.

She Doesn't Let Her Typos Slip

Most people type really fast and hit the send button before they’ve had a chance to read what they’ve typed.

But once she realizes she’s made a mistake, she’ll correct it because she doesn’t want you to think she’s dumb and can’t spell. 

#22 She Low Key Asks You On A Date

Asking questions like, “Are you busy this weekend?” Or “Do you have any free time this weekend?” Is her way of saying, “I’m free this weekend, and I want you to take me out.

She Low Key Asks You On A Date

She might even say something like, “There’s this really good film I want to see over the weekend, but I’ve got no one to go with.”

With a statement like this, she’s literally given you the green light to ask her out.

Please bear in mind that if you miss it, she might not ask you again. 

#23 She Complains She Hasn’t Heard From You

Because she doesn’t want to be the one initiating conversation all the time, when you don’t text for a couple of days, she’ll remind you.

If she weren’t interested, she wouldn’t be bothered about not hearing from you.

But when you go silent on her, she worries that you’re trying to create distance because you’re not as interested in her as she is in you.

By sending you a little nudge, she hopes you’ll get the hint that she doesn’t like it when she doesn’t hear from you and that you won’t do it again. 

Final Thought

Now that you know you’re lady friend likes you, it’s time to get some Dutch courage and ask her out.

Although times have changed and women sometimes take the lead, most females are traditional and would rather a man ask them out.

She’ll lay the groundwork for you and make it abundantly clear she’s interested, but then it’s up to you.

Of course, she’ll assume you’re not interested in her if you don’t make a move soon, and before you know it, someone else will have swept her off her feet. Don’t let that happen!

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