Q & A: I Am A Narcissist and I Seek Treatment

Q: I believe I am have NPD based on so many articles and reviewing my habits and behaviors that have dominated my life over the past decade. I want a breakthrough and to change this destructive vacuum of a life. Do you have any referrals for specialists in Texas? I live in Austin but am willing to drive any where. THank you, Deborah.

A: Deborah, a “classic” narcissist (to the point of NPD) is unlikely to seek treatment, although it does happen occasionally. So there is a good chance you have narcissistic traits but not full blown NPD. I admire your ability to see your personal difficulties and applaud your desire to work on them. I am not in the Texas area so cannot give you specific referrals. You might try calling a mental health referral agency to see if they have anyone listed who specializes in narcissism and/or personality disorders. Please check psychologists, psychiatrists and clinical social workers. You can also check the Houston and Austin areas for a narcissism victim’s support group. If available, they should be able to give you specific names for a referral to someone with experience. As a last resort, individually call local therapists in your area and ask if they have experience specifically with narcissism.

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One thought on “Q & A: I Am A Narcissist and I Seek Treatment

  1. Deb,

    Hope all is going well. I am a diagnosed narcissist myself and working on my daily thinking and habits. I have come a LONG way and still have years to go!!!

    Best of luck in your search for inner peace and a “normal” life.

    – Joe

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