My Son’s Wife Is A Narcissist: How To Let Him Know?

Q: I believe my son’s wife of 12 years is a Narcissist. She has always claimed to be Bipolar- but has not been medically treated. But I have always suspected she had to suffer from some kind of personality disorder. I have done a lot of research on Narcissism in the last couple of weeks, and she has almost all of the symptoms.

There are so many reasons she has given my Son to leave her…but he keeps coming back. He is a very kindhearted, smart and loving Man. At this moment she has put him in a life-changing situation for he and their 3 children. I won’t go into the details- but I fear for he and his children’s happiness.

My son has opened up and shared some of his concerns with her and their marriage- but as soon as she sees he is getting close to his family she draws him away with Narcissistic lies and manipulation.

The word Narcissistic has come up- but not with any serious response from him. My heart is breaking. My question is- Should I just come out and share my fears and give him information about Narcissism?

I feel it is my duty as his Mom to let him be aware that this might be what is wrong with her. I don’t want to drive him away- but if he goes along with her lasted plan I will possibly never see him again.

A: If you are (and it sounds like you are) a kind, supportive mother with her son’s best interest at heart–you will see him again. Where did she come up with “I’m bipolar”? Has she been diagnosed in the past?

There are many similarities between different personality disorders such as Borderline (BPD) and Narcissist (NPD) and either of these could have “co-morbid” bi-polar symptoms, that is, they exist together. She could easily be a narcissist with bi-polar symptoms or have a bi-polar disorder with narcissistic features.

Only a clinical mental health professional would be able to diagnose these disorders. As a caring and concerned mother, it would be within your jurisdiction to give a FEW articles on NPD and Bi-polar to have your son read.

I wouldn’t phrase it as “this might be what is wrong with her” but approach him with something like, “I was reading these articles and it really seemed to describe (wife’s name).

Because I care about you and your children, I made copies for you and hope you will read them.” If he asks for more information after reading them, then direct him to websites, books or articles that you have found useful.

If he does not read them or does not respond after you have given him the information, there is nothing more that you can do except support him the best you can.

Even if it is from afar. And remind him he is a smart, kindhearted and loving man.

Chances are he does not hear too many of those compliments at home. He needs to know that you love him no matter his life choices.

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  1. My son is in a relationship with a narcissist. Our normal loving, kind and happy son has lost all his friends, is angry with the world and doesn’t know why but worst of all of these is that he is angry with his family because he doesn’t understand what is happening and why we don’t get in with his ‘perfect’ partner. She tells lies about us all the time or treats us all badly when he cant see. I have never come across such evil before and my loving family are also now victims. I am at a loss and just don’t know what to do to help him realise and get out.

    • Ann,

      I know just what you are going through. We were once a very happy family of four. We aren’t any more. We tried to tell our son he was dating a full blown narcissist on numerous occasions, but he would not listen. She caused a huge rift between my son and daughter. They are now on speaking terms, but not like it was before this “child” entered our lives. She tried to separate my husband and me from our son, but failed. However, she does not give up trying. Always tries to engage us in drama. We have learned that we do not engage. I feel my son is in a swiftly flowing river and we have thrown him a life preserver and he just won’t grab it. He thinks she is absolutely amazing and we just don’t know and understand her. Little does he know, – we know her all too well. It is he who does not really know her. Now, they are trying for a family, and as much as we want grandchildren, we do know that it will be the next stage of her narcissism which from what I read is even worse than what we are dealing with now. We do no know what to do either and we don’t want to alienate him. To try and reason with him about her is out of the question. He isn’t even aware that there is a problem because she can spin anything in her favor no matter how bad it looks or sounds to any one else. I wish I had the answer, but I don’t. But, I have learned, in the eleven years we have been dealing with her, how to handle it and have a relationship with our son.

      • Hi Kathy you have just described our family situation when you say you have learned how to handle it I would be interested how you do. As we feel so strained from our son because his wife has been so bad to us that we do not see her but trying to have a relationship with our son and granddaughter is very difficult. After 19yrs our son is now saying he got it wrong by always doing everything to appease his wife. and realises our family is now broken. and I don’t think things will change.

      • HOW??? How have you managed to have a relationship w your son?? I am loosing mine and I am heartbroken. He has been completely brainwashed.

        • I would like to know the same answer!!! Just happened to us with our son, we are shocked and trying to find out how to remain in contact with him.

        • I deal with the same thing. she pretends to like us and plays the victim. she even makes up lies about us saying we did or said something. the worst thing to me is that he doesn’t even ask me my side. she knows she has him where she wants him

        • Me too! I’m so heartbroken to see my loving son be brainwashed against all of his family, even a daughter from previous marriage.

          • My feelings exactly. I am heartbroken to see how my son has changed. His wife is controlling and manipulative and our son just can’t see it. He has rejected us and distanced himself from us. But he uses us if he can and if it benefits them. He repeats her psycho babble. She is a psychologist and a covert narcissist, and she controls him. We are broken as a family. She took over.

    • I am in exactly the same position. My son left his narcissitic partner and became, for a time, the happy, rested, honest man I knew. He started taking lessons in web design, stopped smoking marijuana, and…she stalked him. She kept calling, going over to his apartment, threatened him with the children. It was a nightmare. A six month nightmare. I knew he was going back to her when I went over to his place and found him in a terrible emotional state…ptsd…when my son was 6 we lost 5 family member within a few years. They were the only family he had, and none of us completely recovered from that. He could not stand the thought of never seeing his children again. I do not know what to do. I can always tell when she has spoken to someone because people I know will suddenly give me the cold shoulder, and she makes sure that my son does everything the hard way.
      My son and I are going for counselling, but she has him so twisted in his thinking that everything he knows about me goes out the window. I cannot believe the things he says about me. They are simply not true. Now I have been informed, not the first time, that he is not sure he can trust me with his kids…I know what comes next, and I know why this is happening. She does not allow anyone near my son if they are the least supportive of him. She has deemed it necessary to marry now, because her grandparents are wealthy, very Christian, and do not approve of their living arrangement. But marriage…she stands to inherit quite a bit. No marriage, no money. The job my son is working at is one he swore he would never do. Not an hour went by after he lost his position at work, than she had a job for him. Before telling her he was fired, he spoke of going back to school, completing courses that he left when getting back together with her, but no. He called told her what happened, he got home, sat down, and she called a friend. It is very heavy outside work and physically more demanding than his body can take. He is NOT supposed to be doing it. And I just found out that the counsellor we are seeing has a son at the same school my grandson goes to.

    • OMG… our family is going through the same thing. I feel as if my son is in a cult. Despite the fact that he makes a very good living, she tells him what he can and can’t spend money on…. yet she seems to have carte blanche when it comes to spending. We’ve caught her in many lies, and she criticizes him constantly. She makes him wait on her hand and foot – it’s hard to believe. Currently they have no kids, but I fear for where he’s headed and would like to “open his eyes” before he has a family. What if he knew what she’s done to people he likes and respects? She’s done plenty to us.. but he’ll write that off as our being hypercritical She has NO friends bc she doesn’t know how to give… what to do???

      • OMG, I would have thought this post was written by ME. This is the exact situation we are in. Our DIL treats herself like royalty but won’t let my son join a tennis club bc it’s too expensive! They have no children yet, thank God, so I feel like we’re racing against the clock to open his eyes. She, like your DIL, has no friends. She lies to us constantly and doesn’t even bother to cover her tracks, so her deception is obvious to us. My son is either not around when these things happen, or he doesn’t pay much attention to what she says bc she babbles incessantly. They are both professionals but his salary is about 3 times hers – yet she holds ALL the power. We have tried broaching the topic when we are alone with him but he immediately disengages. He also waits on her hand and foot. She is not from this country, so we are, in effect, her substitute parents. She uses us when she needs us but has shown little regard for our family. She is missing an empathy chip and has no conscience. I don’t feel she loves my son – I think she’s USING him and when he gets upset with her, she goes kissy face all over him…it’s disgusting. I am beyond stressed by this and afraid for his future–she could easily destroy him and is already putting a wedge in our small family.

        • Hi

          To all you Great Mums out there that have controlling manipulative D-I-L my son also married with a 6 week old baby has been in this type of way of life for 6 years.

          This is my thinking of my son : he does not see that he is suffering he has become so use to his way of life now, that it is normal to him a type of blindness I suppose. To those of us his family members he is being held permanently to a type of ‘ransom’ if he does not comply with every wish he suffers!! so what is the best way for him to have an easy life? To just go along with absolutely everything he sees none of his family because to his partner we are a threat.
          Why does he do this? Because he has been bought up to be honourable, he has a good heart and is unbelievably laid back! Does this ring any bells with your sons?!
          When you think of it this type of man is perfect for a manipulative,controlling woman.

          What I have learnt about the unbelievable maternal instinct to help,advise and if it was physically possible to remove him from this awful toxic situation is: You ‘cannot’ he has to realise this for himself.
          It seems unbelievably unfair but he has chosen his path and all that we can do is be there for our sons come the day they wake up to what is real and realise they deserve better.
          If your sons have gone no contact manipulated by their partners, I have also realised that whilst I miss him that he still loves me. Very occasionally I get texts that I see a glimmer of the real son I love and adore so let this keep hope alive!

          What I wish for all of you is that you can find a peaceful way to cope with this gut wrenching situation.
          Be kind to yourselves and live your life and do the things that you love guilt free in the knowledge that one day your son WILL return to you.

    • My son is in an exact same relationship. As a matter of fact, you could have been talking about him and his situation, it’s exactly the same. I wish we could talk or text and copare notes and be supportive of each other.

      • Hi,
        My son has been in an abusive relationship with his narcissistic wife for almost 6 years and the drama is still going on in our lives with him and his wife. We have decided to ignore her and don’t give her any reason to manipulate us and when it comes to them coming over, I won’t bother asking any of them since he always says he has to ask his wife and he would never respond back after that. so when we get together with my daughter and her family who has two adorable kids, I ask her to let him know if he wants to come around with his son who is the same age as my daughter’s kids, this way we get to see our son and his older son and play with the kids and spend time and we are hoping when their baby is older he would want to come with his older brother and his dad and if she ( his wife) wants to join us it is her choice or she does what she usually does, stays behind. she has always created a rift between us and my son and I now understand that we are a definite treat to her and she sees us as her enemies. when my daughter invites us over, my son would show up with his older son too and we just don’t mind for his wife to be there anymore since she finds every opportunity to ruin it for us. So, our way of dealing with the beast is to just be quiet and ignore her. My son would come around sometimes with his son, and he makes sure he would do that since he wants his son to know his dad’s family and his cousins too. Sometimes my son complains about the outrages things that his wife wants, for example the 4-mil dollar house they had just purchased, and he keeps saying they would file for bankruptcy if they cannot make the payment and that is what he learned from her, he puts his job and finances online just because she wants things and things have to be provided for her otherwise, she would make everyone’s life a hell. My son says things like he is not himself anymore and the Ben he was before does not exist anymore, he is gone is so far away. When he says that my heart brakes and I keep thinking about it and how his is suffering through this awful marriage. I am afraid to say something back when I see him that way since I think it has to come from himself, he has to realize he is in an abusive relationship and find a way to make things right by seeing a professional, most of the times he is bitter, sad, in a frozen state of being, cruel to us and indifferent.

  2. SPOT ON…

    Same thing, same question, same experience right now. Time will tell the tale. Without you as a target the son will be next…it will be an eye-opening experience for him and he will get hurt, not the outcome you wish for but an inevitable one none the less. Stay back and do it with open arms and time will tell the tale. Peace!

  3. My son has married a narcissist and she has successfully separated him 100% from me and his siblings, where we have absolutely no contact whatsoever, it is breaking my heart. Is there anything I can do to help him and the situation. They have moved and changed their phone numbers and she even tried getting a non molestation order in court against me. We were such a close loving family before this.

    • Dear Claire, I am going through exactly the same as you.My kind-hearted son fell for and has been brainwashed by a toxic narcissistic woman who had slowly made him cut all ties with his family.I am heartbroken beyond belief and go to councelling I beg you do the same.Im afraid you gave to let him work her out he will don’t worry it just takes time.
      If your like to email me feel free.
      Take care,

      • I just came across this post and this all sounds just like our family. My son is the oldest of 6 kids. He was such a sweet, kind hearted person until he marrried his wife. There were signs that we saw this coming. She treated him so badly and he was going to leave her because of her controlling nature. He and I were very close, which she hated. We and his 5 siblings have all been cut off, as well as some extended family members. They now have 2 children which we are not allowed to see. We just saw him at a party and he grabbed my husband and got nose to nose cursing in his face. It’s like he is a completely different person. Isn’t there anything we can do?

        • Reading everyone’s messages is a nightmare. I also have a son who has completely removed me and other family members from his life and my grand daughters life. The last time I saw her she was only 4 months old and she is now 11 months old. I have missed so much and those months have been complete hell for me. My son has been smitten with his now wife since he was in 8th grade and she has been able to control him since then. The is now 23 years old… and I am just figuring out that she is a narcissist. All the confusion and pieces of the puzzle that don’t make sense are now clear to me. I don’t know how to proceed further. Do I try and get him to see her as a narcissist? If so, how?

        • Oh my goodness. I wish we could email and compare notes. I look at my son and say to myself …who are you and what have you done with my son!?

          • Reading everyone’s posts, I agree, they could have been written by me. I am at a loss. My son has completely written everyone who loves him off. He came from a loving home where we were all extremely close. He met this woman who is very manipulative and controlling.

            Since they got married, it has gotten a lot worse. I have no idea what to do. My son is now an angry young man. He used to be normal, loving, kind hearted and had a conscious. I tried to tell my son not to marry this woman but he did in spite of what my husband and I have said. She definitely lacks empathy. Her only emotion is rage.

            Thank God they do not have children. However, I too like many others, go who are you and what have you done with my Son?

            Any help through this would be welcomed.

          • The pain I’ve been feeling the last 7 years! I feel I can relate to everyone. I’ve been talking to a therapist to help me get a handle. We’re going to talk to you son in 3 days if she lets him go

          • I feel the same about my son. He was the kindest, good hearted person until he met his narcissistic wife. The words that come out of his mouth are not his, they’re hers. I’m heartbroken and am trying so hard to come to terms. I’m so glad I found this site. It’s one of the only things that makes me feel a little better. Please give advice on how to deal with this.

        • My son and his spouse call me the narcissist His spouse has written a letter with fabrications of things she has felt I have done. There is no winning in this situation right now. I apologized for things that I haven’t done but she has driven a wedge between my son and me. My son now won’t speak to his sister and wants me to contact his wife again and a apologize, even though I already have and she won’t accept it.

          • Hi Cindy , I am going through the same and it is breaking my heart. I have never experienced anything like this. When the first met she was lovely to me – this changed almost overnight when she became pregnant. I told my mum who has early dementia and still grieving the loss of my dad and she has never forgiven me despite me apologising on numerous occasions . She told my son that I don’t make her welcome even though everyone who visits says how they feel at home including my eldest sons fiancé who just stayed with us for 3 weeks . She manipulates things I say to be negative . I know have a 2 week old baby grandson . We were invited by my son to see him the day after he was born – her parents were there and we felt like outsiders – since then I have text / phoned – mostly don’t get a reply . I am trying so hard not to be ‘pushy’ so txt and say when ok with them we would love to see Harry- no reply ! They only live 3 miles away I am writing this at 05.00in the morning as can’t sleep – I just don’t understand how my son cannot see what she is doing to our family . Her family can do no wrong .when I asked her what she would like us to get for the baby before he was born she just told me to transfer the money
            Help! My friends and family describe me as living and selfless but she seems to paint a picture of me as if I’m a wicked witch !!

  4. I can’t believe I am hearing a story of me and my son. The problem here is they have 8 children and have been married for 20 years. I have spent that much time trying to figure out what the problem is. I do after the first 3 years of marriage there was a problem but just this last week after having read a book about this I figured it out. She has now separated my son’t entire family away from him. She had the eight kids to secure her future. She has never worked and never intended to. She got pregnant with my son’s child in high school.
    Little did I know she was planning her future. I am scared for my son and his children. I want to think the best of people especially those in my family so have tried for 20 years to figure out what was happening. My loving son started ti find fault with me and insult me which was definitely not like him. I am in total shock! It seems from what I have been reading there is not much hope, am I right? She is threatening to move also but she is so lazy she can’t get the house fixed up to sell it and my son is working to support the 8 kids. I have lost one son to cancer I don’t want to lose another. Thanks for listening.

  5. My sons wife is a narcissist. My son has been married to her for 18 years, all of which she has subjected him to her ways. She recently abandoned him and her minor daughter for his best friend of 27 yrs. After less than 2 weeks she was out if that relationship, convinced my son it was all his fault and they are together. I to!d my son I live him and I will always be there for him, but she us not welcomed in my life. I don’t want to see her, she isn’t welcomed I. NY home and I am to see hi. And my grand daughter without her. My son tells me I have to get over this. I to!d him I don’t have to, he can live his life as he chooses and I will live mine as I choose, without her. What do you think about this situation. I love my son very much and all through his marriage U have given him his way, but that is over. I can’t this k about being in her company, I wouldn’t be nice to her, I’d want to tell her exa fly how I feel about her and that wouldn’t be good.

    • God bless all the moms who have lost their sons to these mentally unstable women. It feels like we’ve lost our son and now grandson in a tragic dream accident. So heartbroken. He was such a loving kind hearted boy. So much potential yet the narcasist (cult) stole his sole. He is still young and I will continue to pray daily that he opens his eyes and finds the love he once had for his family.

      • My Son (youngest of 3) and I had such close years together. We were great pals as well as mother and son. You couldn’t ask for more and a boy then I had with him. He married a beautiful girl who turned out to be a raging narcissist. They have two children. It took me a while to realize that she had narcissism disease because I really do believe it is a disease. She has to control everything and everything is about her. My son won’t entertain any criticism of her whatsoever. This is an ongoing heartbreaking situation for me.

        • I am in the same position! My daughter in law told me when she was pregnant with her first child that she would “be able to control me now” I had no idea what she meant and she replied that she would be able to remove “grandmotherly privileges” And for 20 years, she has done just that. I have kept my own counsel so I could have some association with the children, but now that they are away from home ,she has got much worse. My husband is very ill in a care home and I feel weak and vulnerable,but my son said he and his wife thought I was a very hard person, so obviously, I couldn’t feel vulnerable. I have put up with so much, being ignored at family events-not anymore as we have not shared Christmas or birthdays for years or been to their home for five years-they live 30 minutes away. Narcissism to a tee. Right now, I feel deperately lonely and heartbroken.

      • My son has been living with a narcissist for the last 8 years. It has taken me that long to realize what she is. I’m tired of hearing and being told that you can only support someone who is dealing with this. He is my only son and child and screw any professional who’s going to tell this mama that there is nothing I can do but sit back and just let this play out. I have a mouth and I’m going to use it. You better believe people will know she’s a narcissist. When I’m done with my verbal assault she will understand that I’m in control not her and will get help for her disorder. I’ve lost too much in my life and at 61 I refuse to lose my son and grandchild! Don’t sit down and die in helplessness. Use the mouth that God gave you!

        • I’m in the same situation. I have no contact with my son who is now 47 years old. I have not had any relationship with him or my 2 grand children for 8 years. My grand daughter was 5 when I last saw her and my grandson was 3. They live 5 miles away. What can I do? I’m going to mail a book to him by Anne Kilinger. A SON’S A SON TILL HE TAKES A WIFE. HOW TOXIC DAUGHTERS IN LAW DESTROYS FAMILIES. I’m going to mail it to his work, so I know he will get it. I’ve thought about pulling up in their drive way and making her life a living hell like she’s done to me. I hate letting her get by with treating me like this. I have never been anything but be kind to her. You say use your mouth!. What do you mean!. I’m tried of not doing anything. My deceased husband, my son’s father was narcissist but i didn’t realize the problem he had untill I got the book. I lived 40 years with him and told him many times if you live to be a 100 I will never understand you! What can I do?

          • Pull up in the driveway! Take a stand! It’s utter bullshit is what it is. Bring the kids whatever you want! Our sons will pay the price after but they need to stop being afraid and stepping up too! Do it for your grandchildren, don’t back down.

          • Hi Glenda, it is your pain, it does not matter you send this book to him or not, he will never understand anything until she hurts him. He is blind because she uses,manipulates and blackmails him, she puts herself on the top of other people’s feelings and love. But sooner or later, she will get all pain she has caused to other people; what goes around, comes around, she will get it from her own children, times and times more. The God sees everything! Not possible to build your own happiness on someone tears, especially on mom’s tears! She is a mother but she took your child away from you and the life will take out her child from her! This is her karma! Your son will never be happy with her and will never forgive himself for hurting his own mom!

        • Amen to that! We can’t sit back and let our sons go and our grandchildren. We have to speak up no matter what. We have to tell our sons they used to be kind hearted and joyful. Now he doesn’t even visit and our grandchildren are now isolated from us.

          • We should all start a mission to stop this! Why do us moms have to sacrifice our sons. I feel like I am being emotionally blackmailed by the boundaries that have been professed to me by my son; all of which he claims are his choice. I intuitively KNOW that while it may be his choice, it is as a result of her passive-aggressive manipulation for years.

        • Diane and others – this is exactly what the narcissist wants – to provoke you to react – after such or any defensive reactions
          you!! will be accused of being the controlling narcissist.

          And on paper – you will actually look it to others also.

          The ONLY way to handle these monsters at all

          is to keep a healthy emotional distance from this person (& practise good self care behind the scenes ie distress/ calming activities, one or two counsellors or groups like this) and walk away from your son during any explosive aggression / wrong headedness etc

          And give him what the DIL hasn’t

          AGENCY = ie his own right to determine what he does and doesn’t do

          No matter how poor his choices

          Or how influenced (manipulated) by others

          And document what’s going on even if year by year – safely! & secretly – facts only and one feeling about what the consequences of whatever happened are

          And wait

          Know this through this wait – your son loves you, your grandchildren love you but you cannot short cut this – the narcissist already knows the short cuts and how to turn them back on you

          You cannot out run a narcissist. You have to sit and wait for them to show their true colours to everyone else

          And is torture itself

          If I could outlaw it I would – I believe it to be one of the greatest & most devious crimes of humanity. Effectively stealing others lives & property/ money/ relationships – in order to feel good about themselves falsely

          But if outlawed – then she’d be a martyr & the son/ grandchildren even more attached to her

          You literally have to let it go and prey that karma is real.

        • I am in the exact same boat and feel the same way you do, and people tell me the same thing. I want to tell the world what type of person she is!! She was abused by her adoptive mom her whole life, she treats my son the way she treats her oldest daughter. Her youngest daughter is per evil and can do no wrong, and she treats my granddaughter like trash. I want to put it all on Facebook about her life and the type of person she is. If she can continue to spread lies about us, why can’t I tell the truth about who she really is ??? It has been 3 years since I have seen my only grandchild and my oldest son. Did outing her and taking control back work??? I am feeling so helpless and alot of days I just don’t feel like I want to be on this Earth anymore.

  6. I am amazed at how many people are going through the same thing. I have recently figured out that the girl my son has been married to is not the sweet loving woman I thought she was. Come to find out she has been working on destroying our family for years and almost succeeded until her lies started surfacing. My son however is still in the dark. everything she has done bad to us or lied about he has an excuse for her, which we all know she put in his head. I have 2 beautiful grand daughters that I have not seen in months and sadly have accepted that it may be a lot longer before I see them, if ever. How does a family deal with this? The only thing positive is I finally know I am not crazy, I have been trying to figure out for years what I did to upset my daughter in law but now know that she is the one with the problem. My son and I are no longer on speaking terms and that breaks my heart into pieces but for now I am standing off and praying to god that he sees it for himself and he is not a complete empty shell when she is done. I hate that this is happening to our family, I never thought it could.

    • Same here. He gets in trouble for every little thing….grandkids too. Then takes it out on me. I have to see grandkids outside when I am allowed.

  7. Wow. Me too. My son has only be married for a couple of years, but a friend of mine who is a therapist gently suggested that my daughter in law sounded like a narcissist. It certainly rang true. She is offended by things I have done or said that I don’t even remember. I could run through the litany of nice things I have done for her, from welcoming them into my home to live temporarily while they were getting on their feet, to helping to plan a surprise birthday party for her. I’m getting it through my head that she will likely not see the good, but she’ll focus on perceived slights that were certainly unintended, and in my reality, not slights at all. And everything is a competition that she has to win when I don’t even know what the game is. The heartbreaking part is that she and my son have just had my 1st grandchild whom I’ve hardly seen. I think that now that she has control via the baby, things have become even worse. I’m also losing touch with my son. And as so many have said, criticism of her in my son’s eyes is betrayal. I have given up on trying to have any sort of meaningful relationship with her, but my heart is breaking over my son and their baby boy. I’m trying not to take the bait with her, ie avoiding being defensive or taking her personally. I’m hoping I can gently salvage what’s left of my relationship with my son, and be allowed some time with the baby. Who knew becoming a grandmother would be this painful? It helps to know I’m not the only one dealing with this. Any successes out there?

    • I got out of a narcissistic relationship at 41 years old – so yes – it can happen but luckily I had no children (shear luck for me though I didn’t see it that way at the time) & my entire reputation/ mental health / job prospects / financial credit and standing etc was completely destroyed that point
      It still took me around 3 years after leaving to realise fully that I was dealing with a narcissist
      & I’m still paying for today at 51 (severe trust issues re building social circle and family relationships) but after a lot!!!! Of therapy I’m getting back on my feet slowly.
      I can now spot it 300 miles away – where my brother is with his narcissist wife! And children I’ve never met but am frequently berated for – while my parents are simply not allowed

      – spouses of narcissists with children I don’t know yet

      Two possible ways – the narcissist runs out of source – ie the sons attention, money, fininacial standing or his ability to earn collapses or he becomes Ill – at which point they’ll leave / discard
      The son wakes up (at which point he is going to need a very careful and slow pull out before the narcissist kicks off big time on all levels)

      The best way to leave a narcissist is very, very quietly like a mouse! As soon as they feel they are lacking in sauce – they are going to accuse your sons of just about everything and block his access to children etc

      – narcissists seem to pick on kind, fairly intelligent, successful people – who don’t believe in themselves!

      A kind man or woman is not going to leave without their children – easily – esp as the spouse gets to realise just how! dangerous they are – so I guess – yes their is Hope (I have it) but don’t hold your breath – it could take a very long long while to unravel from

      So it’s very important to:-

      Take good care of yourself! Mentally and physically in the meantime

      Build your own social network of support up

      Find ways of giving and spending quality time to children – if not your own grandchildren – it can really help

      Put any secret writings / presents/ info (that they will desperately need to know you loved them – after they escape etc for your sons and grandchildren) somewhere watertight! safe with someone who is intelligent, switched on, young and healthy or solicitors/ lawyers and can pass it on down your family till someone starts looking for it

      So we can stop this epidemic of narcissism in the next generations & help heal our relatives when utterly and fully drained.

      They will come out feeling utterly confused, unlovable and unloved and will go through effectively a full grieving process for themselves and others if they died in the meantime

      But yes your relative can come back from the walking dead or as I like to put it – they can wake up – your job is not to criticise! Or point out their failings (though you are probably right)
      Your job now – as loving and kind parents, is to let go and effectively allow your kids to fail.

      The sooner you do it – the better for them/ limits the damage.

      Though it takes a long time for this strategy to permeate through – your sons will see and hear this and at some point go ‘hold on a minute….!’

  8. Hi All – I think I might be in this same predicament. Fortunately no grandchildren and I’m happy for that. I was raised by an NPD, had a grandparent who had it, a sibling with it and having no as to what I was dealing with, married one too. So, it’s reasonable to say, I have one child with NPD and another showing signs. I have only become aware of the disease in the last several years and wish I had known this years ago. Now I’m suspecting my son’s wife has NPD. That’s the sad part about bringing children into it. This is hereditary and being raised by an NPD can lead to having the disease or getting involved with people who have it. I have tried to maintain a good relationship with my son anyway as does my daughter who has always been close to him. It is really difficult for us and I have trouble with depression for a few days after visiting them. I have talked to my son about the topic of NPD and my personal experience with it, but I won’t mention it in relation to his wife. My son can’t see it either but he’s an intelligent person and I hope he will and it won’t take him as long as it did me.

  9. I know how it feels to know or suspect your child is married to a narcissist, but I have 5 adult children and I know trying to tell them something negative about their significant other doesn’t usually help matters, it will usually cause them to get very angry with you and they may even cut you out of their life completely. They will be more likely to cling onto the relationship even tighter as a result. When people are living in denial, no one can tell them anything. Sometimes people just have to learn the hard way, that’s the only way it will happen. They have to see it for themselves. That is the reality in most cases. As a parent, I wouldn’t interfere in my children’s relationships unless there is something going on like violence and they are in some physical danger. I prefer to support my children, not drive them away. Sometimes that means it is better to say nothing. Frankly, I don’t know what really goes on in their personal relationship, I’m not there with them 24/7. No one knows what really goes on between two people but those two people. You can’t change people, they have to change themselves.

    • We refuse to devalue ourselves to stay in the good graces of our son and his wife. We were on solid ground before she came into his life. We didn’t interfere in any way either but apparently we don’t kiss our DIL’s ass long enough, good enough or often enough to prove our worth. Only money and adoration would measure up to that thing.

      • And with a narcissist – you never will kiss it long enough or hard enough. Not long term success anyway and they’ll only go back to love bombing and hoovering when they really want something that you really would not want or be in your interests to give them

  10. How are these narcissistic master manipulators alienating our sons? I’d like to know how they do it. We have seen the alienation gain momentum from day one to now nine years later. Subtle and damaging to be sure but what do they say to these sons of ours I have to wonder. Ultimately the choice to avoid us is our sons decision, I mean if they were not doormats then why would anyone believe that it’s okay to never visit or keep in contact with people that were supportive and loving parents all along?

    I understand narcissism is abusive and insidious but what do these women do that is so powerful to break off the bond of a parent or parents? Anyone?

    • I am so in agreement. What is it that she is saying. My loving and attentive first born child, who never gave me an ounce of trouble his entire life, will completely right me out of his life based on something she tells him about me. This has happened multiple times in the 12 years they have been married, and this includes writing me out of my 3 Grandchildren’s lives. My heart breaks every time. I lost my first husband and my father within months of each other. I thought I’d never feel that kind of pain from grief to that level again. Oh how wrong I was. I feel like I am grieving four people each time it happens. The longest season of abandonment lasted 1 whole year. I’m in one of those season’s right now because I didn’t respond immediately to one of her texts. She writes such accusatory novels on texts to me, though she knows I don’t like texts. I decided not to answer the unfounded accusations this time, and new without doubt I would be shunned., but I couldn’t take one more manipulation. It’s emotional blackmail.
      There’s been a few people that have mentioned there adult child was getting ready to marry a narcissist. I promised myself I would give this advice if ever asked: I remember that time before they married very well. I was advised to take it easy and not make waves since they were both adults. I also tried to convince myself, that though the signs of her self-absorption and disregard for others feelings, were already very noticeable (but not to him), maybe they weren’t as bad as I thought. I said my piece but not in so many words. She knew I wasn’t happy about their rushed marriage, but I chose NOT to tell my son the extent of my reservations, thinking it would not help things and only cause an immediate rift between my son and I for who knew how long. Well the repeated “rift” part IS what happens to me over and over like a bad scene from Ground hogs day for 12 years now, I realized. So, I have played my response to this marriage over and over in my head. If I had it to do again I would jump up and down to the point of getting my own self committed, if it meant he would not marry someone with this disorder. You have little chance of stopping someone with this type of disorder from getting her way, especially if she has already brainwashed your son; but there may be a chance. Take it from me, now 12 years in. My worst fears were realized and I truly regret not at least taking a much firmer stand when there could have been a slight, albeit it very slight, chance my son would listen. He does not even try to listen now. He barely acknowledges I am his mother. Maybe this will help someone; I hope so.

      • To Laura Simmons,
        Thanks for writing. I don’t know if you will see this. I didn’t know you had replied to my experience.

        More to the point we are completely estranged from our son now. It’s a relief really.
        What do the narcs say I asked? They say everything opposite to the truth. They are masters at what they do and they swallow everything in their path. They are insidious and ugly. We can’t do anything because nothing will be good enough. To be honest I sleep better now. Our son speaks her language, he walks her walk and believes we need to prove our worth. It was time to let go. There is nothing you could have said to stop your son from marrying his narc. It would have been used against you forever. We have never said one thing to our son and we are still the ones to blame. Best plan: treat yourself with kindness, compassion and forgiveness. They make their choices.

        • Sad but true. I’m losing my son and I feel helpless. It saddens me so much, but I have to let go in order to save my own sanity for my husband and other children. It helps to know I’m not alone, but changes nothing in improving relations with my son. I pray for him every day he finds the strength to leave.

          • Hi, I feel the same I have try so many times with my son,s partner of 12 years,we have two grandsons, which we have so much love for,at one point she stop us from seeing them,made up some story just to upset us,the things she does is unbelievable,one of then was our son had a surpise 40th that she organise, but none of our son,s family invited,we were deverstated, we lost our daughter at the age of 23 and we thought she might have abit of compassion,she is cold and callise and she is turning our son into something that we don,t no anymore , he use to have so much love and affection ,we our now back seeing the grandkids but only on her terms, l would like to thank everyone who has put there experience on line and hopefully our son,s we come back to us.

  11. I can’t believe this many people are in the same boat. I am there with all of you. The difference is my son has 8 kids. He wouldn’t bring his children to see his father before he died. I have all the same issues as all of you. While reading a book one day about a narcissist I realized she was one, I had never heard of this before but always knew something was not right. He has now turned into her. He says all the same things as she says. He has nothing to do with his family. It is like he has been kidnapped. I almost feel like we should kidnap him back, if he was deathly sick we would do all t help him I think this is the same thing. To bad the law would frown on such a thing. The best to you all.

  12. OMG! It’s been 4 yr for me. I have no hope after reading those who state their son has been married 10, 12 & 15 yrs. Ugh.

  13. My wife and I are about to see our 30 year old son make the biggest mistake of his life, and we feel powerless to prevent it. He and his NPD fiance, after 5 years of tempestuous “courtship”, are getting married later this month in a “dream ceremony”, barefoot on the beach (gag me), on a Caribbean island, privately, with only her 16 year old son in attendance (weird). The wedding “celebration” (or fundraiser, as I call it), is a three day event next month, including cocktails at the beach, partayy! the next night, and family brunch (invitation only) to conclude the festivities. The wedding site details and the invitation are an homage to her narcissism and greed, complete with a “newlywed fund” if you want to help pay for the wedding you weren’t invited to. Our son, who has been living with this woman and her son for 3 years, has ceased to exist. Like all the others, he has lost all his friends and alienated his family, including his brother and sister. They both work constantly to pay for a lifestyle and image that is difficult to maintain. She thinks she’s gorgeous (she’s not- beauty comes from within), photoshops her Facebook pictures, and seems to believe other people actually give a crap about her many political and social views. She attends virtually no family functions, including baptisms, birthday parties, etc. because she’s conveniently always working, yet expects a big turnout to this farcical imitation of a celebrity wedding. Our son is angry, detached. and has gotten so caught up with his new “family” he has no regard for us or our feelings. After spending an obligatory 2 hours with me (he brought her son as a “shield” as usual) Father’s Day morning (She had to work, per usual), he posted a picture of my future DIL and HER SON later that day at an expensive restaurant with the caption: Father’s Day 2018. Nuff said but everyone reading this knows there are hundreds more stories like that one. Bottom line: I have in the past been completely honest with my son about my opinion of their relationship and how he has changed and detached since he’s been with her. He even broke up with her a few times, yet always went back after she used her bag of tricks, including her son, to lure him back. That she is a complete and total narcissist is obvious to everyone except him, as if he under her spell, which he is. My sympathy to everyone who has posted here, as my wife and I are about to join your illustrious group of parents who have lost our sons to these crafty, self-absorbed, unscrupulous women.

  14. I too, suffer as all of you do with very similar experiences and situations. My husband and I are broken. Our friends and family try to comfort us but they really have no idea. We are all alone.

  15. Wow!!!
    Seems like I finally found the others that’s suffering the same. I knew I couldn’t be the only one. My son is a very sweet, warmhearted, loving, kind, considerate, young man. He graduated high school, left just afterwards to join the Marines. Before he could get acclamated to his new journey or enjoy his life outside of my parenting, he became a father and this girl’s husband, what a big mistakes for our family. We lived in two different states. He offered many times that I come live with them, I declined many times. I now feel it was His way of reaching out for help. We’ve always been close, and he wasn’t used to being treated by anyone the way a narcissist treat people. Well, he continued until I acquiesced. Weeks before I arrived he and I had an over three hour talk bc I was holding him accountable for some things that lying girl that he’s married to had shared with me in an effort to make me believe that she wanted her failing marriage. I didn’t really have all of the details about what was going on. This devil that he had married had asked me to pray for their marriage bc she wanted her marriage. I was praying asking God to heal the marriage on their behalf. This girl and I were talking and texting on a regular basis on behalf of the goodwill of her marriage to my son. This girl led me to believe that her marriage to my son was in the ditch bc of him. I believed her, what a freaking lying liar she is. Weeks before getting there, I had had a conversation with my son trying to encouraged him to stay in his marriage. Telling him that was his wife and she was his responsibility. I told him that the child was his responsibility and that he was to provide for his wife and child and that divorce was just an easy way out. The fact that he was married now and that he had made his bed and needed to be man enough to lie in it. For over three hours I talked, he listened. We finally decided that we’d hang up bc he had work the next day. I didn’t learn until I arrived that even at that time of morning after 3:00 am she was out with friends. I arrived for my new place of residence from over 600 miles away. Got there around 10:30p somethingish. Crashed on the couched until the next morning bc my bed was on the U Hall. After getting up the next morning while he gave me a tour of the house my mind was completely blown bc of what I was seeing and hearing. On that VERY SAME DAY I knew something wasn’t right about what I was seeing and hearing. We left to go get breakfast. In route I told him that any of what I had beat him over head about him staying with her applied to him. That same day, same morning I told him that he needed to get out of that mess and the sooner the better. I told him that he needed to consider getting out and soon as possible. It’s January 2019, I’ve been here since Aug. 31, 2018 and I’ve searched, read and learned so much about narcissism and believe me when I say it’s very evil. I’ve had to rebuke demons since I’ve been in this house I’ve had two encounters in three months. Anything I’ve ever dealt with in my life. I’ve wanted to pack up and leave this demonic mess behind but I don’t want to abandone my child. Even though she’s the problem, she’s given him an ultimatum that if things aren’t any better by April she moving back home. I’m trying to encourage him that that’s the best thing for him and for her as well. I’m anxious to let her folk know her condition and let them know that she really needs help. I’m a Christian and feel that divorce isn’t to be your first option, but in this case it is. She openly, boldly leaves here to go visit some guy that she aggravated my son with and comes back taunting him about whether or not he wants to talk about it. Whether her folk believe me or not is their choice, but I told him that this house will never be large enough for the three of us EVER AGAIN. If I need to I’m high tailng it out of here bc it’s so evil, lifeless, cold, and uninviting in his brand new house. I am his mother, but he’s a man who needs to open his eyes to the enemy in his house. They don’t even sleep together. When I arrived they had separate sleeping quarters, her controlling decision. She asked to start sharing his room after I moved in to make him believe that she wanted to makes this better. Shortly afterwards he had to KICK her back out, bc of her cold, heartless, uncaring ways. I can’t believe this is something my family is really having to deal with.

  16. I am a diagnosed narcissist (although trying to recover). I will tell you how we do it.

    1. We look for a victim that has low self esteem, high empathy, likely has at least one narc parent, and considers our behaviour ‘normal’ because that’s what they grew up with. As a general rule, a boy will be attracted to women like their mother and a girl will be attracted to men like her father. If there is no parent in the picture, it will be whoever their opposite sex caregiver was. But they grew up with someone demanding they say/do things a certain way for their benefit. They were trained to be people pleasers and fall into this role naturally as adults. They are used to pleasing and the narc is incredibly hard to please and therefore the greatest challenge to them. They can’t help but be attracted to us. We target people who have recently divorced or gone through a bad breakup, or who lost someone, or who are down on their luck for whatever reason. Vunerability is like cocaine to us. We know their defenses will be low.

    2. We love bomb them to begin with. This gives their low self esteem a sudden huge boost and they associate the narc with very positive feelings. In their brain we are almost a saviour figure, since we found them when they were feeling low. And they managed to please someone completely, which fulfilled their role. We tell them they are perfect, amazing, our soul mates, we’ve never been so in love, etc. Really over the top. We do this daily, with texts, emails, phone calls, face-to-face, etc. We bombard them with love.

    3. Once they are hooked, we tie them to us in some way. If they have money, or the potential to make lots of money (student doctor, etc), we try to marry them as quickly as possible. They love us, we love money. All narcs are money obsessed. We value stuff over people and we need lots of nice stuff to be happy. Which the victim pays for. The marriage contract is a chain around their neck so they can’t easily escape.

    4. Once we’ve trapped them, we begin the devalue stage. It isn’t really intentional. We just get bored and lose interest once we’ve caught someone. The hunting is what excites us. Our feelings turn to boredom, irritation, disgust and finally rage. But we are sometimes nice to them, since we need them to hang around long enough to siphon off their money.

    5. Sometimes the devalue stage will last years if they continue to give us money and a nice lifestyle. If we want love, then we find someone on the side and have an affair. We feel justified in doing so, since at that point the victim irritates and disgusts us so much. If anyone (family, etc) catch on to us and threaten to disturb our ‘feeding’ then we will do whatever we can to get rid of that person. This could range from spreading gossip and causing arguments all the way to physically removing the victim (convincing them to relocate abroad – I did this with my ex). We are master manipulators, so we can get the victim to abandon his entire family and everything he knows if need be.

    6. Once the victim is no longer of use to us (if we’ve taken all their money, usually) then we will drop them and move on. Relationships are purely transactional in our minds. We want something (their money) so we give them something in return (our love – to begin with, at least). We assume everyone thinks this way, so there’s no problem. Anyone who doesn’t is a pathetic sap and deserves to get hurt.

    7. In our heads, we will always own the victim. They are a puppet that we can come back to and play with at any point in the future if we get bored of our next victim.

    The only way we will release our hooks from a victim is if they go broke. If they are no longer of use to us, then we lose all interest. So unless your son hits rock bottom or the narc meets a victim that provides more value, it’s unlikely their narcs will ever let go. If you want to be in their lives, you either have to bite your tongue and befriend the narc or introduce them to another victim. Sorry, but we are predators and don’t live by normal rules.

    • Sam, what is the Holy Grail of advice to parents who have been systematically alienated from their children due to narcissistic abuse?

    • May I ask, or dare I ask” what steps have you taken to recover?”. I notice you say this ,in the beginning of your comment!!.

  17. The truth is narcissism is very rare. If you chose to love and accept versus, judge and ridicule, you would not be alienated. You need to take a long look at what your doing since that is in your control. If You change …the dynamic will change. If you choose victim mentality nothing will change. People want to be around people that genuinely accept/like them and treat them nicely, period. If you want a real solution you will really hear this. Men are not blind, chances are they see validity in their wives complaints about you

    • When you find out that the girlfriend planted lies about you the day after meeting you and literally set up a framing mechanism by texting someone about a false accusation that she then waited to pull out as so-called evidence when she needed it to use as a weapon to alienate your son from his entire family, you realize you’re not dealing with people who respond to life in a normal way. You’re dealing with mental illness. No amount of normal love and acceptance (which we gave her in spades until she started to pull this crap) will ever normalize the situation.

    • Victim blaming = Missy
      These people are not rare at all
      You are not at fault for judging / Critism – these are natural emotions all caring people would have and normal
      the narcissists use any of your normal judgement or criticism of them or your relative – against you and your relatives
      Since when could you not have an opinion about your own child?!
      It’s better for you and all concerned to keep those opinions and judgements and criticisms mostly to yourself once you understand what you are dealing with

  18. All these stories are heartbreaking. My story is similar. The evil, conniving woman successfully broke up a super close family. She became pregnant on purpose, my son felt honor bound to marry her. I did have the talk with him about all the red flags flying around this woman but he didn’t listen. She controls and brainwashes him against me. He was a sweet guy, now he is a parrot – repeating all her lies, her made up offended scenarios. I don’t even know my son any more. On one hand, I know he is suffering but on the other hand I feel he needs to grow a backbone and stand up to her. My final attempt to see my little granddaughter was a 2,500 mile flight and a rented car drive to their town. The wife got “mad” about something, my son didn’t even know what, and she would not allow me any time with my granddaughter. So I flew back home in misery. The final attempt to mail my granddaughter birthday gifts was rebuffed as well. They sent the gifts back to me unopened. So very cruel. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I decided to go forward and live my life. I took back the power that the wife thought she had o ver me (my son and granddaughter) and I will never cowtow to this evil creature ever again. I hope my son is not reduced to a shell before he wakes up and finds the strength to leave.
    I’ll never understand how a man can turn his back on the parents who have spent their life raising and supporting and unselfishly loving him for a woman who may only be temporary.

    • We’ve asked ourselves the same thing. We are completely estranged from our son now and it’s been over two years. The relationship had become superficial in the end and the silent treatments were inexcusable. He has become like his wife. I’m so grateful there are no children involved.

      • We know exactly how you feel. Our married son has 2 girls and his wife is a stay at home mom. Our problems have been going on 3 yrs now. We have reached out and sent gifts to our granddaughters and cards for all their birthdays. Pray about it all the time. Our son is the only one that can make things right we are very flexable and can get along with his wife. She can run her mouth about several family members but if anyone says anything about her this is different. Grandkids are the ones paying the price we no longer get them for overnight like we all was use to. We have decided to leave it in Gods hands we have nothing but love for our son & his family!
        We can not continue being sad about the situation. We have a married daughter & a great son-in-law so we do have another little grandson to enjoy. Life is to short so we all need to start living today you never know today could be your last day on this earth. Have faith God will handle it!

    • Thanks so much for sharing this. This is almost an identical situation that I have been dealing with – luckily with no grandchildren in the mix. It is beyond heartbreaking as a parent and close family. I miss my son and what our family used to be but, recognize the toxicity is not healthy. The only way that I can see this situation fixing itself is for my son to leave her – which I know will most likely never happen. They are recently married and have absolutely no communication with us nor do with them. Even though everyone says he will come to his senses some day – I am not quite sure … think that he is so brainwashed it is at the point of no return. I would like to hear from someone who had a child WAKE up and come home…

  19. My son married a “covert narc”. In many ways, more insidious than the overt. She does nothing to help. She has not worked In years, doesn’t leave her room, stares at computer all day everyday. Does not raise her own kids and when she does, considers it work. Complains, belittles him, constantly begging for sympathy about her mother who died years ago. I try and tell him it will not change. She has plenty of energy for outbursts and melt downs when all other attempts at manipulation fail. She is fake to the core and when something nice is done for her, she can hardly bring herself to say thanks. Such a wretched fowl waste of skin. The last four years she has literally only wallowed in self pity and practiced control. My son is miserable and constantly tired. He says its money. No, its her.

  20. My heart goes out to each and every one of you. I or should I say we, as a family ,no longer has family contact with my youngest son. The last three years have been heartbreaking beyond words. We have lost our beloved , kind, caring beautiful son, brother and uncle to a Narcasist family. He’s been totally brainwashed. He has become them. I no longer have contact with him?

  21. My son married a young lady who wanted a green card. She came from South Korea and my son asked her out. She made him sign a document saying that IF she went out with him once, and determined it to be to her desire, he would agree to marry her. He felt special; he felt that he had a chivalric honor-bound role to play. It excited his romantic nature. They have been married 15 years and he’s a subservient child-care giver.

  22. I am so sorry to read all of your experiences. And yes your life is my reality too. She was a sweet actress for 2 years until she had him locked in and he got fully trained in his job. Then she cut him off from everyone. He is happy happy and in love – He thinks. He doesn’t realize he is trapped in a locked cage with no escape. I wish, with all my being, she finds another victim and gets tired of my son before she drains him dry of any life and soul. I hope he wakes up to protect my only grandson – as he will surely be her next victim. God bless you all. Stay strong and survive to keep telling your stories. 6 % of the population have this disorder. We Moms have to get the word out. To save some other poor sucker looking for love.

  23. Narcissism isn’t rare. I lived with one for 28 years. I did everything but walk on my eyelids to make him happy. They are never happy unless they are walking on someone. As far as examining myself, I did that more times than I could count. I kept thinking that I must be doing something wrong. I changed myself so many different ways to try and make the marriage work. I almost lost my true self in the process. His own family couldn’t understand why I stayed married to him. You have, apparently, never lived with a narcissist so I would refrain from telling these people to look at themselves for a solution. You can’t change enough to please a narcissist. I just isn’t possible.

  24. My heart goes out to all who have narcissists in their lives.
    I see no posts about narcissistic sons though. I was enlightened to this fact only last year and he knows I know. He obviously feels threatened and is now pushing me away (or at least trying his best to). I ache for his partner (who is in blissful ignorance but equally in tune with his wishes) but more than anything, I now see the detrimental affect it’s having on his children aged 3 and 1.
    Has anyone been in this position? I would love some comments please
    Thank you.

  25. This too is my story. Reading everyone else’s experiences has made me not feel so alone. My son married a covert narc 4 months ago, red flags all over the place. I told him then he was making a huge mistake, give it some time and see if marriage was really the right decision. He had already talked to me 6 months prior about her gaslighting him and thinking of calling off the engagement. Then in no time, she had him manipulated and hooked. He came out of a 5 year relationship with another narc just 4 years prior and here we go again.

    My son is a recovering addict, I have been through hell and back with him. We have always been so close. He’s now 27, clean and sober but honestly what his wife is putting us through feels just as bad as when we walked through the addiction with him. Except with the addiction, he knew he had a problem and worked so hard at his sobriety. With her, he’s clueless of his problem. Only married 4 months and she’s almost alienated him completely from us. When he was in recovery from his addiction, he moved 4 states away for his sobriety, got on a dating site and met her online. Being so far from home it makes it all the easier to isolate him from his family here. I’m completely heartbroken. My son is so kindhearted and tries to see the good in everyone, all the while wearing blinders. He was abandoned by his Dad as a child from his own addiction issues and has had a huge void within him his entire life, always trying to fill it with the wrong things.


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