How to Deal With Your Narcissistic Sibling?

How to deal with your narcissistic sibling? And what are the characteristics that classify your brother or sister as a narcissist? Let’s start with an example how Narcissistic Siblings can behave.

David was a fourteen-year-old kid; he was a straight-A student, made the cut for the freshman football team, and was loved by all of his teachers.

Though it might seem like David had it all, he was terrified of his successes on the inside.

With every accomplishment came fear, and the source of that panic was someone who should have been his biggest fans.

David’s older brother, Tom, is a narcissistic sibling. Whenever David succeeds, his brother is there to cut him down.

So David did his best to hide his successes, keeping his report cards secret and lying about his after-school activities to his parents, anything to assuage Tom’s jealousy. 

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Ten years later, David is still deathly afraid of crossing his brother. Tom feeds his parents with misinformation designed to sully David’s reputation.

David moved away for college and got a job in a city far from his brother, but Tom is always trying to weasel his way back into David’s life. Every time they meet Tom boasts about his successes and uses the time they have together to chip away David’s self-esteem. 

Through it all, David feels helpless – this is his older brother, someone who was supposed to protect him and guide him through the challenges of adolescence. Instead, Tom has been a never-ending source of pain in David’s life and he has no idea what to do about his sibling.

Can Siblings be Narcissists?

how to deal with your narcissistic sibling

Anyone can be a narcissist, and although most of us have heard stories about narcissistic partners and narcissistic parents, the subject of narcissistic siblings goes largely unnoticed.

Narcissistic sibling abuse can be especially damaging though because, with the exception of your primary caregiver, siblings are often our closest relationships.

Spotting a narcissistic sibling isn’t all that hard either, with most of them being defined by a few specific traits.

Narcissistic sibling characteristics include:

Entitlement: They will always treat you like you owe them something.

They feel more important than you and believe you should be sacrificing more for them.

They’ll also monopolize the parents’ time and attention, and justify their behavior by saying that they’re the “favorite” child.  

A Lack of Empathy: Sibling relationships are supposed to be a two-way street.

Sure, an older sibling might provide guidance and look out for the younger one, and the younger one will usually defer to the older sibling during childhood, but it’s supposed to be an equitable relationship.

A narcissistic brother or sister expects you to coddle them in their feelings but will give a blank stare or become irate if you express yours. 

Never Accepting Responsibility: You know the kid that always blames their little brother or sister when they broke the lamp running carelessly through the house?

That kid grows up and blames their parents and siblings for ruining their childhood and turning them into maladjusted adults.

Narcissists never take responsibility, in childhood or as a grown-up.

Always Being the Center of Attention: Narcissists are defined by their strong need for Narcissistic supply, which can come from their friends, romantic relationships, parents, and even siblings.

They’re attempting to get all eyes on them, even when it’s completely inappropriate, like your wedding or graduation. 

Jealousy: Every big moment in your life is an affront to their ego. Did you get a promotion?

They’ll tell you why your job is stupid (and theirs is incredible). You’re getting married? They’ll criticize your spouse or tell you how “it’ll never last”. 

Now let’s discuss how to deal with your narcissistic sibling.

Typical Behaviour of a Narcissistic Sister

Narcissistic Personality Disorder comes in several different flavors, and while narcissists have some fairly specific core traits, the disorder manifests itself differently in brothers and sisters.

These are some of the most common issues you’ll encounter with a narcissistic sister

Characteristics of Narcissistic Sisters

She Points Out Flaws in Your Appearance: Narcissists find flaws within themselves and project them onto others.

A narcissistic sister is usually obsessed with her appearance and will find any way she can to criticize yours.

She Lies All the Time: Narcissists live in their own reality, exaggerating their successes and sweeping their failures under the rug.

A narcissistic sister will lie about mundane things too; it’s all about maintaining a version of reality where they are the most important person in the world.

She Steals Your Friends or Romantic Partner: This one is especially common with an older narcissistic sister.

Friends or potential boyfriends or girlfriends might look up to her as the cool older sister, and she’ll turn that admiration against you.

When successful, she’ll leave her sibling feeling worthless and isolated, and even if she’s not successful,

friends and romantic partners start to feel too uncomfortable with her behavior and stop coming around. 

She Plays the Victim with Your Parents: Narcissists crave power, but they’re perfectly willing to gain it through the sympathy of others.

A narcissistic sister will tell your parents how hurtful you’ve been to her, while also pointing out every mistake you’ve made to ensure they’re seen as the “good child”.

How to Deal with a Narcissistic Sister?

You might be asking yourself “my sister is a narcissistic bully – what should I do about it?”

Should you expose a narcissistic sibling? If other people could just see them the way that you do, they’d lose all of their power, right? While that might seem rational, narcissism is anything but, and exposing them can have disastrous consequences.

A better option is limiting your exposure to her narcissistic tendencies while attempting to heal from the damage already inflicted. 

Set Reasonable Limits: Narcissistic sisters thrive on the admiration, praise, or deference that you give them.

Spending more time with her will lower your self worth and lead to uncomfortable feelings and agitation.

You can limit the amount of time you’re exposed to your sister though.

She’s still your sister, so it’s inevitable that you’ll see each other on occasion: holidays, funerals, etc., unless you go the no-contact route.

Maybe these are the only times you’ll want to spend with her, for the sake of maintaining harmony between family members. 

Determine Acceptable Behaviors: You’ll probably never have a healthy and fulfilling relationship with them, but you can draw a line in the sand and outline which of their behaviors are unacceptable.

Don’t like how close your sister is getting with your friends or significant other?

Let her know these are a deal-breaker and she’s at risk of losing you.

She’ll probably get upset and could incite narcissistic rage, but at least she’ll know how far she can push before you begin cutting off of contact.

Look for Support: One of the hardest parts of having a narcissistic sibling is how it isolates you from your family members.

Families provide critical emotional support, but there’s a good chance your sibling has a hold on them just as they do on you.

Instead, find support in friends and professionals (like a licensed counselor) who have some distance from the situation.

Typical Behaviour for a Narcissistic Brother

Men and women exhibit narcissism in different ways and this is also true within familial relationships.

Some fighting between brothers is fairly normal, but a narcissist’s behavior goes far beyond the usual sibling rivalry.

Violent bullying, especially of their younger siblings is common, but younger brothers may use their position as “the baby” of the family to suck up all the parent’s attention.

You might already be saying “I’m pretty sure my brother is a narcissist”, but there are some behaviors that are very common to all of them. 

Characteristics of Narcissistic Brothers

He Tells Hurtful Jokes: A narcissistic brother is always telling stories and making comments meant to bring you down.

Should you complain about them and explain how much they hurt, he’ll say he was just joking and that you need to have a sense of humor.

His jokes aren’t designed to get laughs though, they’re to hold power over you.

He’s Alway in Competition With You: A little sibling rivalry is normal, but a narcissistic brother will turn everything into a life or death tournament, whether it’s academic performance or spitting watermelon seeds.

Your brother will also spend an inordinate amount of time comparing your achievements to his,

downplaying yours and boasting about his own. Everything needs to circle back to how he’s better than you.

He’s Often Unfaithful to His Partner: This one doesn’t directly affect you, but it’s a good sign that your brother doesn’t have much empathy for his partner.

This is a person he’s supposed to have intense feelings for, but he regularly disregards his commits in favor of self-satisfaction.

Narcissists need fresh narcissistic supply and a new partner is perfect for gaining it.

His hurtful and selfish actions won’t stop with his romantic partner either, they’re more than likely inflicted on his siblings and parents too.

He Never Accepts Responsibility: a narcissistic brother never thinks that he’s done something wrong.

Everything is always someone else’s fault and that someone else is usually you. Point this out to him and his defenses are raised immediately and the blame is shifted to you.

He’ll recruit his flying monkeys, his loyal supporters, who might be your parents, siblings, or just mutual acquaintances.

He wants you to know that any criticism will be met with immediate retaliation. 

How to Deal with a Narcissistic Brother?

Now that you understand the telltale signs of the disorder, you’re probably concerned with how to protect yourself from your narcissistic sibling.

It’s always a delicate balancing act with family since the simplest solution is usually off the table – completely cutting them out of your life.

These are a few less drastic options and put some distance between you and your narcissistic sibling. 

Don’t Call Him a Narcissist: There’s plenty of evidence showing that most narcissists know that they have a personality disorder, they just don’t see it as a problem.

Bring it up to your brother though, and he’ll feel threatened and demeaned.

This leads to retaliation and there’s little chance that he’ll seek professional health after the encounter. 

Understand What You’re Willing to Accept: Narcissists have a wide array of negative behaviors, and some are worse than others.

This man is family, so you’re probably inclined to be a little more tolerating than you would be with a friend or coworker.

Set some hard lines for the most upsetting behaviors and make it clear that you’re out if they continue.

Avoid Contact: These suggestions were supposed to prevent cutting your brother out, but sometimes it is the only option.

Show him the door and he will undoubtedly turn on you, including sending out the flying monkeys.

If you can weather the storm, though, this is your chance to heal from all of his narcissistic abuses.

Once you’ve made some progress, you can introduce him back into your life in small doses.

Final Thoughts on How to Deal with Your Narcissistic Sibling

Realizing that you have them is devastating – the bond with your sibling should be one of your closest personal relationships.

Instead, you have someone constantly trying to undermine you and is out to destroy your relationships with other family members.

Fortunately, recognizing them as narcissists is the first step in healing from their abuses and setting boundaries for the future.

You’ll most likely never have the warm and loving relationship you seek with your sibling, but with careful limits, you can at least have a civil one. 

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8 thoughts on “How to Deal With Your Narcissistic Sibling?”

  1. thirty years after going no contact and living as far away as possible; she in Boston, and me in Honolulu, she took my life away so completely, leaving me with ptsd, penniless, homeless, isolated, and unaware she had done anything. Mom asked if I had plans for a long weekend, ten yers earlier. I dreaded shopping for a new computer system I told her determined to get it out of the way. A couple days later hugte box drom dell arrived. Inside was a letter congrdulating me for winning it in a random drawing sponsered by my isp. Great timing I thought and soon had ll files moved. It was a trojan horse used to destroy everything including my private practice as acholistic physician, credit, billing, investment portfolio, legal matters. I have no security for my future, and no evidence to prove she had remote access to everything because the computer came from her. My family is indifferent. I assume lies caused that. I snubbed her thirty years earlier when I went no contact. She showed me didn’t she.
    I really should have taken her life when I was still a minor.

    • this sounds tough. sorry you’re in this, but my brother was a narcissist asshole. he was a half brother, the kid from my mother’s 1st marriage.

    • Desiring the murder of somebody, even that of a Narcissist, is NOT ok. I understand feeling angry at the Narcissist; and I know you probably feel “victimized” by your sister. But please realize she no longer has control over you, so you should not give her the continued credit of your current life status. Narcissists have a disorder that will most likely never be cured, but that doesn’t mean that their human life should be discarded. Please get help for having thoughts of harming others. In doing so you may even find the internal peace you are seeking. ❤

      • Nah, Narcissist are stalkers even if they are family. And stalking is a felony. The real problem is when they do a elevate to a crime, the police turn a blind eye though it is a felony and the victim is robbed including that of victim rights. This is our taxpayer fault for not holding law enforcement accountable though they receive taxpayer money and dutied to protect public welfare and safety. Statistic state approximately 1/3 of victims commit suicide. Again this is us citizens fault for not holding law enforcement accountable simply because the stalker, npd is a family member and don’t allow us to divorce them legally from being our relative, then in our elder age they come back and become our guardians to boot and we their victims. This person isn’t a survivor of npd…she has lost everything and the stalker is still awaiting to do more. When do we band together to demand convictions, PPO and legal divorce of even our siblings or children? Without that, she is right…she should have taken control and ended their life in self preservation of her own. So either band together to demand law enforcement stop dereliction of duties at taxpayer expense or we are left with either our life or theirs as no one can live stripped!

        • Surely you must realize that as part of a federal mandate, every state every state has guidelines that must be followed to deal with situations such as you describe.
          The law requires that the victim must fill out an affidavit that outlines the events, the police are then obligated to act. The complaints must then be adjudicated. Would you want to live in a country where the police operate of their own accord, outside of the law? Really??

  2. Thank you for outlining exactly what I’ve been experiencing first from a Narc abusive ex step father and now his spawn my half sister. Excuse me if this post gets too long I need to scream this into the void and release it, it helps to know I’m not crazy and other people are dealing with this too.

    My sister was the baby golden child apple of her fathers eye while my brother and I from my moms first marriage were the constant scapegoats, along with my mother of course. Bert was committing fraud he moved us around the country and hid us from my father and grandparents. My childhood was an unending punishment Bert relished long arduous chores, making us sit in a corner for hours on end, writing up to 3000 sentences of “I will not…” that essentially made me and my brother unseen and unheard in the house. Anything was grounds for punishment eg. a sock not making it ALL the way into the hamper… I was on eggshells all the time added to the fact we grew up in a now defunct cult that severely isolated me my sister was one of the few friends I had, but she always abused the power she held over me as golden child. She enjoyed getting me into trouble and then would get bored and convince Bert to let me off punishment so she could play. The clearest memory I have of this was one time it was Sabbath which was always somber and solemn you didn’t play or have fun on sabbath…anyway my sister had a little squirt gun in her hand showed it to me and motioned squirting Bert in the back of the head. I shook my head and mouthed no! She did it anyway then threw the squirt gun into my lap. He whipped around fuming zeroed in on me and my punishment was to go straight to bed and not get up until 8 the next morning, it was 12 in the afternoon. I think my sister caved and asked for me back around dinner time. I learned from Bert at a very early age that if he eyed you and made an accusation your best course of action was to admit to whatever he said and take the punishment bc standing up for yourself or questioning his wisdom made it exponentially worse. My mom divorced him when I was 14, the fucked up part is I chose to live with him initially to be close to my sister he had poisoned us against our mother and it was safer to side with the aggressor, that lasted about 4 months then he dropped me on my mothers doorstep. My mother and I had a lot of rebuilding to do.
    My sister and I weren’t very close for the next 6 years she was rebelling and getting into trouble, she experienced a fall from grace from golden child to scapegoat for awhile since Bert had no one else to take it out on. Eventually he kicked her out on to my mothers doorstep.
    Things changed in the family when my sister got pregnant at 19 and it was clear the father wasn’t in the picture, my mother and I banded around her the sense being that this child needed a support system. I was still living my life in college but talking to my sister regularly and giving her money I didn’t really have anytime she asked. Bert played doting grandfather for a while and would have my niece stay at his place for the weekend until she was 4. I graduated college and moved back to my mom and sister to be close and help her with my niece.
    We found out Bert had been molesting his ex girlfriends 12 year old daughter from her mother. The victim had all of the same features as my niece and looked like an older version/sister to my niece which was creepy. My sister went full momma bear and we conspired to get him to confess and put away. Getting him to confess wasn’t hard as he is self righteous and seemed to take joy in telling us all the sordid details in a series of conversations I listened in as a witness to about how she seduced him and how much he loved her and how god had put in his heart that she was to be his wife…listening to all that bull shit made me clench my fists and jaw and feel physically I’ll. he actually walked into the police station of his own accord and gave a full confession to which they replied ok we know where you are we will pick you up when we are ready…so he was out of his own recognizance for 3 weeks stashing his cash money and gold coins who knows where. (He was a doomsday prepper) We called the DA and gave our testimony and sat on the victims side in court where he got 7 years. My sister maxed out all of his credit cards and used his new car till it got repossessed. I helped her sort pack and sell all of the rest of his possessions the proceeds of which she kept entirely to the tune of about $25,000 I figured it was her inheritance and I didn’t want anything from him anyway. I was glad to have my biggest Bully out of my life.
    I moved in with my sister to help her pay bills and be a live in nanny for my niece while she was “working” and making bad decisions as to who she was hanging out with. She decided to get pregnant with her unstable boyfriend who was a drug addict and was in prison within 6 mo. She got angry one day for reasons unrelated to me and ended up sucker punching me in the head, that’s when I moved out of her house. I continued to be a support system for her monitarily and as a person to vent about the continual drama she manufactured for herself but I ended up moving away and giving myself permission to per-sue my own life. When her son was 4m She married her 3rd baby daddy bc she was pregnant again with his child they divorced 8 mo later. She went back with her 2nd baby daddy and for about 3years her life seemed like it was falling into place his mom bought them a nice house with a pool and she was making progress. During this time we saw each other for the normal holidays and spoke on the phone 3-4 times per week. I was living 6 hours away and building a life with my now husband.
    I thought my sister and I had a relatively good relationship I felt we had gotten past a lot of obstacles and were stronger than ever
    I had always been there to support her and be her friend. She broke up with her boyfriend for petty reasons and went back to old habits of luring nieve men in to pay her bills and take care of her kids.
    Then I got engaged. This proved to bring up a lot of uncomfortable feelings for my sister I now know her narcissistic tendencies saw this as an abandonment on my part. I didn’t pick up on the storm that was brewing between us.
    Smashley as I now refer to her waited till my bridal shower weekend to unleash her fury at me, I was blindsided. We had had a very nice weekend with my friends, thankfully she waited till my guests left to attack. It started with me asking “do you want to play a game?!” She did but a psychological meltdown not Rummikub or Yahtzee as I intended.
    She unleashed everything she could at me and my mother every past grievance dredging up things that need to be kept in the past at least at that moment. As well as manufacturing false narratives and slinging arrows clearly intended to cut me down and hurt me. At first I was empathetic I asked if she needed a hug, I let her vent but also pleaded with her to stop this train, it was a celebratory weekend. I told her repeatedly that I loved her and had no reason to fight with her, and asked her to stop. She amped it up until she was displaying as if she was having a panic attack after she screamed in my face that she wasn’t coming to my wedding I replied “your right not with that attitude your not” then I asked my mom if she would like to go out for dinner and we left her to her own devices. She threatened that she wouldn’t be there when we got back, I simply said “your an adult you can do whatever you want but remember you have children at home, we will be back in 2 hours.” When we came back she had locked herself in the guest room where she remained until the next morning when they left she gave me the cold shoulder on the way out. 2 days later she texts me a dog meme to which I replied “you don’t get to send me a meme instead of an apology” she ghosted me. So there was a lot of tension around how my sister would act at the wedding it was never my intention to disinvite her, I did end up letting her know bluntly that my sister Ashley was invited to the wedding if her alter ego Smashley showed up she would be promptly escorted off the premises which was met with I’m your sister how can you say that!!? Bc I know you! I had several people who were aware and watching her throughout the day and the bartender was only to serve her 3 drinks. She gave a nice sounding speech at the reception and that was it no card, no present just the gift of her and her childrens presence which cost me $500 while she mostly ignored me. We had set a friend of ours up to stay at the rental with my family as they had a spare room. I fully regret the position we put him in, what he was witness to that night…both my sister and my aunt tried to sleep with him he ended up locking his door to protect himself from their advances…my sister got into a huge fight with my mom yet again mom had claw marks down her arm the next morning she didn’t want to talk about. I was hurt angry and confused for a while why had it all unraveled I had always been there for her but the one occasion that celebrated something good in my life was ripped to shreds. I left her alone we didn’t talk for a few months. Meanwhile my mother was still having to deal with her.
    One day Ashley saw on FB a picture of my moms husbands family at my moms house that they posted celebrating his mothers 80th birthday. The picture was taken 3 years before at my mom and her husbands wedding, a party that we all, including my sister were at…she made some wild assumption that my mom had thrown a party and not invited my sister which led her to lash out in a vicious series of text messages to my mom saying that she was done with her and her husband and no longer wanted anything to do with her then blocked her before my mom could even respond. My mom sent me the messages verbatim and I was appalled I called my sister to set the record straight to which her reply was basically shut up you don’t know what your talking about that I have nothing to do with her childrens lives and she never wants to talk to me again. So I honored her request I stopped trying to contact her for any reason, we made all of our holiday plans avoiding her. And for the first time I could breath easy and recognize all of the things I didn’t miss about having her in my life. That went on for a year.

    My brother had a medical emergency last year and was struggling with an alchohol addiction. My sister called me to voice her concern about him she wanted to come up to visit him (we live in the same area) when he got out of the hospital and stage an intervention. I did not agree to the intervention as I did not see how that would be helpful given she has her own struggles with alchohol, but she asked if her and her new boyfriend could stay at our house as they “couldn’t find a hotel”. I with trepidation but also a little hope agreed to have them for the weekend. Maybe this was the break where she and I could salvage a relationship…silly me.

    Ashley and Sean who we had not previously met arrived and we had a couple courteous hours where we made small talk and went to lunch before I had to go to work. She gifted me a sweater which was uncharacteristic and insisted on paying for lunch (with her bf money she was carrying his fat wallet flashing it around.) My husband was off of work before me and took them out to dinner at one of our favorite spots. They proceeded to be an embarrassing nightmare loud demanding bickering back and forth. She got up from the table to use the bathroom took her bf wallet and tipped the server $100 without telling him. When he got up to use the restroom she used the time tell my husband that she doesn’t even like this guy he’s just been paying her bills for the last 7mo and she’s still in love with baby daddy no 2…my husband was very uncomfortable. Sean pays the bill and also tips the server$100… my husband is anxious to get them back to the house and out of public as they are walking home bickering and screaming after she tells him she also tipped the server. She disappeared into a bar and they had to backtrack to find her. He had to deal with that situation on his own for another 4 hours until I got home from work. When I got home Smashley had mostly retreated to the guest room yelling insults, but would poke her head out every once in a while to hurl more directly. Her boyfriend who was 50 btw was sitting there asking us “can you help me? Can you make her love me?” We’re like dude your on your own…he goes “I’m going to go in there and make this right!” Ok good luck man! Comes out 2 min later holding the side of his face “she hit me!” Then it was like to record skipped to the beginning “can you help me? Can you make her love me?” Again no “im going to make it right!” Goes back in the room comes out a minute later “ she kicked me!” My husband is like wtf is happening here this needs to end now you should go in there and shut this down, your her sister. I’m like oh me?! First of all im the last person she is going to listen to, secondly this debacle currently has nothing to do with me and I would rather stay out of it, third of all she is kicking and punching?! No thanks! So she comes out yelling one more time…my sweet pacifist can’t we all just get along husband who hates confrontation takes a deep breath sighs and stood up told my sister “go to your room and lock the door, gave Sean a blanket told him to sleep on the couch. We’re all going to bed and I don’t want to hear another peep out of either of you!” And we locked ourselves in our room. The next morning I had to go to work again, my husband went to work too even though he didn’t have to just to get out of the house. Ashley and Sean sent a message that afternoon “sorry about last night, too much fireball” which is the closest she’s ever come to an apology so my husband and I talked and were like maybe tonight we can salvage the weekend, give ‘em another shot! Idiots lol.

    So when I got home from work there was about an hour where we all just conversated more or less like normal humans then my sisters real intentions became clear she had been drinking all day that day too her eyes changed and she wanted to confront me about how dare I not talk to her for a year! I reminded her I was respecting her commands. Once I saw where it was going I shut it down saying this is not productive I’m going to bed…so 2 nights in a row we locked ourselves in our room in our own house to avoid her taking it any further!
    The next morning her bf got up with a black eyes and scratches on his face, otherwise was acting normal, Ashley pulled her usual and stayed in the guest room ignoring us. My husband and I went to go to the grocery store bc the plan was to have my brother and his gf over for a bbq…she left when we were at the store texting that we made her and Sean feel uncomfortable in our home and they had found a hotel and invited my brother and his gf over and we were invited to come hang out there! We replied no thanks. She made sure to text the next day that they all had a great time no drama at all it was a shame I couldn’t be there!

    That’s when I finally faced the reality that we were not friends and any attempt on my part is futile. I have had an entire lifetime of opportunities to practice being the bigger person, turn the other cheek and forgive even though she didnt offer any appologies. All it got me was to be her scapegoat for way too long.

    She had always been jealous of how close my brother and I were, she used his medical emergency and her bf money to love bomb him payed his rent and 2 debaucherous all expenses paid trips to Vegas. Smashley and Sean tried and failed to get married in Vegas (he was convinced he was dying probably smoking 4 packs a day and wanted someone to get his pension) Smashley, Sean and my brother got matching tattoos that say “dos muchos” which pretty much sums it up. They followed that up 4 days later by succeeding at a courthouse wedding. They were married 3 months before it imploded now they both have restraining orders a domestic abuse case and he apparently(according to her) maxed out her credit cards and left her in financial ruin. Ironic but oh so fitting.

    Now my brother and I are not close bc I feel like he took her side, but otherwise “wants to stay out of it”

    At least my husband got to see her true colors and no longer appeals to me to make it right as he finally understood what I was dealing with.

    It really hurts to be excluded from her childrens lives, I wanted to be there for them but by now I’m sure she has poisoned them against me…I’ve reached out to my niece and gave her money as it seems she is also a scapegoat for her mother at 14 now that she has formed opinions. I wish I could protect her. I let her know I am here for her. It all seems so unnecessary.

    She called me on Valentine’s Day I answered, she was sniffling (fake crying?) no apologies just a sniveling “we’re sisters we should be able to talk!” I responded with “I appreciate you saying that. Can I call you back tomorrow to have a conversation” she agreed then over a week I tried multiple times she just ghosted me once again which is for the best. Honestly I am grateful that she has been so harsh in cutting me out completely it is truly the best present she ever gave me.

    If anyone made it to the end thanks for letting me vent maybe my story makes you feel like your not alone!

  3. I have a narcissitic younger sister. It is a myth that it is always the OLDER SIBLING. In my case, it only adds to the shame that I had to take the abuse from my younger sister (by 4 years).

  4. Nothing useful in this post, besides the repetitive description of narcissistic behaviour. It doesn’t tell anything about “how to deal”. It’s frustrating that everyone on the web says “define boundaries” when this is bullshit. No narcissist accept any boundary. They become bullies when you set any boundary, and here we go into drama again. Just another clickbait site with nothing useful besides the description of narcisistic person that makes the person feel “empathized with”.


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