How to Let a Girl Know You’re Interested? (without saying it)

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She’s walking by, and you don’t even know how to break a single word to her. It can be challenging to tell a girl how you feel. Especially if she has been a close pal for a long time and you don’t want to destroy the friendship.

Within this article, you will receive a guideline to steer your path. You’ll learn the best approach to expressing all your feelings.

So, here’s How to let a girl know you’re interested.

10 ways how to show a girl you like her (without saying it)

#1 Make her laugh

Making your crush laugh is very important if you want to send signs of interest to her. Adding a little humor to the conversation makes the atmosphere light and fun.

Besides, you don’t have to be the funniest person in the world to get her to laugh a bit. Be authentic. Tell a corny joke: you might get a chuckle out of her.

She’ll find that you’re not very uptight and you know how to have a good time. According to Laura Jane Williams, dating is about having fun.

Don’t take it all serious; crack a joke with your crush and take it slow. Women hate when guys rush into things.

#2 Ask her out on a date.

This might be the most challenging stage in letting your crush know you have feelings for her. You need to find the courage and fear no rejection.

Although you have to brace yourself for a no, you need and have to aim high for that “Yes.” Following WikiHow, you need to construct a plan in your head and make your purpose clear. A lady may feel safer, and it may also increase the chances of her saying yes if you have something already planned out.

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For instance, tell her “I have two tickets to the movies, would you like to join me?” Or you can take the more straightforward route and ask her to join you for lunch tomorrow.

Remember, don’t ask her out to places that are way out of your budget to try and impress her. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Be yourself, King!

How to let a girl k now you like her? Ask her on a date

#3 Be a gentleman

Ladies love a man who is soft for her! Looking out for someone shows that you care about them. She missed a day or two off work or college.

Hit her up and see if everything is okay. Every gesture doesn’t have to be romantic; it is the little things that matter. Open the door for her on the way out or pull out her chair to sit down.

Also, respect her time and space; you don’t have to cling up to her to show that you have feelings.

#4 Compliment her

A woman loves when someone acknowledges something specific about her. So, find that something and compliment her on it.

Also, compliment her skills or something she is good at. For example, is she a good leader? Or, maybe she plays an instrument. You can also compliment her if she has a talent for dancing or singing. You have to be authentic with your compliments and mean them.

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A girl will notice if you’re being dishonest and would ultimately lose interest. It’s good to compliment a lady on something she has gotten recently. For instance, a new haircut or color or a work promotion.

How to let a girl know you're interested? Give her a sincere compliment

#5 Use your talent to impress her

“I make a mouthwatering chicken alfredo.”

“I can play the guitar like a boss.”

“I am an awesome songwriter.”

To show a girl you’re interested in her, you can showcase your skills and talents and what you’re good at. Especially cooking.

Find your way to her heart through her stomach. If you’re a fantastic writer, compose a song or poem expressing your feelings to her. A lady will love that! Show her you’re so interested that you went out of your way to impress her.

#6 Be direct and speak your mind.

Major League Dating places this approach as the riskiest. This is being straightforward and telling your crush you have feelings for her. You can start by complimenting her or asking a general question.

This will open the mood and give her a listening ear. You may need to take a little time to practice since it’s the riskiest. Also, as we stated earlier, you cannot fear rejection.

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#7 Send her cute text messages/photos.

Sending her cute little messages signifies that you’re thinking about her. She’ll see that from your busy schedule, you chose to text her. She will feel extraordinary.

You can try asking her a question that would get a response. You guys can also engage in fun and exciting games over the phone. This will create an exceptional bond and show her your interest.

#8 Touch her

Touching a lady may signify your interest in her. But, you need to ensure that it is appropriate. For instance, you can hold her hand and make eye contact during a conversation with her.

Also, high fives, hugs, whispering in her ear or fixing hair that lies on her face. These are all forms of appropriate touch. If she is uncomfortable with you touching her, you need to stop and respect her personal space. 

#9 Figure out what she likes

When you have a conversation, pay attention to everything she says. Women love when guys remember something very detailed about them.

They feel appreciated and listened to. According to Becoming the One Blog, people usually say that men are not good with details. So, showing her that you are is an unmistakable signal to her that you’re interested.

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#10 Be just a friend first.

It is always wise to get to know someone from a friend’s point of view before you begin to date them. The pundits say that true love always starts with friendship. 

Love Panky says that you first need to acknowledge her as a normal human being before you claim her as your girl. You need to see her as a friend.

This approach comes with being honest and respectful. Even more important, you may need to disagree or be against certain things she may say or do. When you establish these lines, you set precise boundaries for the relationship. 

Should you tell a girl you like her?

Of course, you should tell her you like her! What if she has been crushing on you since the day she has met you? What if the feelings are entirely mutual?

You wouldn’t want someone braver than you to shoot their shot before you. It is now or never. So let your crush know you would like to go out with her. Be confident and speak up so she would know that your feelings towards her are honest and genuine.

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Besides, people get a feeling when someone has an interest in them. Your girl has already detected that from you and is waiting for you to make a move. So don’t hesitate. Her rejection is okay. If she rejects you, it shows she wasn’t meant for you either way.

How to tell a girl you like her (4 essential tips)

#1 Give her Hints

Giving a girl hints about how you feel will prepare her for when you finally tell her that you like her. You can compliment her on her hairstyle or even her outfit. Or, you can say something beautiful like, “I’ve listened to a song which made me think of you.” And you go on and also send her that beautiful song.

Also, you should pay close attention to the way she reacts to compliments. If she always gives a smile, you’re on the right path!

#2 Prepare what you’re going to say. states that preparing the approach you’re going to take is essential. You mustn’t write on paper and regurgitate everything to her. It should sound very natural and from your heart. Be yourself.

#3 Write a hand-written letter.

Old school is often is a good move. Writing a hand-written note comes off as being romantic and passionate. You can slip it in your girl’s bag or drop it on her desk. If she likes you back, this will make her day.

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#4 Be direct

Be straight up and tell her you like her. It would be unmistakable and straightforward; hence she would get the message.

For instance, you can begin a normal conversation with her. Mid-way, stop her and say, “I’ve been meaning to tell you,” and break it to her. You will see her complete reaction and see whether the feelings are mutual.

How do you let a girl know you’re interested through text?

#1 Always keep her smiling.

You do not want to text the same boring stuff every time. You must make the conversations very interesting. Do your research, find out what your girl likes and talk to her about it.

Also, you can use emojis, Gifs, and stickers to add a little spark to the conversation. It makes it very fun and exciting. Every time her phone pings, she would be hoping it is from you.

#2 Great spelling and grammar

Good spelling and grammar are critical when texting someone you likeData Metrics argues that perfect grammar and spelling may seem very uptight. It can also come across as nervous.

Yet, you should not do away with it. You can use text language here and there, for example, lol- laughs out loud or wyd? – What are you doing?

Excessive text language may come across as uneducated, or she may think you’re not serious. It should only be in moderation if you want her to know of your interest in her.

#3 Keep it short

Joann Cohen states that the longest message you should send to her is 2-3 sentences. Long paragraphs about how you feel may seem very cute. But, you should keep text messages concise.

Remember you want to let her know you have feelings for her. So, you should be direct with your words. Detailed texts may be confusing and open a path for misunderstanding.

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#4 Do not recite lame love quotes from the internet

Are you searching the web and finding quotes that tell you how you feel? Are you stealing poems off the internet and claiming them as your own?

This is not a good idea. You should be expressing how you’re feeling straight from your heart. The ‘lovey dovey’ quotes from the internet don’t mean anything to her.

She wants to hear what you have to say. Or, why not quote from a famous romantic author or book which she may love? That is the definition of romance, and it would impress her.

#5 Push her, but not too much

According to Joann Cohen, pushing her, but not too much, would give a signal that you’re interested. People refer to it as “applying pressure.” This comprises of texting her often so that messaging you is a part of her daily routine.

But remember, you have to respect her time. Hence you can ask about her schedule and act to suit. You can ask short questions to get to know her a little better. Furthermore, texting is an excellent way to flirt with her.

#6 Call her

Texting at some point may get a little boring. You can say something like, “can I hear your beautiful voice?” Besides, it is sometimes beneficial to let the person hear rather than text what you have to say.

This is because through messaging, information may not be clear and also misunderstood.

How do you let a girl know you are interested in her without being creepy? (4 Steps)

No secret admirer

A secret admirer can come across as stalking. So, at all costs, you should try and avoid this. This can also make someone very nervous. You do not know what the person may be going through, so the idea of someone watching them might creep them out a bit. If you like someone, you shouldn’t go around the bush to tell them. Be yourself and let her know.

Be real

The Art of Charm agrees that the key to letting a girl know you like her is authenticity.

For this reason, you don’t need to say all the perfect words in the world. You have to come to her directly and state the feelings you have for her.

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Do not only compliment the physical appearance.

According to Real Men Style, you shouldn’t compliment only the physical appearance of a lady. It makes her think you only want to get into her pants.

When praising a woman, mention what you like about her personality traits. Or, you can compliment her on something she is good at.

Catcalling is not cute.

Women hate catcalling! Catcalling is very uncomfortable for any woman, and men shouldn’t engage in that. Real Men Style agrees this makes a woman feel very unsafe and objectified.

So, don’t whistle, shout, honk, or comment on women’s physical appearance on the street. People deem all these actions as inappropriate.

To get a women’s attention, talk to her in private where she listens to everything you have to say. Don’t scream at her in the street to look cool to your friends.

It might seem very risky to let your crush know you have feelings for her. But what is life without risks? You would have to take a few chances in the love game.

“If there is no risk, there is no reward” – Christy Raedeke.

Also, you never know what the outcome would be unless you try. Rejection is a thing, and you cannot let it scare you. It’s time to leave that comfort zone and let the girl know you’re interested in her.

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