My Roommate is a Narcissist; What To Do Next?

Q: Hi, I recently discovered/realized that I was being Manipulated by my roommate. I finally went to him and Begged for him and his friends to stop(proxy recruitment)one more time before I made a terrible Decision to …end my life. I couldn’t take it anymore But I got a blank stare of evil. I went to where I slept in the Office/spare bedroom and cried for hours. I played, got baited, punished, and worse I cant even believe it. I’m trying hard to stand my ground and not be scared and have tried leaving but something always happens. Cops called after it got physical but I haven’t received help. Do you know what I can do?

A: It sounds like you are in a living hell. It doesn’t sound like it can get any more destructive or toxic. If you do not have any legal obligation to stay…LEAVE. NOW. Go stay with a friend or a family member, even a homeless shelter, for a few days- Anywhere- until you can find a different, healthier place to stay.  You don’t say what kinds of things “happen” to make you stay- but certainly they can’t be worth taking your life over. I am not sure which country you are writing from, but please contact the equivalent of the Domestic Abuse Center (or crisis hot line) for you are certainly being abused at home, physically and psychologically. They may also be able to provide you with safe, temporary shelter. If you are having suicidal thoughts, please tell the crisis hot line or Domestic Abuse workers and ask them to help you get counseling. Please see a therapist right away. You are in a dangerous situation- Get Out.

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