My Best Friend Is Dating A Narcissist

Q: My best friend is dating a narcissist and I told her I thought he was one and to read this site. She seemed to see the light, but I don’t think she can truly except it. Their fights seem to be getting worse and I fear he will become physically violent with her, what can I do other than stand back and watch him destroy her?

A: You are indeed a good friend for pointing out the information and having her read it. As the old adage goes, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink “. You cannot change her mind- only she can do that. You can, however, support her when she is going through the fights with him and let her know that you fear for her safety. Make sure she has a safety plan if things do become violent. It is hard in these situations to sit back and just support her, but sometimes that is all you can do. If you try to force the issue she is most likely going to start avoiding you and then you won’t be there to support her.

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One thought on “My Best Friend Is Dating A Narcissist

  1. Such a tricky spot to be in. I was raised by npd mother and married a narcissistic man just like her. When it was good it was good and when it was bad it was awful! The verbal abuse became physical. When I finally got the nerve to leave him…he broke intto the house and attacked me physically. I now have a crushed spine and severe PTSD. These people are wolves in sheeps clothing and sometimes they are just wolves. You seem like a wonderful friend…hang in there…she is going to need you. I would tell her to RUN…..and fast. Good luck! Hugs!

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