How Do Narcissists Treat Their New Girlfriends? Better Than You?

If I were to describe the way a narcissist treats their new girlfriend in three words, they’d be:

Thank you, next!

Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Somebody new comes along, catches their eye and makes them feel almost hungry for this new, shiny supply.

The bed he once slept in is barely cold, yet there he is hopping into somebody else’s. 

Alongside this fast move across the chess board is the nauseating view of him treating her the way he is. 

Shall we go through all those ways?

Remember – this is about their behavior – not yours!

When a Relationship With a Narcissist Ends

So … you have gotten to the end of your relationship with a narcissist. 

First of all – Congratulations. Welcome to the start of the rest of your life.

Secondly – Before you get to the start, you’re to prepare for a last burst of chaos and drama from the narcissist. They like to think of it as their parting gift to you, but actually it’s just another example of how childish and egotistical they are. 

When your relationship ends, a few likely scenarios will arise.

  1. The narcissist will tell everyone they see how they did everything they possibly could, and treated you like royalty and you didn’t appreciate them in return. 
  1. They can also dismiss you like you’re dirt on their shoe and act as if they never met you. This is how their pride hides hurt or embarrassment that they were ‘dumped.’
  1. The smear campaign can start. Everyone will hear how terrible you were as a partner and how much they regret getting involved with you. 
  1. They will find a new partner, and will use every opportunity to rub your face in it. 
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Let’s Look At Number 4 in Detail…

So. They have a new girlfriend. 

Bravo to them (and good luck to the new girl…)

As you’re now very familiar with the narcissist and how they operate, you’ll know exactly what this new flame has coming to her. 

You’ll feel relief that it’s not you involved, but the question that might crop up with you is:

Will she be treated better than I was?

You see, there’s a small bit of you that cares. You know you shouldn’t, but you still wonder if what happened between you was your fault.

Looking at how they treat their new partner is going to confuse you, because all your brain will be looking for is the good.

The New Girl – in Zero Time!

Don’t be surprised if the narcissist finds a new love in no time at all. This is usually a sign that they can’t bear to be alone for more than a few seconds. Being alone for long enough would bring together all the ingredients for their self-loathing to surface.

Yep – before you can blink, the new girl arrives, and you want to know how she’s being treated.

The Familiar Cycle

If you think about when you first met the narcissist, everything seemed amazing, right? Like you were both right out of a movie. The love was intense, the feeling was almost euphoric, and you couldn’t picture your life without them. 

Then reality hit.

Let’s look at exactly what I mean by that, with these 5 ways the narcissist will treat their new girlfriend.

How Does The Narcissist Treat Their New Girlfriend?

Flowers and Fairy Tales

At the beginning of a relationship with a narcissist, you know things are going to go very well for them. The charm is intriguing. The dates are lavish. The time spent with them grows and grows until all spare time is spent with the narcissist. 

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Life will feel like a fairy tale that the new girlfriend is caught up in. You get to watch it play out if you’re unlucky enough, but even if you don’t it will play out this way. 

Future Faking

The narcissist is an expert at future faking, so anything that comes out of their mouth will be what the new girlfriend wants to hear, and what they’ve said a million times to previous partners. 

I love you.

I can’t imagine my life without you.

I want to get married and have kids with you someday. 

You’re everything to me. 

It’s all lies, but the words are spoken to get the recipient hooked on a feeling and a promise. 

Moving Fast

Naturally, any relationship with a narcissist initially moves very quickly. 

It has to, right? I mean the narcissist underneath it all has very little else going on. If they can’t move it quickly, they won’t be able to attach anybody to the relationship so they feel they can never leave. 

Narcissists know what they are doing. They will sweep the new girlfriend up in what feels like a rapid current, getting carried away by gesture after gesture and compliment after compliment. 

The new girlfriend, just like you once upon a time, will barely have time to think.

Then the ‘Not-so-Good…”

As you know – it’s not all roses!

They Did With You – They Will With Them

You heard right:

Cheating – if they cheated with you, they will cheat with them.

Lying – if they lied with you, they will lie with them.

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Hitting – if they hit you, they will hit them.

The same goes for anything detrimental to you or negative to your well-being. It will all reappear, but this time, it’s not you who will have to deal with it. 

The Cycle Rolls Around

The cycle of abuse the narcissist brings with them is torturous. Not only did you not know where you stood from one day to the next, but you spent a lot of time lost in the uncertainty, wondering how you got there.

The same will apply to the new girlfriend in time.

You’ll see or hear about all the amazing things they’re doing, and how in love they are. 

This is all to do with the cycle you were once stuck in, but you know from your own experience how that good bits are vastly overshadowed by the bad.

Better Than You … For Now!

The most troubling part is that in every happy photo you see of them, you could easily cut out her face and put yours there. It was you once. 

You were happy, and you thought you had met somebody special. Now, there they are, in the arms of their next victim. It’s confusing to see someone who treated you so badly look so happy and affectionate with another person. 

Yes – the new girlfriend will get the special treatment – for now.

But that, like anything positive with the narcissist, won’t last forever. 

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